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Kiribati dollar Australian dollar (AUD)
Official languages
English, Gilbertese
811 km2

Kiribati is an independent state founded in 1979. It is located in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean close to the equator and consists of 33 atolls and reef islands as well as one raised island called Banaba. Most of these islands are not populated, while the total population of the country is only 100,000 the biggest number of whom live on Tarawa Atoll. Many Kiribati citizens are not employed and laze around doing nothing, so it makes the country one of the least developed on the planet. The state gets aid from other countries and it is their main source of income for locals.

The history of the country and the time when it has become inhabited by people is not clear even nowadays. Experts believe that the first residents of the country have come here from the Line and the Phoenix Islands. The first ships from Europe arrived at these isles at the end of the 16th century. As a result, they have become a colony of Britain for over a century. The efforts of Japan to conquer these territories were ruined by the US and after World War 2, Kiribati isles which were known as the Gilbert and Ellice Islands at that time have become a destination to test nuclear weapons for the US and the British. Only in 1979, Kiribati became an independent state and a member of different world organizations and unions.

Gambling in Kiribati does not have a long history. It is possible to suppose that some games similar to casino ones were brought to Kiribati by the Europeans who were and still are keen gamblers.

However, it has not given a big boost to the development of the gambling industry in the state. There even was an official prohibition to gamble in the country, but the adoption of the law in 1988 made it possible to enjoy different casino games on the territory of the state.

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Types of Online Casino in Kiribati

Even though gambling is allowed in Kiribati officially, there is not a single land-based casino in the country. Moreover, the country does not issue licenses for online casinos too since there is no regulation of remote gambling in Kiribati. At the same time, most of the online gambling platforms are happy to welcome players from the Pacific region and Kiribati is not an exception. Whether you have come to the islands as a tourist to enjoy mesmerizing reefs, pure sandy beaches, and crystal azure water and decided to play casino games or you are a citizen of Kiribati who wants to get a top-notch gambling experience, you can enter almost any offshore casino with a foreign license and feel what it means to win cash prizes. Players from Kiribati can try any type of modern online casinos including:

Web casinos

A web-based casino is a gambling platform that allows players to access it from any browser available on the computer connected to the Internet. It means that computer users should open the casino website, register on the platform, and start playing after processing the first deposit. There is no need to install any special software since casino games run directly in the browser.

Some web-based casinos require the setup of the special software (e.g. FlashPlayer) since there are games that do not work without it.

Downloadable casinos

Casinos that can be downloaded and installed to the computer as software are called downloadable. At the same time, you can play in the app installed only if it is connected to the Internet. Players open the app and choose the game they like to start playing.

Mobile casinos

One of the latest trends in the casino industry is mobile casinos. These are casinos that are specially adapted to mobile devices. It is possible to make a website for a computer screen responsive and suitable for a mobile device as well as create special platforms that can be accessed only from tablets or phones. Modern online stores also offer casino apps to download and install on the mobile device to be able to gamble.

Live dealer casinos

Kiribati players who have never tried gambling in the terrestrial casinos cannot pass by online live dealer casinos which have a very similar atmosphere to the land-based ones. These games are broadcasted from specially designed studios, managed by real dealers who are happy to respond to your questions and offer playing games with real opponents remaining confidential.

Types of Casino Games for Kiribati Gamblers

Being a scarcely populated country where only some people have access to the Internet, there are not many people in Kiribati who can afford to play in online casinos. Consequently, even if they manage to spend some time in the foreign-based online casino, they are not very picky in the games offered. Most of the gamblers from Kiribati enjoy the same popular and highly-rated games from the best software game providers like players from other states. One of the main things they pay attention to are casino bonuses offered and the probability to win real money.

Players from Kiribati can take advantage of most of the casino bonuses offered to the players. There are multiple welcome and first deposit bonuses which offer great rewards for players and increase the time to be spent on gambling in the casino. Moreover, since Kiribati players enjoy simple and exciting online games, their list of favorites is headed by slot machines. These funny and easy-to-play games always feature high RTPs providing players with more frequent winnings than any other casino games and Kiribati gamblers love this fact too.

Tourists who arrive in Kiribati in search of new emotions and experience can also make the most of gambling in the country. It is legal to play casino games in Kiribati, while the range of games offered is really extensive. Only imagine the variety of games listed by different offshore casinos today! You can find everything from slots to poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, bingo, craps and a diversity of other games.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Kiribati

As it has become clear from the previous paragraphs, there are no many gambling laws and regulations in Kiribati since the number of players is not big. Only some citizens have computers, let alone mobile phones. Land-based gambling destinations are absent in Kiribati too. As a result, the government of the country does not pay much attention to this question having adopted only one law in 1988.

The only boost for the Kiribati authorities to make gambling regulations more detailed and extensive could be tourists, but their number is not very big too. As a result, there have not been significant changes in this sphere by now.

Is online gambling allowed in Kiribati?

Gambling is considered legal in Kiribati even despite the absence of any gambling platforms (both online and terrestrial ones). However, when it comes to online gambling, there is no official regulation of remote gambling in Kiribati. Citizens can access foreign-based casinos without any limits and it will not lead to any poor consequences for them.

According to the local legislation, all kinds of gambling games are permitted in Kiribati, so players can not only play games but also opt for sports betting, playing lotteries, betting on racing, etc. They can take advantage of gambling fully and feel how blood runs through their veins when they risk online to win such a desirable jackpot!

What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Kiribati?

The only law which regulates the gambling industry in Kiribati has been adopted on November 6, 1988 and is called the Gaming and Lotteries Act. It has become a real breakthrough for the gambling industry in Kiribati since it was forbidden before that. This document confirms that gambling is legal in Kiribati and both residents and tourists can get pleasure from gambling without a fear to be punished for this activity.

Kiribati has the only online gambling authority organ – Maneaba ni Maungatabu or the Parliament. It is responsible for regulating the activity of any terrestrial gambling establishment in the country.

Kiribati players are allowed to participate in gambling activity only when they are 18 years old according to the law. Moreover, their amount of winnings from gambling should not exceed $300. At the same time, the Gaming and Lotteries Act describes many questions connected with gambling in Kiribati including:

  • Definition of the main terms of the gambling industry;
  • Providing information about lotteries, games of chance, prize competitions, bookmaking, and betting;
  • Informing about registration of societies and application for a gambling license etc.

Unfortunately, this law does not cover remote gambling regulations. At the same time, the necessity to provide this regulation is not so high since online casinos are a type of gambling that is legal in Kiribati and the number of players is very small.

Best Deposit Methods for Kiribati Gamblers

Kiribati has two official languages – Gilbertese and English. Most of the capital population use English actively, while the rest of the population speaks Gilbertese only. The last ones may consider online gambling challenging since it is not easy to find a trusted gambling website translated into Gilbertese. However, local citizens who know English can access almost every online gambling destination since it is one of the most popular languages.

One more challenge which can be faced by Kiribati players is how to deposit money to the casino account. Naturally, the payment method must be fast, secure, and suitable for a player. Kiribati gamblers can choose one of the following deposit and withdrawal methods:

  1. Credit/debit cards and prepaid cards
    Many Kiribati citizens use credit and debit cards actively, that is why making a deposit can be very easy for them. The most popular payment method in the overseas casinos is such cards as Visa, MasterCard as well as prepaid cards including PaySafeCard, EntroPay, American Express, etc.
  2. E-wallets
    Keeping money on the electronic wallets is very comfortable but it is even more convenient to make deposits from e-wallets since they are fast and cheap. Players from Kiribati are suggested creating wallets on such popular platforms as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, EcoCard, EcoPayz, and deposit and withdraw cash to them due to low transaction fees and no need to wait long.
  3. Bank transfers
    Being a holder of the account in the bank provides players from Kiribati with an advantage to deposit money to the casino accounts from them. Naturally, such transactions take up to 5 days but they are still very popular thanks to the ease of such transfers. The most popular ones are wire transfers, e-check, instadebit, etc.
  4. Crypto wallets
    Kiribati players who own BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum will easily find a casino to play a since more and more platforms are happy to accept cryptocurrency. Crypto transactions are almost immediate and have the lowest transaction fee.

Accepted Currencies in Kiribati

The official currency of the Kiribati republic is Kiribati dollar. It is pegged at the same ratio as the Australian dollar and circulates together with the Australian dollar. The last one is also widely used in the country and is the sixth most traded currency in the global market.

The Australian dollar is a popular currency in online casinos. Next to American and Canadian dollars, Euro, and Pound Sterling, it is widely accepted online so there is no necessity to exchange it and pay fees for that..

Kiribati players who deposit the Australian dollar can do that very quickly and easily using one of the methods mentioned above. Moreover, since this currency is very popular with players, casinos try to minimize the transaction fees for it and make gambling a positive experience.

Since not only Kiribati citizens play from the territory of the state, tourists, and guests of the country can make deposits using other currencies. It is not surprising that the top 3 most widely accepted currencies in the online casinos are the US dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling. Every person can easily transfer this money to the casino account and start his or her gambling adventure. However, this list of currencies is not full since there are casinos that accept payments in a variety of currencies so Kiribati players can select one of the currencies from the list and pay with it. If you want to find out whether a casino accepts one or another currency to make deposits, visit its website and you will easily find all the currencies accepted..

Customer Support

Casino customer service which includes the identification and solution of the problems faced by clients is provided by a customer support team. Its main goal is to help casino players and guests resolve any issues. Usually, every customer support team has team members whose obligation is to interact with clients in real time and provide them with the assistance they require. Such communication occurs usually via chat, phone or face-to-face communication via Skype. At the same time, it has become a very popular experience to send customers an email and ask them to evaluate the quality of services provided by the customer support team. Emails can be also used as a means to tell about the issue and get a description of how it can be solved too.

Many online casinos have round the clock customer support to be able to resolve any problems immediately no matter what time it is on the clock. Online casinos are visited by people who can play on different continents and isles (like Kiribati, for example) and have a different time of the day. Moreover, casino customer support is always responsive and friendly as well as multilingual to be able to help customers from any corner of the world. Moreover, they work actively and answer telephone calls very quickly to prevent casino clients from waiting.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Kiribati

All gamblers from Kiribati are looking forward to opening casinos on the territory of the state or licensing online platforms. At the same time, it is difficult to predict when it may happen since there is no official information even about plans to do that.

You may wonder what will happen with the casino industry in Kiribati in the nearest future. Regarding the fact that the number of people interested in online gambling in Kiribati is very small, the step forward in the gambling world may be made only for tourists. Kiribati can be a popular tourist destination but there are few decent facilities on the isles. That is why the first task to be solved by the government of Kiribati is to create excellent amenities for tourists and improve transportation connection since most of the isles can be accessed only on the plane.

The first step to the solution of this problem was made by the Kiribati government who signed a deal with the international aircraft manufacturer “Embraer” to provide the country with two new jet planes. It will make access to the country easier and more tourists will be able to visit it.

Even though there is no information about the plans of the Kiribati government on remote gambling, it is possible to predict that with the growing number of computer and mobile phone users, the number of gamblers who access foreign gambling platforms will also increase. They will be able to try all the advancements which will take place in the casino industry in the future. There are many rumors that both artificial intelligence and virtual reality will soon become an independent part of the gambling business because these innovative technologies are being implemented in many other spheres too. Moreover, since live dealer casinos have become incredibly popular in many countries, Kiribati players will be able to appreciate them too anytime they wish. The reason for that is an incessant process of opening new and new studios with games managed by real dealers. Moreover, it is predictable that the number of games in such casinos will expand and players will receive an opportunity to enjoy a much bigger variety of casino games in the new format.

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