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Liberia is an African country that has received its name due to free people living there. The country’s name is translated as ‘Land of the Free’ from Latin and the reason for that is the announcement of independence in distant 1847. It is the first and oldest country in Africa to become an independent republic. Despite quite a large area of over 111,000 square kilometres, the total population number is only 4.5 million people. Most of them are representatives of different tribes living on the territory of the country and having their customs and traditions, though the official language in Liberia is English.

The history of the country is very long though a previous century can be characterized as a non-stable one. Liberia experienced military could, years of dictatorship, and even 2 civil wars, which have left their print on the gambling history as well. The last one takes its origin officially since 1982 when the national lottery was founded. Before that, gambling was considered illegal in Liberia though many people did not lose an opportunity to relax in this way. However, despite the founding of the lottery, it was closed in 1990 because of the civil war and renewed only in three years.

The beginning of a new millennium has become a good sign for Liberia which started to recover from the challenges faced and even featured one of the highest GDP levels in the world at that time. However, even though the country still uses the Constitution of 1986, regulation of the gambling industry has appeared quite recently. It has become a result of the resuscitation of the National Lottery Corporation in 2012. Only in 2014, the government of Liberia created the National Lottery Authority by producing several acts. As a result, all the games of chance in Liberia began to be regulated by one law – an Act of Legislature adopted on March 6, 2015, and the main responsibility of the authority organ is to control both terrestrial and online gambling on the territory of Liberia. Various forms of getting are regulated by another Act called “Gaming Regulation 001” adopted in 2016.

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Types of Online Casino in Liberia

Although online gambling in Liberia is developed not so well as in the countries of South Africa, nowadays players from Liberia are not restricted in the number of platforms to gamble on. They are provided with all the diversity of gambling destinations though the government of Liberia allows its citizens to play only on licensed gaming websites to prevent fraud and cheating. Moreover, there is even a local Liberian online casino operating in the country, so local gamblers can let their hair down in it or select any other overseas online casino with exclusive bonuses and promotions for players from Liberia. In fact, residents of this African country can take advantage of playing in casinos of different types including:

1. Web-based

Undoubtedly, the most numerous type of online gaming websites operating on the Internet are platforms which can be accessed from any browser. It is enough to follow the link to open a casino website, register on it, and you get immediate access to all the variety of games it has. Naturally, the first efforts of players from Liberia to win a cash prize in the web casino can be successful only when they make their first deposit. Moreover, many online gambling destinations offer players from Liberia wonderful bonuses for their initial deposits, so it is important not to miss a lucky chance.

2. Downloadable

Another type of casino that can be easily accessed from any computer is downloadable ones. These are platforms that offer to download their original software, set it up to the PC, and enter a casino by a simple click on the icon. It goes without saying that such casinos accept gets only if they are connected to the Internet, but they are a great choice for those gamblers from Liberia, who want to have quick access to their favourite casino.

3. Mobile

The modern world continues its movements towards mobility and web casinos are not an exception. Today it is not a rarity to enjoy a favourite game on-the-go using a mobile phone or tablet. Most of them can be easily connected to the Internet and players from Liberia can access a variety of responsive platforms that look and operate perfectly on such devices. Moreover, it is not a rarity to see multiple mobile casinos that can be accessed only from mobile devices, so there are many opportunities to get fun playing casino games in Liberia.

4. Live dealer

Land-based casinos can be accessed not by every player from Liberia, but with the introduction of live dealer gambling platforms, it is not a necessity already to go anywhere. They can open any live dealer platform on the Web which is live-streaming exciting casino games from studios located on different continents. Every gambler from Liberia or another country can join these live games managed by dealers and play against other players as well as communicate with a dealer as if this player were in a terrestrial establishment..

Types of Casino Games for Liberian Gamblers

Many people from the countries where gambling is considered illegal will envy players living in Liberia since they have access to all the variety of online games that can be played in different casinos. It means that Liberian players can select not only a game they want to play but also a platform where they can do that. Even despite strong advice from the government, players from Liberia do play in unlicensed casinos and are never punished or prosecuted for this activity. Consequently, they are not limited in their choice and can play any game they like.

Gamblers from Liberia are not very picky when it comes to the choice of casino games and enjoy any type offered online. Naturally, slot machines are incredibly popular in Liberia. It is exactly the game where you do not need to rack your brains to make up winning combinations and can rely on luck waiting for a necessary combo. It is a funny and rewarding game to play since slots feature one of the highest RPG levels that reach 98% sometimes, so chances to become a winner are very high there.

Another popular game chosen by players from Liberia is poker. It is a widely known fact that this is one of a few games in the casino industry where winnings depend not on the chance but the player’s skill. Many citizens of Liberia follow poker championships and want to feel a competitive nature of this game themselves, so they choose different variabilities of poker in online casinos and check their luck and skills there.

Naturally, the bingo game is one more highest-rated game in Liberia. Being the most favorite game in the USA which had and still does a great impact on the country, bingo is one of the best pastimes for players living in Liberia.

Other popular games appreciated by people residing in Liberia are as follows:

  • Baccarat;
  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack;
  • Dice games;
  • Sic bo and others.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Liberia

Liberia is a democratic republic build based on the model used in the US, so there are three basic branches of government there. The Legislature of Liberia consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate which are responsible for developing and adopting laws and other regulatory acts in the country. Gambling legislation in Liberia has appeared only at the beginning of the third millennium thanks to president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who encouraged the government to regulate most of the forms of gambling in the country.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Liberia?

It is a pleasure to say that all forms of gambling are considered legal in Liberia and local people are not restricted by the government when it comes to their favourite activity – online gambling. Nowadays, two land-based casinos are operating in the country (Palm Spring Casino and Oceano Casino), though it is not a full list of gambling activities to take up in Liberia. Many cruise ships offer to gamble on board as well as multiple dogs and horse tracks to bet on. When it comes to online gaming platforms in Liberia, unfortunately, none of them have been licensed by local authority organs. At the same time, it is not a reason to get sad since players from Liberia can access any offshore casino in spite of the fact which country has issued a license to it. Consequently, it means that the choice of online casinos for Liberian players is unlimited and the only challenge they may face is a tough choice – there are many wonderful gaming platforms with an abundance of games to choose from!

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Liberia?

It has already been mentioned in the history of online gambling in Liberia that the first successful effort to regulate gambling in the country was made in 2015. It was the adoption of an Act of Legislature called Gaming Regulation 001 and signed by the president on July 20, 2016. This act says that citizens of Liberia can gamble only in licensed establishments and announced the creation of the National Lottery Authority (NLA). The first regulations issued by this organ appeared in 2016 too. With the introduction of the official regulation of gambling in Liberia, the NLA has become eligible to issuing penalties on gaming-driven entertainment and all games of chance within the Republic of Liberia, lay out the licensing procedure for prospective operators, and set licensing fees. A year later, the organ has been provided with the power to issues licenses to gambling operators though there is still no information about any casino to be licensed in Liberia. Other responsibilities of the NLA include the monitoring of rules and guidelines to protect the exploitation of children and other vulnerable groups and ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair, transparent, and accountable manner.

Best Deposit Methods for Liberian Gamblers

When it comes to depositing methods for players living in Liberia, unfortunately, their number is very limited. Every player wishes to make the first or subsequent deposit to the casino and get many benefits such as welcome bonuses or free spins. However, gamblers from Liberia need to prepare for the depositing process in advance to minimize the time between sending a deposit and a start of gambling experience. How can they do that? The most reliable way is to open a bank account in one of the Liberian casinos. Depending on the type of account opened, it will be possible to deposit money to the bank account and transfer them to the casino account when you want or receive a bank debit or credit card and use it for this purpose too. Nowadays, most of the banks try to issues Visa and MasterCard which are accepted not only in Liberia and provide their owners with an opportunity to perform money transactions quickly and without much effort.

Naturally, bank wire transfers and cards are not the only way to deposit cash to the online platform. It is also possible to use such a mobile payment method as M-Pesa, which is very comfortable since money sent to the casino are taken directly from the mobile balance. One more popular way is e-wallets, though not all of them can be accessed from Liberia. The one functioning in the country is 2CheckOut. The alternative to e-wallets is prepaid vouchers and cards, which can be also used by gamblers living in Liberia, and CashLib is one of them.

In fact, despite not a very big number of deposit methods available in Liberia, it is still possible to fund a casino account comfortably and quickly and dive into the world of fun without delays.

Accepted Currencies in Liberia

The official currency of Liberia is the Liberian Dollar. It has been circulating the country since 1943 and even depicted with a dollar sign. However, despite being also divided into cents and provided with a ‘$’ sign, it has nothing to do with the American dollar – a widely accepted currency all around the globe.

The Liberian Dollar is a local currency that does not take high positions at the global exchanges, so it is not surprising why most of the online gaming platforms do not accept it. It goes without saying that local casinos licensed and operating in Liberia will accept the Liberian Dollar happily, but overseas platforms prefer to get deposits in the most popular currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, etc. It means that players from Liberia should exchange their local currency for any other popular money to be able to mark a deposit and get all the bonuses and promotions thanks to that. Moreover, it would be necessary to convert money again if they want to withdraw winnings in their national currency. Unfortunately, players who live Liberia should understand that they lose a certain amount of their earnings on exchanging, but it should not prevent them from gambling since prizes can be much more impressive than minimum fees paid.

It is also worth mentioning one more important currency to bet for gamblers from Liberia – cryptocurrency. The popularity of digital money is unquestioned nowadays, so holders of crypto assets can sigh with relief since the number of crypto casinos is increasing daily. It means that you can easily send such popular coins as BTC, ETH, or LTC to the casino account with a minimum transaction fee and enjoy hundreds of games of chance without limits.

Customer Support

Naturally, both new and experienced players are not insured from unpredictable situations. Sometimes, it is a necessity to get qualified help as quickly as possible since it may reflect on the number of winnings or quality of gaming experience. Moreover, there are questions about a casino that can be answered only by knowledgeable people, so every platform ist have a professional customer support team and care about players from Liberia in particular.

Naturally, every reliable gaming service is always ready to give a helping hand to its customers from Liberia. Representatives of customer support work round the clock to meet the expectations of players from all continents. If you are a citizen of Liberia, probably, you speak English and there will be no obstacles for you to get help from the customer support team. This assistance can be received in several simple ways.

1. Chat

Almost every online casino has a chat where Liberians can connect with a representative of customer support and get almost instant help from this person. The chat window is available in one of the screen corners and messages send via them are responded in a matter of seconds. Usually, chats are used for getting quick answers to simple questions or information about the platform.

2. Email

Like every reliable company, casinos do provide contact emails for their customers to be able to solve more severe issues. This type of communication with customer support allows providing all the necessary details about the problem and getting an official response in some period.

Naturally, some casinos offer phone numbers for players from Liberia, pages in social networks, or popular messaging applications for communication too. Moreover, it is also possible to open a FAQ section of the website if you are located in Liberia and read the information there to try to solve any is due faced yourself.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Liberia

Liberia has made several important steps for the regulation of the gambling industry with the adoption of laws and the creation of the authorities to regulate this sphere. It has become a great foundation for further development of both terrestrial and online gambling in the country. Moreover, now it is possible to make some predictions that online gambling will keep on developing in Liberia and it will follow some trends including these:

  • A bigger number of casinos will accept cryptocurrencies and extend their list. Since 2018 and 2019 have become years of crypto coins, many online gaming platforms began to accept digital money as a payment method and even new crypto casinos have been launched on the Web. It is natural that this tendency will continue and casinos will accept not only the most popular crypto coins but also many others;
  • The popularity of live games will increase. Since the Internet connection in West Africa is getting better with every new day, live streaming is improving and more players from Liberia can enjoy live dealer games without compensation on their quality;
  • Mobile casinos will get more accessible. The number of mobile devices and their quality is also growing in many African countries, so now citizens of Liberia can access gaming online platforms more often. It will impact the tendency for more casinos to get responsive and increase the number of pure mobile platforms;
  • Implementation of virtual reality and artificial intelligence on online platforms and changing gambling experience for better.

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