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2007 was revolutionary for the gamers in Kazakhstan, as the government has established two cities, in which it is possible to play great casino games in Kazakhstan. But wasn’t always like that. First Kazakhstan casinos were developed during days of statist Russia. Back then, gambling was primary the lottery. Only a couple of people were able to become winners. But it was a pretty good game for its time. Later, lotteries have become a phenomenon, that lives to this day.

With the twenty-first century, the government of Kazakhstan has worked on the legalization of gambling products. That’s why. There are five cities, in which gamers from around the globe are capable of playing any kinds of casino products. There are at least 13 legal gambling facilities. It is great to hear such a number for not that much big country, like Kazakhstan. It’s great, that gamers from around the world can finally enjoy true gambling projects daily without any issues with Kazakhstan laws.

The biggest casino city in Kazakhstan is Kapchagay. It has nine gambling facilities and it overs over two hundred of tables games, six hundred of slots and video poker machines. It’s a massive amount of gambling products for all gamers. It is safe to say, that Kazakhstan has become one of the countries on the list of gambling tourists, that would like to play new and original games in Kazakhstan.

iGaming business will become even bigger in Kazakhstan in the next couple of years. The demand for gambling has increased by 38%! It’s an incredible number. Developers of digital slots should pay their attention to such a big market on the territory of Kazakhstan. Despite the fact, that fewer people play casino games in Almaty, that capital of Kazakhstan, it is still possible to say, that the overall percentage of people, that play games in Kazakhstan is growing. The daily revenue, that casinos get from standard gambling machines is over 100 thousand tenges.

Such good results are really impressive. It is possible to say, that in the next couple of years, everything is going to be not only fine but even better for all gamers, that would like to enjoy new projects of this massive industry. Such regions, as Almaty, Chuchinsk, Akmola, Kapchagai – are always happy to see not only people from Kazakhstan but also tourists from all over the world, that are interested in playing games online or offline. If you were looking for a country to travel and play gambling products – Kazakhstan will impress you.

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Types of online casino in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan can become the new hotspot for all the gamers, that are interested in playing good quality online slots and casino games. There are a lot of different types of online casino products, that are available in Kazakhstan right now. The player can choose between standard slots, video slots, live events or classic table games in digital format. The gamer can find whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Because websites work all day and all night long. There are a lot of different types of casino games, that are available for Kazakhstan players:

Downloadable Virtual Casinos

Such a type of online casinos is pretty much popular among the younger audience of players in Kazakhstan. It allows gamers to download specific software to get access to the slots or other kinds of gambling products at any time and faster than in the case of a standard website. Users are able to get a much better interface and ability to be sure, that the casino on which they are playing on is well-secured and officially licensed to represent its products on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Mobile versions of online casinos in Kazakhstan

The growing market of mobile devices created a possibility for providers of online casinos to represent their products on new platforms. That’s why there are so many well-adapted gambling websites in Kazakhstan, as well, as different kinds of apps for iOS and Android. With the help of a much simpler interface of mobile casinos, tourists and local people from Kazakhstan are able to enjoy online gambling like never before.

Gameplay through browser

Of course, the classic variation of online casino is also wide-spread all over Kazakhstan. Many people like to play their favorite slot machines right through the browser window. Besides, modern versions of browsers, such as Chrome has Flash technology built-in in the engine, so there are going to be no problems at all, with playing casino games on your laptop while being in Kazakhstan.

Types of Casino Games for Kazakhs Gamblers

There are a couple of regions in which players of Kazakhstan can fulfill their needs in gambling products. For example, in Almaty, there are several casino institutions, that every tourist should visit. Bombay, Astoria, Macau – all of them offer a couple of types of casino games for Kazakhstan visitors:

Classic slots. One of the most popular ways for the gamer to spend his free time is to play classic slots. They are available in almost any gambling institution in Kazakhstan. Because they look nice and they provide a way to fully enjoy the modern way of how gambling products are created. There are not only classic one-hand machines but also slots with three-dimensional graphics. If you have always wanted to try some new slots – Kazakhstan and especially Almaty city will give you such a chance.

Table games. The player can enjoy any kind of table game without wasting a lot of time in the process. It is one hundred percent legal to play poker, blackjack or roulette at any official Kazakhstan casino.

Video machines. The player can enjoy poker, punto banco and any other kind of table games in the video format at any local casino in Kazakhstan.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Kazakhstan

Just like in almost any other country, online Kazakhstan casinos were not regulated in the country, up until the twenty-first century. At first, it was illegal to create and provide access to websites with slots and casino games. It was against the law of Kazakhstan. But in a recent couple of years, the government has changed their position to this question and they have unlocked a lot of casino websites in the country. Now, it is possible to play not only on local resources but also on any sites from foreign countries. They are available in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Bets are accepted at any time, as long, as websites are available 24/7.

In 2013, the government of Kazakhstan has debated the regulation of online casinos. They have their vision on how to established a powerful gambling business in the country. They are making everything possible, just to make sure, that everything is going to be just fine in terms of regulation of casino websites.

Many people thought, that licensing online gambling in Kazakhstan is something, that never is going to happen. Because the government was too strict in terms of casino business back in the 90s and early 2000s. But nowadays, everything has changed for good and now there are hundreds of different online websites, that are represented for all gamers of Kazakhstan.

It is possible to obtain a license for both online and land-based businesses. All companies, that are interested in opening their establishment, should have a proper license. Foreign casinos are also allowed to represent their products on the territory of Kazakhstan. One of the biggest betting websites, that is available in the country right now – is Olimp. It is a prime example of how online gambling products should be represented and that they can be popular enough. This website is among the 50 most popular websites in Kazakhstan in the SimilarWeb rating.

To make bets, the citizen or tourist of Kazakhstan should be at least 21 years old. It is easy to see, which casinos are officially represented on the territory of Kazakhstan, thanks to the fact, that all illegal websites are banned. The government won’t restrict the online resource if it is represented on any foreign language and not in Kazakh.

Key things, that every player should know about gambling in Kazakhstan:

  • Legal gambling age is 21;
  • All online casino should have a license to provide their gambling products on the territory of the country;
  • The player does not have to use local currency only’;
  • Foreign companies are allowed to represent their projects on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Best Deposit Methods for Kazakhstan Gamblers

There are a couple of deposit methods available for gamers in Kazakhstan. The user can choose the one, that fits him best by simply selecting it in the dedicated section of the online casino. The government of Kazakhstan has worked on providing the best possible methods for all kinds of users. That’s why it is possible to find not only standard banking systems, like MasterCard or Visa but also e-wallets, cryptocurrencies and more. For most of these systems, the deposit time is instant. The player is capable to choose the prepaid voucher, instant bank transfer, or anything like that.

The most popular ways of making deposits in Kazakhstan are PaySafeCard, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, GiroPay, InstaDebit, WebMoney and Yandex Money. All of these services are working correctly and there are no problems with using all these systems whenever the player would like to make a bet or to withdraw money out of the Kazakhstan slot machine.

The minimum deposit, that the player can make in most of Kazakhstan casinos – is 10 euros. It takes only a couple of minutes for the user to make a successful deposit. All of the services work safe and simple enough to be used by all kinds of players. With just pushing a couple of buttons, the gamer will be able to either make a deposit or to withdraw money. Skrill is one of the well-known online payment services in the world. It is good to know, that players of Kazakhstan are capable of using it. But standard deposit methods, like credit or debit card, are also good to use in Kazakhstan. They are fast and almost any user of the internet has their account in the bank. So it is good to know, that they can use their Visa or MasterCard card to pay for bets in any Kazakhstan casino.

It is also worth to mention, that the player will not have to pay an extra tax for the money, he is going to win. Everything should be paid by the casino itself. It is part of local Kazakhstan laws. But as long, as the national currency is the tenge if the player is going to play in real-life casinos, the winning prizes are going be presented in local currency.

Accepted Currencies in Kazakhstan

Currency exchange is pretty easy in Kazakhstan. It is possible to say, that people who have traveled to Astana or Almaty have no issues with finding an ATM or bank. Most of the casinos on theterritory of Kazakhstan accept the local currency only. It’s called Kazakhstan Tenge. It may look like a problem for tourists, but there is nothing to worry about. It is easy to exchange Euros and US dollars everywhere in almost any city of Kazakhstan. Also, the player will be happy to know, that there are no problems with using credit and debits cards to make transactions without any additional cost. While depositing with Visa or MasterCard, the bank will automatically exchange your currency and you will have nothing else to do. It’s simple, safe and handy. The USD and EUR rates don’t change.

The only recommendation, that we can give you – if you feel, like there you have cash only, be sure to exchange them for Tenge in any nearby ARM machine or bank. It is easy to find them with the help of GPS. There are a lot of terminals all over the city and there are a lot of financial institutions as well. So there are going to be literally no problems at all with getting the desired currency.

It is possible to use Tenge in most of the electronic wallets and pre-paid cards. It is easy to make an exchange online. Or the player can use the automatic exchange system in all these services. It comes in handy when the gamer will have to deal with issues of making a bet in a nearby casino. Kazakhstan’s government tries to offer as many ways for tourists to exchange their money, as it is possible. It is even possible to make bets in a couple of online Kazakhstan casinos with the help of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. The gamer can simply choose this cryptocurrency if the website supports it. With the help of such a deposit method, the gamer can forget about waiting for an operation to successfully complete. Because it will take only a couple of seconds to make a deposit or withdrawal. The gamer can use whatever he wants a method in any casino on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Customer Support

The government of Kazakhstan wants to make sure, that every person, that has a desire to play casino games will have the best conditions to do that. There are no limitations in terms of online casinos on the territory of Kazakhstan. Every provider, that wants to open up his website or real-life casino – can do that, without any problems. He just needs to make sure, that his casino will pass all the requirements of the law.

Sometimes, there can be some issues with the way games work. It’s a typical problem for all digital products. As long there are so many gadgets, there are going to be some issues with representing all slots correctly on any screen. To make sure, that everything is going to be just fine with every gamer – there is a customer support team in any type of casino. The player can use the contact form right on the website, or he can call the contact number represented on the site. The team full of professionals is going to provide help with fixing all the issues with slots or any other products of the online casino.

There are also F.A.Q. the section in all online casinos. The player can open up this page to figure out how the Kazakhstan website works and what to do when there are going to be any problems with withdrawing or making a deposit. If you will find any glitches – just contact the support team and they are going to fix all the issues within a couple of minutes.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Kazakhstan

It is hard to say, what is going to happen to the gamble industry in the next couple of years because the situation is already pretty good. The government has no issues with this kind of entertainment because it is one of the biggest businesses in the country. Players have a lot of interesting establishments to enjoy games in and there are many websites on which new formats of slot machines are represented. But there is news, that Kazakhstan considers creating new gambling zones. It is a great thing to hear because it is always cool to know, that the industry is growing and will have more things in common for all gamers to enjoy.

There are going to be created three new legal gambling zones in the country. They are going to be represented in Akbulak, Khorgos and Mangystau regions. Parliament is still working on details of this decision because there are going to be done some amendments to the current law. It will take some time for them to do that, but it is still great to know, that something new is coming for all the players of Kazakhstan. The law is going to be improved and changed and such districts, as Talgarsky and Panfilovsky are going to be filled with new slot machines.

It is also worth to mention, that the creation of new regions for all the players, is not the only thing, that the government of Kazakhstan is working on. Besides the creation of new legal Kazakhstan gambling zones for players, there is going to be created a new electronic center, that will help to control all the bets to make sure, that all virtual events are going to be fair and legal. It’s a good sign, because it shows, that the Kazakhstan gambling industry is going to become even better in the next couple of years. There are going to be a lot of changes, but all of them are going to be positive for Kazakhstan players, who just want to enjoy games and forget about all the problems of everyday life.

Some changes are coming to Kazakhstan’s sports bets as well. The increase in sports betting in Kazakhstan is one of the most popular news. There are going to be more international sites represented, and a couple of changes to the legislation are going to be provided anytime soon. Sports bettors are going to be happy to know, that everything is going to be just fine with their favorite kind of entertainment.

For Kazakhstan developers of new digital slots, the next couple of years are going to be fun as well. All the studios are going to be busy creating new products with AR and VR compatible features. Gamers from around the world are interested in such functionality because it is going to allow them to play their favorite casino games with an even more immersive feeling. There are a lot of things coming in the next couple of years, so all the tourists and native gamers of Kazakhstan are going to be happy to know, that everything is fine with their favorite industry.

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