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The country located on the Arabian Peninsula (Western Asia) is named the State of Kuwait. It is a country with a high-income economy thanks to large reserves of oil located there. The population of Kuwait is about 4 million people, but only 30% of them are natives, the rest of the population – 70% – are expatriates from different corners of the world. People who live in Kuwait are quite prosperous since this country can boast the fourth highest per capita income.

Kuwait used to be a large trading port. Its gambling history dates back to 3000 BC, the times of Mesopotamia when the first six-sided dice have been found on the territory of modern Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey.

When the ancient Greeks under the supervision of Alexander the Great colonized Kuwait in the 4th century BC, they brought their favorite games to this territory. The Greeks considered gambling the activity of Gods but have invented their first gambling games too. These were Dice games, Heads and Tails, Checkers and other popular games which we still enjoy playing today.

The modern territory of the state was controlled by different countries but anyway, it was a powerful trade port thanks to its location in the Bay of Kuwait. As a result, ships from many European and African countries were coming to Kuwait and bringing their culture and traditions including games. Gradually, the port has become the principal transit center between India, Constantinople, Arabia and other countries.

Kuwait was under the control of many countries and was a flourishing center thanks to the trade of horses, gold, pearls, ships. However, it has suffered greatly at the end of the 18th – the beginning of the 19th century. The golden era of Kuwait driven by oil began only after World War 2 when in 1961 the country got its independence. It used to have liberal relations at the period of 1960-1970s, but the domination of the Muslim Religion led to the fact that attitude to gambling was negative. Islamic law called Sharia prohibits gambling and other ways of entertainment, so the ban to play games for real money and make bets adopted in 1937 in Kuwait is still in force.

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Types of Online Casino in Kuwait

Online casinos are officially prohibited in Kuwait, but it does not make them less popular among local players. Since only 30% of the local population are native citizens of Kuwait, all other people who live on the territory of the country have different religions and attitudes to gambling. Many of them are keen casino players who use Virtual Private Network to access foreign-based casinos and electronic payment systems. Gamblers who enter offshore casinos in this way do not run into gambling issues in this way since the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research or any other authority organ who control law enforcement in the country cannot see which websites are accessed by residents. That is why players from Kuwait do not neglect to play in the most popular casinos licensed abroad choosing all of the following online casino types:

Common web-based casinos

Most of the casinos available online are simple web-based platforms that offer great user experience and a variety of games. They can be accessed from any web browser and do not require special software to operate. Some gambling platforms require the installation of a special player, but their number is minimal.

Online live dealer venues

Players from Kuwait have already appreciated live casinos which offer experience close to the land-based ones. Today, more and more studios that broadcast live games appear in different corners of the world. Players can play games with real opponents and communicate with the dealer who manages the gameplay.

Sports betting casinos

One of the most favorite directions for gamblers from Kuwait is sports betting. Some casinos accept bets on different sports events and games enabling players not only enjoy the game but also win real money.

Mobile casinos

The citizens of Kuwait are quite prosperous people who own different mobile devices, that is why they do not neglect to access casinos from their phones and tablets. They are active users of mobile casinos which can be accessed via a mobile phone browser or an app downloaded.

Downloadable casino software

Casinos which can be downloaded as software to the computer and played there are not that popular with players from Kuwait since they can be easily spotted. However, there are still some gamblers who use them too.

Types of Casino Games for Kuwaiti Gamblers

Since gamblers from Kuwait do not have their local licensed online casinos, they have to choose foreign-based platforms to be able to enjoy their favorite casino games. It means that they have access to the abundance of different games from such renowned software game providers as Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech, IGT, RealTime Gaming etc.

The variety of game types on modern online platforms is incredibly big. All of them feature high-quality graphics, user-friendly interface, multiple additional features, exciting bonus games, and transparency of payments made. Players from Kuwait will be surprised to enjoy games of such a high quality and win wonderful prizes.

What games do the residents of Kuwait like to play? It is difficult to choose several most favorite ones since each of the types has its connoisseurs and regular players. Like in many other countries, gamblers from Kuwait love playing slot machines. High RTP, bright colors and funny symbols, fascinating bonus games are only some of the features that make slots such a great way of entertainment and means to earn money.

However, not only classic and video slots are chosen by players from Kuwait to have fun. Many other games attract their attention too. There are awesome card games, table games, dice games which have been appreciated by players for centuries and have acquired new features which make them much more exciting. It is enough to remember the following high-rated games offered in the casinos:

  • Slots;
  • Poker;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Twenty-one;
  • Sic bo.

These and many other games are offered on multiple offshore gambling websites so that Kuwaiti residents could find the game to meet their expectations quickly.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Kuwait

The population of Kuwait consists of expatriates from other countries for 70%, and if native citizens of the country follow the laws strictly, people who have arrived in this state from more liberal countries with other religions look for ways how to continue playing in the casinos and avoid penalties. What is interesting, it is possible to gamble in the country where this activity is banned. Since the government of Kuwait is unable to restrict access to all gambling websites and due to the existence of VPN service which helps to avoid punishment, players from Kuwait do not miss a chance to enter these platforms and open the world of real fun in a few clicks only.

Is online gambling allowed in Kuwait?

The citizens of Kuwait are prohibited to participate in any gambling activity. The main reason for that is Muslim Religion and the Sharia law which does not allow being involved in gambling. The state does not have any terrestrial casino, bookmakers’ office, or lottery. Licensing and operation of online casinos are banned too.

What is interesting, some kind of gambling is allowed in the country but nobody refers to this activity to gambling. Local banks offer free lottery draws for the citizens of Kuwait who hold Al Jawhara accounts. They are given tickets per certain deposits and can win one of weekly, monthly or quarterly draws.

It is worth mentioning that 34% of the Kuwaiti population has arrived from India where many residents are obsessed with cricket. They never miss an opportunity to bet on their favorite sports and use online sports betting and gambling platforms for this purpose even despite the official ban.

The Filipinos who constitute 5% of the population of Kuwait are fans of the Thai lottery and always find a chance to try their luck. Young generations of the state population try not to follow behind and do play online both on computers and mobile devices too.

What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Kuwait?

Gambling in Kuwait is not regulated by any law because of its illegal status. That is why the only legal document that mentions gambling is Article 205 of the Kuwait Penal Code. This article focuses on punishment received by people who participate in the gambling activity. This law is quite old dating back to 1937 and the only change which happened to it was changing the currency of the fine paid. All other points have remained the same for more than 80 years already.

The punishment for gambling in public places of Kuwait is rather severe. A person who violates the law can be punished with a fine up to 500 dinars or an imprisonment term of up to 3 months. If this crime is repeated within a year since the first one, the term in jail can be increased to 1 year and a fine may grow up to 2,000 dinars. Any involvement in gambling as a business will lead to up to 2 years of jail and a fine up to 2,000 dinars.

It is also worth mentioning that in 2014, the Kuwait Interior Ministry’s Criminal Investigations Department announced its plans to work on law-wrong gambling-driven activities and reduce the growing rise of online-gambling entertainment.

Best Deposit Methods for Kuwaiti Gamblers

It is impossible to play in any casino if you do not make a deposit. A casino account should have some amount for a player to be able to bet this money and win cash prizes. Moreover, all the money winnings are added to the user account and must be withdrawn somewhere to be able to use them. It means that players from Kuwait should choose comfortable methods of depositing and withdrawing money which is not only reasonably priced but also fast.

Having analyzed payment methods accepted by numerous overseas casinos, it is possible to conclude that the most popular and suitable deposit methods for residents of Kuwait are the following variants:

Credit and debit cards

Players from Kuwait who are holders of Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard cards can transfer payments easily using these cards. Even if a casino does not accept the official currency of Kuwait, it will be automatically exchanged for the currency accepted and money will land to the casino account.

Bank wire transfers

Holders of bank accounts can also opt for wire transfers if they wish to send money to their casino deposit or withdraw money back to the bank account. This payment method can take up to 5 days and is safe.

E-wallets and prepaid cards

The most popular and secure way of adding money to the casino account from Kuwait is using electronic payment systems and prepaid cards. You can put a certain amount of money on the wallet or card and transfer as much as you need for betting online. The most popular e-wallets and prepaid cards that can be accessed in Kuwait via VPN are Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, EntroPay, etc.

Crypto wallets

The only 100% confidential way of depositing and withdrawing money is using a crypto wallet. It is a safe and fast way to transfer money to and from the wallet, but the main benefit of such transactions is their minimum cost.

Accepted Currencies in Kuwait

Kuwait has its official currency called the Kuwaiti dinar. It is subdivided into 1,000 fils and is pegged with the US dollar at the following rate: 1 dinar is exchanged for 3.29 dollars.
The currency was introduced 1960 along with the state independence and substituted the Gulf rupee. When Kuwait was invaded by Iraq in 1990, the Kuwaiti dinar was replaced by the Iraqi dinar and many local banknotes were stolen. It was a reason why banknotes of the new series were introduced in Kuwait after liberation.

Naturally, there are almost no casinos that accept Kuwaiti dinar deposits. The reason for that is a prohibition for online casinos to operate on the territory of Kuwait legally. That is why players from this state should prefer to exchange their national currency for more widely accepted coins.

The most popular currencies accepted by foreign online casinos are USD, EUR, and GBP. These currencies have confirmed their stability and state support, so they remain one of the most trusted coins for deposits and withdrawals. However, this list of currencies accepted by casinos is not full. There are casinos where the list of coins accepted is quite extensive. It is possible to find not only widely accepted currencies but also ones that circulate in small countries such as Kuwait.

In addition to the traditional fiat money, there are hundreds of online gambling platforms that accept cryptocurrency. Gamblers from Kuwait can make deposits in such popular tokens as BitCoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin.

Customer Support

The success of the casino depends not only on the diversity of games offered but also customer support team working there. Since many citizens of Kuwait are fluent in English, they will have no trouble in connecting with a customer support representative. The importance of this feature is understood only when users face some troubles with the account and cannot find solutions to them. The easiest way to cope with the challenges faced is to turn to customer support, however, it is not always possible to do that instantly. The reason for that is several ways how customer support team can be accessed.

Chat Support

There is hardly any better service which is provided almost instantly than chat support. Casino players from Kuwait can turn to it any time of the day without days off. Such help is provided immediately after the problem description and is incredibly important when you do not want to wait long.


Serious issues that take more time for explanation can be described in the letter. Every casino has an email address of the customer support team and players or guests of the website can receive answers to their inquiries in a couple of days.


Not all but many casinos suggest their users from Kuwait calling a representative of the customer support team. Such assistance is also very popular since you can explain the issue verbally and save time on its solution.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Kuwait

You may wonder what predictions can be made about gambling in Kuwait if it is prohibited by law there. However, despite strict Islamic laws, many Kuwaiti residents do not neglect an opportunity to let their hair down in the best online casinos of the planet. Gambling is a popular trend in the modern world and young people, in particular, try to keep up with it too.
Kuwait has rather strict laws regarding gambling but the first highlight for legalizing gambling and alcohol have been already made. One of the politicians of Kuwait, Waleed Al-Nasser, announced his goal to make gambling and consumption of alcohol in the country legally. Naturally, it was a shock for local politicians of Kuwait, but this goal was connected with the desire to increase revenue from the tourist industry. He is planning to build resorts on the beaches and permit tourists to gamble and drink alcohol there. It is difficult to predict if plans of this politician will ever be implemented in reality, but even the announcement of such plans is a great breakthrough for Kuwait.

When it comes to the predictions about online gambling in Kuwait, probably, the interest in casino websites will only grow. All countries of the world are influenced by global trends and Kuwait is not an exception. Since the current casino market is estimated at 46 billion dollars, experts predict that it will grow up to 94 billion by 2024. It means that the number of players and gambling destinations will continue to grow, while modern online casinos will focus on the development of mobile gambling, live dealer platforms, and crypto gambling. At the same time, it is not difficult to assume that such technological innovations as artificial intelligence and virtual reality will find their implementation in the gambling industry too. The first step to the introduction of VR technology in casinos has been made already. In 2016, people could face the launch of the first virtual reality casino, so sophisticated technology will continue to conquer the world and the gambling industry, in particular.

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