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Being a Maghreb country located in North Africa, Libya has access to the Mediterranean Sea and borders on 6 other countries. This is the 4th largest country in Africa by area covering over 1.8 million square kilometers, though only about 6 million people live there since the biggest part of the state territory is covered with a desert. The capital of Libya is Tripoli which used to be a powerful trading center, while the country has a long history worth mentioning.

Berbers are considered the original inhabitants of Libya, but the first cities were established by the Phoenicians and the Greeks, who colonized the northern territories of Africa. The country has been a part of many Empires and even was a center of Christianity, but with the arrival of the Arabs, Islam has become the main religion in Libya. It has been a part of the Ottoman Empire for over 5 centuries and was colonized by Italians at the beginning of the 20th century. Libya has announced independence in 1951.

The next important stage in the history of the country was the dictator regime of Muammar Gaddafi which started in 1969 and finished in 2011 with the eruption of the Civil War. This regime brought back multiple traditional Islamic laws, so nowadays 97% of the population are Muslims following the Sharia Law. The last one prohibits gambling calling it one of the 14 great sins, so there is hardly any gambling history in Libya too. The domination of the religious views for over 6 centuries led to the consequence that gambling was represented in Libya at the very minimum and even now, with such a flourishing online gambling industry all over the world, only illegal gambling dominates in the streets of the country.

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Types of Online Casino in Libya

Undoubtedly, you will not find any legal casino on the territory of Libya since gambling is prohibited in the country. Despite the fact that Libya is considered a tourist destination that plans to attract over 10 million tourists a year, probably, gambling will not become a way of attraction for tourists in the closest future too since the government of the country does not raise this question. At the same time, over 60% of the population living in Libya are active users of the Internet who have access to all the variety of online gaming platforms offering fun online and the authorities of the country do not undertake any actions to restrict access to them. As a result, love for gambling spreads all around the country gradually attracting more and more players from Libya to different types of online casinos existing nowadays on the Web. They can entertain in the following online casino types as:

 1. Web-based platforms

The most widely-spread casino type is web-based platforms that can be opened using any web browser. A player from Libya needs to register an account there and get access to the whole diversity of games. It is enough to click one button to start playing on the web-based service but only after a player makes his first deposit.

 2. Downloadable gaming software

Like other games which must be installed on computer or apps to set up on the mobile device, there are casinos which can be downloaded from the Internet in the form of software and installed on the device for regular use. It is very comfortable to access such platforms since the icon is always on if gamblers from Libya have time to play.

 3. Mobile platforms

One of the fastest-developing types of iGaming platforms today are mobile casinos. The number of mobile users is growing every minute so their demand for gaming solutions available everywhere and at any time is rising too. Therefore, modern online services get responsive, offer special apps for mobile devices, or even open special mobile platforms to improve gambling experience on all smart devices.

 4. Live dealer studios

The most recent type of online casinos to visit by players from Libya has been created for making the atmosphere of online gaming platforms closer to one found in the land-based establishments. Players living in Libya who have never visited terrestrial gaming establishments can feel what a pleasure it is to play with a live dealer and real opponents thanks to high-quality streams from professionally equipped studios.

Types of Casino Games for Libyan Gamblers

Punters based in Libya are not limited in the access to all the abundance of games offered online by gaming platforms. They can try any game they wish, but it can be challenging to choose one or two since the selection is really enormous. Players from Libya are lucky since they can play high-quality games from popular software development companies such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Netent, Playtech. Products of these iGaming giants can be found on many online platforms since this experience can be hardly compared with anything else. Moreover, almost every casino offers players living in Libya to filter games by types since tastes differ, so they can choose among the following types:

 1. Slot machines

Slots have become one of the most popular games at the time when they were played on one-armed bandits and required to pull a lever to activate spinning. However, with the introduction of online slot machines, millions of people received an opportunity to enjoy this great game anytime and gamers based in Libya, in particular. The main goal of the game is to see the same symbols in one line or get more wilds and scatters which contribute to the winning combos.

 2. Table games

Despite the fact that you can not sit at the real table playing games in the casino, it is compensated by the variety of products offered in this line. Everyone located in Libya can try so many interesting table games that none of the land-based establishments can ever hold. Think only about such popular examples as poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, bingo e.g.

 3. Dice games

Nothing can be compared with the feeling when you put all your money at stake and your destiny depends on several small dice. No wonder these games are so popular with gamblers located in Libya. They can choose from craps, balut, dudo, macao, etc.

 4. Others

Random number ticket games such as bingo, for example, as well as exclusive products from the development companies can be found in the online gaming destinations too.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Libya

Libya is a country where 97% of the population has the Islamic faith. Naturally, even residents of Muslim countries follow modern trends and make their religion more flexible allowing themselves some pleasures, though the number of gamblers in Libya is much lower than in other African countries. At the same time, residents of Libya realize that they should leave the frames they are living in and try some benefits offered by the modern world and online casinos are a perfect way to do that. The absolute absence of land-based gaming establishments encourages players from Libya to get this unique experience online and fortunately, it is still possible in spite of the state laws.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Libya?

Libya has been ruled by a dictator for several dozen years and all this time, gambling was prohibited on the territory of the country. Even after the fall of this regime nothing has changed since gambling is considered to be the sin in the Islamic religion. Consequently, it is illegal to gamble in Libya and there are no gambling establishments in the country. Not only casinos but also sports betting and lotteries are banned in Libya. Even the use of such a popular social network as Facebook is forbidden. The only way to relax in Libya by making bets remain horse racing. The country became a center of horse breeding back in 1959 and it was resumed in 2012 after the revolution. Now the country even has the Libyan Horse Racing Authority which organizes horse auctions and lets people enjoy premium Arabian mares.

When it comes to online gambling in Libya, it is considered illegal too and the Penal Code even announces punishment to the participants of this activity. However, because of some reasons (it may be instability in the country), the government has not restricted access to any online gaming website offering colorful games and rewarding bonuses, so players based in Libya can continue their exciting trips to the planet of online fun and be ones of those lucky winners listed in the ratings.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Libya?

Since gambling is illegal in Libya, there is no separate law regulating this industry. The only legal document raising the question of gambling is the Penal Code which says about the punishment for citizens of Libya involved in gambling activities. Naturally, if a person is accused of gambling, he or she will be punished but not that severely since it can be imprisonment for a period of up to 1 month or a fine of 10 LYD. Moreover, the law says only about playing in a “public place or place open to the public”, so if a gamer from Libya is sitting in a cozy armchair at home and enjoys different online activities, it can be hardly called a violation of the law. Moreover, Libya is known all around the world for its instability in the country, so all the authorities and controlling organs are focused on maintaining peace in the country, therefore, they have no time to deal with such minor offenses as gambling and it is possible to rest assured accessing foreign online casino platforms from Libya. But it is also important to remember that players from Libya should be careful in the transactions made and avoid gambling in public places to be able to enjoy that utmost fun and withdraw winnings.

Best Deposit Methods for Libyan Gamblers

It is impossible to start a gambling adventure without a money deposit unless you are granted no deposit bonus. In all other cases, players based in Libya should find a reliable way how to send money to the casino account to be able to enjoy games offered there. It goes without saying that money plays the role of an incentive that makes gambling riskier and at the same time, brings about more pleasure from winnings. Players from Libya should understand that not every deposit method is suitable for them since gambling is illegal in the country. Naturally, Libyan gamblers can deposit cash to the casino from debit and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, however, it is possible to get one of them only if you open an account in the bank. Moreover, such transfers can be easily traced so they are not the best option. Local payment services such as MobiPay or Edfali are not supported by offshore gaming destinations, so they can’t be called an alternative too. But there are two safe and fast deposit and withdrawal methods for natives of Libya with a big number of benefits.


The fastest and very affordable way of money transactions is electronic payment systems. Every resident of Libya can create a wallet online and use it for funding a casino account safely and I matter of minutes. The most popular electronic payment systems are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and others.

Crypto payments 

Blockchain transactions have two big advantages over other deposit methods. They are cheap, first of all, and anonymous which is of great importance for players living in Libya. Moreover, they are almost instant and easy to process, so it is difficult to find a better alternative to this way of depositing money.

Accepted Currencies in Libya

The official currency of Libya is the Libyan dinar. It was introduced in 1971 by the Central Bank of Libya as a replacement for the Jonayh, Jnee, or Gnee. The Libyan Dinar used to be one of the strongest currencies which was worth $3.3 until the 1980s. Since that time, it has been gradually falling and is below $1 nowadays. The civil war and instability in the country have left their impact on the currency and now the local authorities put much effort to stop the decline.

One Libyan dinar (LYD) is divided into 100 qirshes and 1000 dirham (or mellim). The currency takes the 94th position in the world’s rating and is represented by coins and paper money. Mainly, it is cash that circulates all around the country, while it can be challenging to exchange any money for dinars, since it can be made only in some large banks in big cities or exchange bureaus known as money shops.
One more currency accepted on the territory of Libya is the Tunisian dinar. According to the announcement made by the Secretary of the Libyan GPS on the 15th of January 2007, both these currencies are accepted in banks and shops located in Libya without any reservation.

The American dollar is the third most popular currency in Libya used for savings by the local population. It can be purchased in the banks but it is not allowed for tourists to leave the country with a bigger sum of money than they had to enter it. At the same time, it is impossible to buy anything in Libya for dollars and people have to exchange it for dinars to be able to buy anything.
Since Libya has always been a popular trading center with access to the Mediterranean Sea, there are many other currencies to be found on the territory of the country. However, when it comes to the casino money deposits, there is hardly any platform to accept LYD, but local gamblers should exchange dinars for American dollars, Euros, or British Pounds to be able to bet online.

Customer Support

The national language in Libya is Arabic, but the young population is fluent in English, Italian, and French too, so it will not be difficult to connect the customer support team of the casino in case of any issues. Naturally, most of the casinos provide support to their customers in English predominantly, but since the Arabic language is spoken in many countries on the globe, there are platforms where it is supported as well.

If you live in Libya and face any challenges with accessing any site pages, depositing or withdrawing money, it is always possible to get help provided by the experienced customer support tea representatives. Naturally, they have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for players to find answers there, but they can’t cover all the topics so every platform offers one or several ways how to contact customer support easily and quickly.

The most popular way to get online assistance is a chat window where a player from Libya can provide the name and the question to get a response from the casino employee. The last ones usually work round the clock because of the difference in the time belts and answer any requests very quickly. If the problem requires a more detailed description and a more comprehensive answer, it is possible to send an email to the customer support and wait a couple of days for an official answer delivered to Libya. However, if typing is not the best option, players based in Libya can also connect with customer support of some casein by phone and explain the issue faced orally.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Libya

Gambling like any other industry is subjected to transformations brought about by the changes in the modern world and players from Libya will be ones of those who experience them in the nearest future. There are several directions mentioned by experts that will impact the world of gambling undoubtedly, so it is time to find out what gamblers from Libya can expect from them.
Blockchain is not a new term already but the popularity of this technology keeps on growing and it has already found its implementation in the gambling industry. It is not surprising to see transactions between players from Libya and casinos made in cryptocurrency since they are fast, anonymous, and safe. There are even new platforms that accept the only cryptocurrency and it is not difficult to predict that their number will increase in the future.

Another direction developed by many modern gaming destinations is mobile games. Only several years ago it was difficult to find a responsive casino website, while now there is hardly any irresponsible one on the Web. Moreover, special mobile casinos have become incredibly popular with players and modern software game development companies focus on Mobile games even more than on traditional ones.

Other changes to be faced by players from Libya are a union of gaming and sports betting platforms, the introduction of virtual reality technology to improve user experience, improved transparency, diversified bonuses and promotions and many other features that will make gambling much more exciting.

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