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Liechtenstein is officially known as the Principality of Liechtenstein and it is a microstate located in Central Europe. Its area is only 160 square kilometres and the population is about 40,000 people who speak German predominantly. It is ruled by a monarch and has one of the highest GDPs in the world.

The history of gambling in Liechtenstein dates back to 1868 and even earlier. It was the time when the first efforts to legalize gambling and open the first casinos on the territory of the country. These efforts were made by the Parliament with the goal to get more profit and pay back the debts caused by a tough financial situation, but the head of the state Prince Johann I Joseph banned that. In 1874, a popular casino company called Casino Baden-Baden suggested to open a gaming establishment in Liechtenstein, however, despite the support of the Parliament, the Prince did not allow that. One more offer was made by the Swiss gambling company in 1919 and it was denied by the Prince too.

The first great step forward for the development of the gambling industry in Liechtenstein was made in 1996 with the establishment of the International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation (ILLF). Both land-based and online platforms began to offer lottery games to the citizens of Liechtenstein. The question about the legalization of casinos was raised again after Switzerland, a neighbour of the Principality, confirmed great profits received due to that. As a result, only in 2010, the Parliament of Liechtenstein adopted the law that permits licensing and regulation of casinos in this microstate. The Geldspielgesetz of 2010 which became effective in 2011 says about authorization by the concession system. This point was removed by the amendments made in 2016, which says about a license approval system of the gambling establishments on the territory of Liechtenstein. It has become a boost to opening the first land-based Casino Admiral Liechtenstein in August 2017 and Casino Schaanwald in October 2017.

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Ladbrokes Casino

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Blueprint Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming, Barcrest Games
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Bank Wire Transfer, Maestro, MasterCard
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Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra
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LeoVegas Casino

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100% Up To £400 + 100 FS
NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play
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Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Slovenia
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Types of Online Casino in Liechtenstein

Despite being a very small state, residents of Liechtenstein can access different types of online casinos like citizens of other countries. A legal character of the gambling industry made it possible for players based in Liechtenstein to access any offshore casino in spite of its type, license, or location. As a result, happy gamblers can select from the following casino types:


Most of the casinos operating nowadays are available directly in any computer browser. It is enough to open the link leading the casino website and all the variety of games is opened to you immediately. The only thing required to play on web-based platforms is a necessity to register and make a deposit. After that, it is possible to have fun without limits.


Many of the online casinos which appear in the 90s were downloadable ones and such examples can be found online even today. Usually, these are platforms, which provide their players with an opportunity to download special software from the website, install it to the computer, and get a program that will make access to the casino fast and simple. There is no need to look for any links since the casino icon is always available at the click of a button and can be accessed anytime from the computer connected to the Internet.


More than 38 thousand people living in Liechtenstein use mobile phones. Casinos could not skip this fact and made it possible to access most of the gaming websites in Liechtenstein from the mobile phone too. In fact, there are three ways to do that: making an ordinary casino website responsive, accessing online casinos from the mobile apps, and creating special mobile casinos that can be accessed only via a mobile browser. As a result, gambling has become available anytime and anywhere for players from Liechtenstein.

Live dealer

There are online casinos that offer games to play with opponents and managed by real live dealers you can communicate with. No wonder live dealer games are getting so popular in Liechtenstein and other European countries. They are live streaming from the studios located in different countries and offer an unforgettable experience to everyone.

Types of Casino Games for Liechtenstein Gamblers

Both land-based and online casinos offering their services in Liechtenstein have one common feature: their abundance of games will not leave anyone indifferent. Next to over a hundred of tables located in terrestrial casinos, there are hundreds of games available on different gaming platforms. Consequently, players from Liechtenstein can enjoy games of different types including slots, table and dice games, and other examples and always find something interesting even if some games seem too familiar. If to consider which games are appreciated by gamblers from Liechtenstein most of all, this list will look as follows:


Who has not heard of a game popular in the US and called Twenty-One? In the casino industry, this game is known as Blackjack and also aims at getting the number as close to 21 as possible. This is a table game adored by players living in Liechtenstein, which is played from 1 to 8 decks each with 52 cards. The simplicity and ease of winning make this game number-one choice in online destinations.


Having first appeared in France, roulette is one of the games that has a great diversity of types available today. From European to American, roulette rules may be a bit different, but the only common features of all roulette games are a wheel, ball, and red and black cases.

Slot machines

Despite being a leader in the world’s rating, slots take only the third position in game popularity in Liechtenstein. In comparison with terrestrial casinos located in Liechtenstein where slots can be played only for several hours a day, online slot machines allow spinning reels without limits and offer video, classic, and other slot types to their players.


If betting is your passion and you count not only on luck but also on your skills, a poker game is for you. This casino game is known also as Texas Hold’em and the goal of each player is to gather the highest poker combination.

Punto Banco (baccarat)

The goal of players in the baccarat game is to gather a combination of cards with the total number of points equal to 9 or as close to it as possible. This game used to be played only by aristocrats, so it is not surprising why it is so popular with gamers based in Liechtenstein.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Liechtenstein

Gambling has always been popular with citizens of Liechtenstein. It is only a written down history that says about over 2 centuries of casino games popularity, but in fact, its origin dates back hundreds of years. With the introduction of online gambling and the release of so many online games, citizens of Liechtenstein began to love gambling even more and visit not only terrestrial establishments located in the country but also web platforms. The last ones are visited even more often since land-based casinos have been opened more for tourists rather than locals. As a result, online gambling in Liechtenstein is developed at a very high level since the local population prefers the best European casinos. Unfortunately, there are still no licensed in Liechtenstein casinos despite laws and regulations adopted by the government for this purpose.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Liechtenstein?

It could be perceived from the article that Liechtenstein has legalized gambling quite recently. All previous efforts were not supported by the monarch ruling the microstate, but a successful example of bordering countries and positive impact of the gambling industry on tourism convinced the Prince that there are great benefits from the casino industry for a country and legalization of gambling Is a correct decision. Nowadays, every citizen of Liechtenstein can play games and make bets being not afraid of any disapproval. It is a widely known fact that gambling soothes nerves and raises mood, especially if you are lucky to win a prize. Moreover, it is a perfect way to relax after a hard-working day, so players based in Liechtenstein do not neglect this chance and play various online games.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Liechtenstein?

The gambling law in Liechtenstein was adopted in 2010 and came in power the next year already. This law approves gambling in the country but only for those companies, which received a concession of the government. In 2016, there were amendments made to this law according to which an online platform should obtain a license for 5 years from the authorities of Liechtenstein to be able to offer its services on the territory of this state. Unfortunately, none of the online platforms has applied for a license in Liechtenstein, so there are no locally approved online platforms for gambling there. At the same time, citizens of Liechtenstein are not limited in access to any web platform offering games and betting. Residents of this state are welcome in several hundreds of online destinations and the authorities of the state do not undertake any actions to change this situation. It means that it is absolutely safe to gamble in Liechtenstein and every person can do that on wish.

Best Deposit Methods for Liechtenstein Gamblers

Every casino provides its players with an opportunity to win only if the latter deposits real money. Since it is a very important condition to be able to become a winner, casinos offer multiple ways to do that. They accept not only fiat currencies of several leading countries on the globe but also digital money known as cryptocurrency today. It means that funds can be processed to the casino accounts quickly and easily without leaving your home. Since Liechtenstein is located in Europe, there are many simple ways to deposit money.

Credit and debit cards

There are several reputable banks in Liechtenstein, so almost every citizen of the city has a credit or debit card or several of them. It makes no difference if it is Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or any other type, all of them can be used for sending money. Deposits made using bankcards are fast, simple, and quite affordable. Moreover, cards are suitable for withdrawals as well.

Bank wire transfers

It is possible to send funds to the casino account via a bank wire transfer. For this purpose, it is necessary to turn to any bank of Liechtenstein where a player has an account and ask it to transfer a certain amount from this account to the bank serving the online platform. Such transfers may take up to a couple of days, but are reliable and scheduled.


There is no need to leave your home to deposit money if you have a registered e-wallet with some cash in it. Whether it is PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or any other wallet, most of the gambling destinations accept payments made via electronic payment systems since they are almost instant and feature a minimum commission for players.


A payment method that is getting more and more popular nowadays is crypto deposits. Not only Bitcoin casinos accept digital money, but many online platforms have also introduced crypto payments to their clients. Usually, they accept several most popular coins, but there are platforms where the list of tokens accepted is quite extensive.

Prepaid cards, vouchers, and phone billing

One of the best ways to deliver funds for betting is to use prepaid cards or mobile phones for this purpose. In both cases, you need to send money to the card or prepaid mobile credit to be able to take all or part of this amount and deliver it to the casino. These are simple and fast depositing method with a number of benefits for players.

Accepted Currencies in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a microstate in the centre of Europe, but its official currency is not Euro as you could think. Because Liechtenstein borders on Switzerland and this country has a great impact on this tiny state, the official currency of the mini-state is the Swiss Franc. It has been a national currency since 1920 since Liechtenstein is in a customs and monetary union with Switzerland. However, this version of the Swiss Franc was specialized for Liechtenstein, especially when it comes to coins.

The Swiss Franc is a currency accepted by a limited number of casinos. Since it is a national currency not only of Liechtenstein but also Switzerland, where the government does not allow local players to visit international casinos, this currency is most often accepted on the online gambling platforms licensed in Switzerland. There are several reliable casinos to accept deposits in the Swiss Franc. Moreover, the government of the country has made deposits and withdrawals to the local online casinos in the Swiss Franc incredibly easy. As a result, citizens of Liechtenstein can access these casinos too and make deposits in the Swiss Franc without a necessity to exchange money.

At the same time, players from Liechtenstein are lucky not to be limited in the number of the casinos to gamble at, so they can enter any offshore platform they like, exchange money for such popular currencies as Euro or the American Dollar, and enjoy the process of gambling there. Not only fiat money is accepted by online gaming services nowadays, so players based in Liechtenstein can also mine, win, or purchase crypto coins such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitCoin Cash and others to have fun online and avoid losing money on exchange rates.

Customer Support

It is not a rarity in the gambling industry to look for help, but in online casinos, this help is available round the clock for the comfort of players. Many players face some challenges or can’t find the answer to the questions they are interested in, so it is great that they can always connect with the customer support website they are playing on and get professional assistance quickly and easily.

Gamblers from Liechtenstein can sigh with relief since many platforms have specialists who speak German and can easily consult them on any issue they face. There are several ways to do that in a fast and easy manner. Naturally, it is possible to try to find a solution to the problem yourself looking through the FAQ section provided almost by every website. For gamers from Liechtenstein, it is enough to select German as a website language and get all the info without difficulties. If this way was not successful, it is possible to send a message via the chat window and get almost an instant answer or call by phone provided in the contact information of the platform. Issues that require a more detailed description can be explained in the letter and sent to the email address mentioned on the website. In any case, customer support of every online service will do its best to help players from Liechtenstein as fast as possible.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Liechtenstein

Despite the fact that gamblers from Liechtenstein can access almost every online platform offering games for real money with great bonuses and prizes and existence of the law to legalize the gambling industry in this microstate, there is not enough regulation of online gambling. Many experts agree that there is one law to cover aspects both for land-based and online gaming establishments, but they also agree with the lack of clarity for this question.

The amendments made to the gambling law of Liechtenstein in 2016 announced a necessity to obtain licenses for casinos wishing to operate in the country but there was not a single casino to ask for it the Office of Economic Affairs responsible for this question. As a result, gamblers from Liechtenstein keep on visiting foreign licensed platforms and it must be a boost for the local government to undertake actions. Probably, the authorities will provide clear regulations for online gambling in Liechtenstein in the nearest future and undertake actions to attract casinos to obtain licenses in the state.

At the same time, while it has not happened yet, players living in Liechtenstein will continue taking advantage of the benefits offered by offshore casinos and see an increase in the number of mobile gambling services, platforms accepting cryptocurrency and extending the list of coins, casinos improving the quality and number of games on live dealer platforms. Moreover, soon players from Liechtenstein will be able to get an absolutely new experience connected with online gambling thanks to the introduction of such innovative technologies as virtual reality and artificial intelligence to online gambling. The diversity of games and winning amounts will increase gradually too because gambling gets more and more devoted fans on a daily basis. Following the successful experience of lucky casino winners, more people from Liechtenstein and other countries decide to try online games and never regret that!

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