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Kyrgyzstan which is also known as the Kyrgyz Republic is a country located in Central Asia surrounded by mountains and bordering on 4 other countries. The country is not big being divided into 7 provinces and has a population of about 5 million people. Its main industry is agriculture while the economy has suffered greatly because of the fall of the Soviet Union. Two religions are dominating in the country such as Islam and Orthodox Christianity. Local people speak two languages: Russian and Kyrgyz.

What can be said for sure, the population of Kyrgyzstan loves to gamble though the history of games and sports betting in the country is quite poor?

Kyrgyz people settled on the territory of the country over 2,000 years ago. The territory of the country was under the ruling of Göktürks. Later, it was conquered by the Uyghur Empire, as well as the Khitan people, and in the 13th century, it has become a part of the Mongol Empire. After that, Kalmyks, Manchus, and Uzbeks invaded the country while the longest period has been spent by Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Empire since 1876.

Naturally, similar to casino games were played on the territory of the country for centuries. Both the Mongols and the Russian are fans of card and dice games, so it is not surprising that these games were played in many families. However, with the fall of the Soviet Union and independence of Kyrgyzstan gained in September 1991, the attitude of authorities to gambling has changed greatly. The Islamic religion might have been a reason to ban gambling in Kyrgyzstan and it was until December 2000. Trying to eliminate the impact of Islamic religion in the country, the government of Kyrgyzstan approved gambling in the country which has led to hundreds of casinos and gambling establishments which opened there. It is enough to remember a city of Osh with the population of 250,000 where the number of gaming halls was over 500 at that time. However, this fun has lasted only for 11 years since in 2011 the parliament of Kyrgyzstan passed the law which prohibited gambling on the territory of the country and led to the flourishing of underground gambling and criminal activity.

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Types of Online Casino in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country where a great percentage of the population has played and continues playing casino games. They are very passionate and experienced gamblers who appreciate all the benefits they can get in the gaming establishments. That is why even the official prohibition to bet real money in Kyrgyzstan has not prevented them from being involved in their favourite activity. The number of players from Kyrgyzstan has increased significantly in the online platforms licensed by other countries. They do not lose a chance to gamble in different types of casinos including:


Today, it is possible to open any online gambling platform in the browser without a necessity to download anything. Players from Kyrgyzstan can register on the website and play their favourite games each time the follow the link or enter the casino name in the search engine.


Since many older generations living in Kyrgyzstan got accustomed to accessing the internet from their desktop computers and PCs, they still prefer to enter online casinos from these devices too. It is possible to download the necessary software, set it up and access your favourite platform anytime from the PC.


One of the fastest-growing spheres in the casino world is mobile gambling since the number of mobile users keeps growing incessantly. More and more people in Kyrgyzstan start using smartphones and tablets which make gambling experience available anywhere and anytime. As a result, many casinos get responsive or provide their mobile versions to be able to play through the browser or install an app to access them.


Citizens of Kyrgyzstan realize what a pleasure it is to play in the land-based casinos, so it is not surprising that live casinos are ranked the highest by them. Playing games against other opponents and interacting with a live dealer, they dive in a similar atmosphere and enjoy the process.

Types of Casino Games for Kyrgyzstan Gamblers

Most of the players from Kyrgyzstan are passionate fans of casino games. They have much experience in gambling since it used to be one of the most favourite leisure activities before the ban, so there is no sense to explain to them how games are divided into types and which ones deserve their attention first of all. At the same time, it is possible to suppose that former land-based casinos could not provide gamblers in Kyrgyzstan with such a variety of online games as modern online platforms, so they can surely find some new exciting games to try and get real money winnings online.

Gamblers from Kyrgyzstan who access online casinos can see a full variety of games suggested to them. These are not only the most popular and most often played slot machines but also all the diversity of other casino games including table, dice, card games as well as many other examples to try.

Naturally, like players from other countries all around the world, citizens of Kyrgyzstan adore this simple but incredibly thrilling game of slots. What a pleasure it is to follow symbols on the spinning reels and raise your mood with every new cash prize. It is a widely known fact that slots have one of the highest RPG, so it is very easy to become a winner in this game.

Not only slots are appreciated by gamblers from Kyrgyzstan since they are also keen on playing poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other exciting games.

Special attention of gamblers living in Kyrgyzstan is paid to live dealer games. Being deprived of the opportunity to get fun in the land-based casinos, they look for a similar experience which can be received in live dealer casinos. Therefore, many local players enjoy live games broadcasted from the studios and managed by real dealers.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Kyrgyzstan

Since gambling in Kyrgyzstan was at first allowed in the country and spread all around its territory has become incredibly popular and then was banned at the official level by the government, it led to very poor consequences. Since casinos are banned in Kyrgyzstan, many criminal organizations have developed in the country and offer illegal gambling experience to players actively. There is a viewpoint that some governmental bodies are involved in this activity too and it causes increased corruption and inability to cope with this problem. As a result, even despite the official prohibition to gamble in Kyrgyzstan, passionate players find an opportunity to let their hair down both in the terrestrial casino-like destinations and online platforms.

Is online gambling allowed in Kyrgyzstan?

2012 has become a year to remember for Kyrgyzstan since such a beloved by local population activity as gambling was banned in the country. It led to massive protests and job losses but it has not influenced the decision of the government. Even in several years, this ban has not decreased gambling popularity since nowadays players from Kyrgyzstan enjoy casino games in the illegal gambling establishments run by the criminal organizations and more secure online gambling platforms operating on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. However, not long ago, there were suggestions of some political representatives to legalize gambling in the country again. Naturally, these words were not appreciated by many pro-Islamic politicians, but the main reason for such an effort was the financial side of the question. According to the Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan, the gambling prohibition has cost the country about 500m soms (6.6 million US dollars) per year in lost tax revenue. That is why some experts suggest legalizing terrestrial casinos for tourists only which will make Kyrgyzstan a more appealing tourist destination as well.

What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Kyrgyzstan?

Since gambling is prohibited in Kyrgyzstan, there is no law regulating the operation of this industry. However, the law which announces this ban is entitled as follows: “On the prohibition of gambling activities in the Kyrgyz Republic.” Moreover, the punishment for gambling activity in Kyrgyzstan is described in the Criminal Code of the country too. The other laws which cover the topic of gambling in Kyrgyzstan partially or mention about it are the Tax Code, the Civil Code, the laws “On a licensing system in the Kyrgyz Republic,” “On prevention of terrorism financing and illegal legalization (laundering) of proceeds,” “On Advertising” and others.

When it comes to the punishment for gambling activity in Kyrgyzstan, it is quite tough following the criminal code. The amendments made in 2012 say about 10-15 years of imprisonment for such an activity. At the same time, according to non-official gambling statistics of Kyrgyzstan, with the official ban, the amount of gambling has even increased and some of the illegal gambling establishments operating in the country belong to the members of Parliament who voted for the ban. No wonder more and more citizens of Kyrgyzstan leave illegal land-based destinations and enjoy their casino activity online – it is safer, with a bigger variety of games, and a possibility to withdraw winnings!

Best Deposit Methods for Kyrgyz Gamblers

When it comes to the possibility to deposit money in the casinos for players from Kyrgyzstan, the choice of methods suitable for them is quite extensive. Although online casinos are banned in the country, players from Kyrgyzstan are not limited to the payment methods for making deposits. The most popular methods are PayPal and Maestro. Many gamblers agree that there is no better and safer way to make casino deposits and take advantage of bonus offers than e-wallets. People from different countries have access to the PayPal electronic payment system which guarantees safe and fast money transactions with minimum fees. With PayPal, money is delivered almost instantly so players from Kyrgyzstan can start their gambling experience immediately. Moreover, it is very comfortable to withdraw winnings to PayPal since this payment system is supported by a big number of casinos.

Many gamblers from Kyrgyzstan use Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard for depositing cash to casinos. Since the national currency of the country is not accepted in most online gambling destinations, it is very comfortable to use these cards to transfer funds in widely accepted currencies such as the US dollar, Euro, or the British pound sterling.

However, despite the popularity of these payment methods, they are not the only ones accepted by the casinos from players living in Kyrgyzstan. Other popular ways to send funds to the casino accounts from this country is UnionPay, Voucher, Cashlib, ATM Mobile and others. Many platforms do not mind accepting cryptocurrency – such top-rated coins as BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. Gamblers residing in Kyrgyzstan have many opportunities to fund their casino accounts, so pleasure from online gambling is guaranteed to them.

Accepted Currencies in Kyrgyzstan

Every country has its official state currency and it is som in the Kyrgyz Republic. It is subdivided into 100 tyiyns and has both coins and banknotes in operation. The exchange rate of som to the US dollar is almost 70 soms for 1 dollar, which speaks about the currency devaluation caused mainly by economic troubles of the country after the fall of the Soviet Union. At the same time, looking at the ban of gambling in Kyrgyzstan, it is hardly possible to find a casino, which accepts soms. That is why local players have to exchange the money they earn for more widely-accepted currencies. It is not surprising for experienced gamblers from Kyrgyzstan to hear that it is preferable to have USD, EUR, and GBP to be able to gamble and win in most of the world’s largest online casinos. Naturally, this is not a full list of currencies accepted by them, since every platform has its list of currencies suitable for depositing and withdrawing money. However, if a player from Kyrgyzstan exchanges soms for any of these three coins, there are no doubts that he or she will be able to access almost every online casino and make a bet there.

One more alternative to fiat money used for depositing is cryptocurrency. Since digital assets have become incredibly popular even without official regulation, many casinos have made a step forward to crypto holders and began to accept crypto on their platforms. As a result, players from Kyrgyzstan can also mine or purchase tokens and use them for playing in the best online casinos of our planet.

Customer Support

Sometimes it happens that players from Kyrgyzstan get puzzled with some casino features or cannot find an answer to their questions themselves. In this case, they require professional help that is often provided by the customer support team working in every online casino. Usually, these are friendly young people who can help almost with every question connected with casino experience. They work round the clock in the biggest number of casinos and can be accessed in several ways such as:

Live chat

This is the fastest and the easiest way to get help from the customer support team since you do not need to wait long in this case. It is enough to enter your question and you will get almost an immediate answer to it.


Like many other establishments, casinos have active phone numbers that can be accessed from any corner of the world and Kyrgyzstan, in particular. It is also a fast way to get a response to your inquiry since you communicate with a customer representative.


If your question is more complicated and requires a detailed explanation or official answer, it is reasonable to write an email and provide details you want to learn. Such a letter requires some time for evaluation and an answer to write, so it may take several days to get a response.

There are also cases when players from Kyrgyzstan do not need to ask for help since they can find information themselves it the FAQ section. It features the most popular questions and answers to them.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Kyrgyzstan

It is impossible to say for sure that gambling will be banned in Kyrgyzstan for many years since many politicians have already realized that it was a great mistake to leave people without a possibility to relax in the casinos. It is not only the growing criminal activity and loss of jobs in Kyrgyzstan but also a great lack of revenue that was brought about by gambling that makes the government change their mind. More and more efforts are made to revive gambling in Kyrgyzstan but to make it accessible only to tourists. There are high chances that this positive turn will happen quite soon and people who will come to visit this country will get an opportunity to play their favourite casino games.

Positive changes towards land-based gaming in Kyrgyzstan will promote some benefit to online gambling platforms too. Probably, punishment for gambling will not be so severe and Kyrgyz gamblers would gradually move to the world’s recognized online gambling platforms instead of playing in different criminal circles.

When it comes to the quality of online gambling in the future, it is natural that it will improve for all players and gamblers from Kyrgyzstan, in particular. They will get access to a bigger number of online gaming platforms which will extend the list of different payment methods, currencies accepted, games to play. According to the gambling trends announced by experts in this sphere, players from Kyrgyzstan and other countries will get more opportunities to play unique live dealer games as well as take advantage of an new experience offered by the implementation of such innovative technologies as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

It is also worth mentioning that number of players from Kyrgyzstan who register accounts in the online casinos is growing incessantly, so it is not difficult to predict that these gambling destinations will provide new and experienced players with a much bigger number of bonuses and promotions. Every player from Kyrgyzstan will appreciate more sizable winnings and higher chances to become a jackpot winner thanks to that!

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