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The Republic of Iraq has a long history since this country used to be a part of several empires. After World War I, it has fallen under the control of the British, but in 1932 it became an independent country first ruled by a king and later became a republic. In 1968, the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party became in charge of the country, while in 1979, an infamous dictator Saddam Hussein took control of the Iraq state and ruled by 2003.

Iraq gambling originated in the country many years ago. First, it was represented in the form of horse racing and camel racing, where people bet money to guess a winner. However, Saddam Hussein banned this way of entertainment ordering to build a mosque at the place where the largest horse track of the country was located. Horse races were renewed only after American forces had entered the country in 2003. Another source says that this race track for dogs, camels, and horses was reopened in 1995 on the outskirts and was run by Saddam Hussein’s son Uday, so probably, this ban existed only for several years of his reign.

Another popular way of entertainment in Iraq was cockfighting. The regime of Saddam Hussein did not officially ban this activity since it has been popular in Iraq for centuries and remains a very exciting pastime even now.

The first casinos appeared in Iraq at the beginning of the 20th century. Though they were not allowed in the country at the times of Saddam Hussein, they were still emerging and attracting many gamblers to casino games. This tendency continued even despite the adoption of the prohibitive gambling legislation since many illegal casinos were operating on the territory of the country. With the appearance of online casinos in Iraq at the beginning of the 2000s, many players stopped visiting land-based gambling destinations to avoid punishment. Experts say that there used to be several land-based casinos operating in Iraq at the beginning of the war in 2014. The biggest number of such casinos were located in Sulaimani, a city located not far from the state border. However, many of these casinos had to close after the massive police arrests of gamblers in summer 2018. Rumors say only about one active casino operating on the territory of Iraq nowadays. This casino is called Sulaimaniya and operated by one rich Russian businessman.

As a result, the rest of the players in Iraq have to spend most of their free time in the online casinos still being afraid to be punished for this illegal activity.

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Types of Online Casino in Iraq

Despite the illegal status of both land-based and online casinos in Iraq, many gamblers do not lose an opportunity to enjoy playing different casino games. Most of them can be found on the Internet since it is more comfortable and safer to play online than risk your freedom and visit a real casino.

You may wonder what types of online casinos residents of Iraq play on. In fact, there are over 40 online gambling platforms that welcome players from Iraq without any restrictions. Naturally, all these websites are registered in other countries where gambling is officially allowed and the Iraq government makes effort to block offshore online casinos too, but still, it has not brought about desirable results and Iraqi players can access many casinos online round the clock.

How to choose a reliable casino for players from Iraq? It can be very easy if to make a detailed analysis of every gambling platform on the web taking the following requirements into the account. A safe and trustworthy casino must be officially registered in one of the countries where gambling is legal and have certificates of the trusted regulatory bodies in the gambling industry. Other features of such websites are accepting payment made in Iraqi dinar and availability of the Arabic language in the casino settings.

Looking through the types of Iraq online casinos, you will undoubtedly find ones that offer flash games that can be played directly from any browser both on a computer and other smart devices. However, due to the popularity of mobile devices, residents of Iraq can play their favorite casino games using mobile browsers or downloading an application on their mobile device. Both of these ways are easy and convenient, so every gambler can choose the most appealing one.

If you do not want to waste your valuable time on this search, there is one more way to find reliable gambling platforms online. Our website offers you a list of trusted casinos in Iraq to save your time and enjoy endless gambling with great money awards.

Types of Casino Games for Iraqi Gamblers

Citizens of Iraq are keen gamblers who take advantage of all types of casino games offered online. If you think that the official prohibition prevents many players from spending long hours on popular casino websites, you are mistaken. In fact, players from Iraq enjoy different casino games including:

  • Slot machines;
  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Dice games;
  • Poker;
  • Live dealer games.

Like in all other countries, the first place in the rating is taken by slot machines. The simplicity of playing and the utmost joy you get seeing the winning combination of symbols on the reels can be hardly compared with anything else. The population of Iraq has access to several types of slot games including classic 3-reel slots, modern 5-reel examples, and colorful and fascinating video slots with unbelievable bonus rounds. They can enjoy top-rated games, choose from the latest releases or filter games by theme, developer or number of paylines. It is enough to choose a one-armed bandit from one of the best software game providers in the world and start your unforgettable adventure for prizes.

Not only slots offer unforgettable gambling experience. Players from Iraq can also try different table games including blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and many others as well as play simple but incredibly interesting dice and card games. The variety of games in Iraq casinos will not leave anyone disappointed, especially if to remember that these players can feel the atmosphere of real land-based casinos playing live dealer games.

Live casinos provide players with a unique opportunity to play with gamblers from different corners of the world, follow the live-streaming video of the gaming process and communicate with a live dealer who manages the game. Undoubtedly, live dealer games are one of the most favorite ones among players from Iraq since such an experience can be hardly obtained anywhere else.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Iraq

Iraq is a Muslim country that has faced 10-15 years of instability and war. Naturally, there is a ruling party that impacts the legislation of the country, but such a situation in the country does not allow to achieve that state laws were followed by everyone.

According to the 1969 Penal Code of Iraq state, people who participate or operate gambling activity in the country must be fined or sent to jail. This prohibition is was announced with the introduction of theSaddam Hussein regime and is in force by now. One of the reasons for such a decision is, of course, strict rules of the Muslim religion, where entertainment is not approved, especially if it involves real money bets. Moreover, the current non-stable situation in Iraq has put the problem of gambling aside since there are many other important questions to be solved as a priority now.

What punishment can gamblers and casino operators get in Iraq? It makes no difference whether you prefer terrestrial or online gambling, both these activities can lead to fine or imprisonment. What is interesting, Iraqi casino operators are punished more severely than gamblers. A person caught playing casino games for real money must pay a fine up to 50 dinars or spend up to 1 month in jail. When it comes to casino operators, their fine can reach 100 dinars and imprisonment term up to 1 year. Such a ban for gambling led to the fact that the country does not even plan to introduce a licensing process for gambling operators, there is no officially established age to start playing in casinos, and there is no player protection from the Iraq government as well. That is why gamblers from Iraq should be very careful with the selection of online casinos to make deposits and play if they want to be able to withdraw their winnings.

Not only casinos are prohibited by Iraq law. It is also forbidden to participate in a lottery, poker games, and sports betting, otherwise, you may be prosecuted by police. At the same time, the only legal type of entertainment allowed in Iraq nowadays is horse racing. There are tracks where people can gather and enjoy the contest making their bets. Cockfighting has not received official status from the government too, but it remains a very popular and spectacular activity where you can also win cash.

It is worth saying that cases of gambler and operator prosecutions have taken place only regarding terrestrial casinos in Iraq. We have already mentioned about the campaign of the Sulaimani police department held on August 2018. 60 people have been arrested and accused of the gambling activity (Article 389 of the Penal Code). However, there was not a single case of the prosecution concerning online casino players or operators in Iraq. The last ones continue to offer casino services and players go on enjoying high-quality games for real money in multiple online destinations with foreign registration.

Best Deposit Methods for Iraqi Gamblers

If gambling is not approved in Iraq but there is a great desire to pave your way to big prizes or even a jackpot, it is very important to choose a suitable way of payment. Experts advise preferring such deposit methods which will keep a person anonymous but be safe and reliable both for depositing and withdrawing money. Naturally, you will not find such a diversity of payment methods in Iraq as in Britain, for example, but still, there is a selection of secure deposit methods too.

The most traditional but also the least popular way of depositing money to the casino account remains Visa and MasterCard. The reason for that is the possibility to find out the name of the cardholder who transferred money to the casino. However, there was not a single case of that registered in Iraq. It is also important to remember that dinar is not accepted in online casinos, so it is important to have a card account in the foreign currency or exchange dinars each time you plan to make a deposit.

The popularity of electronic payment systems has influenced the way how natives of Iraq send money to their casino accounts. It is a safe, cheap, and fast way to make a deposit or withdraw money. Moreover, money transference from e-wallets is absolutely confidential, so it is almost impossible to prove that a gambler spent his money on playing. The most popular payment system used in Iraq is Skrill. This wallet is widely accepted in online casinos and guarantees quick and safe transactions. Other popular local e-wallets popular in Iraq and Kurdistan are FastPay Cash, ZainCash, Taif eWallet, AsiaHawala, and Iraq Wallet. They are used for transferring money to other e-wallets accepted by online casinos.

The growing demand for cryptocurrency made it the number one payment method in many casinos. Gamblers from Iraq also take advantage of the cheapest and fastest money transactions between crypto wallets choosing this type of money deposits as well.

Accepted Currencies in Iraq

The official currency of the Republic of Iraq is the Iraqi dinar. However, it was introduced on April 1, 1932, so the country used to have other official currencies before that. The first one was introduced at the end of the 19th century and called the Ottoman pound. The reason for that was the occupation of Iraq by the Ottoman Empire. This currency gave a boost to open the first bank in the country and remained the official one by World War 1. After the UK occupied the territory of Iraq, the Indian rupee was announced its official currency and issued by the government of India. It was an Indian rupee that was replaced by dinar in 1932 pegged at par with the British pound sterling. In 1949, the anchor currency was changed for the US dollar. 1 dinar cost $2.8 in 1959, but the inflation caused by the US sanctions and excessive government printing led to the situation that $1 was equal to 3,000 dinars in 1995.

Today, the dinar is subdivided into 1,000 fils, though they are considered obsolete because of the inflation caused by the Gulf War. The current exchange rate is about 1,200 dinars for 1 American dollar.

We have already mentioned that Dinar casinos do not exist because of the illegal character of gambling in Iraq and the weak status of the currency. It means that players should exchange their official currency for another one to be able to play at overseas casinos. The most widely accepted currencies are the US dollar, British pound, and the Euro.

Only 10% of the population of Iraq have bank accounts, so the most popular ways of depositing money to the casino accounts are electronic and crypto wallets, where they can exchange their official currency for one accepted by the casino chosen as well.

Customer Support

Whether you are a newbie or expert in gambling, you are not insured against possible problems or questions which may arise any minute. For this purpose, casinos that welcome players from Iraq have a qualified customer support team. Their main task is to help gamblers to solve any problems they face or inform them on the topic they are interested in.

Most of the Iraq online casinos provide customer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether you have trouble with registration, deposit, withdrawal or anything else, you can connect with the customer support representative using one of the ways offered by the casino.

The most popular ways to contact a casino manager from Iraq are a chat, email, and telephone call. It is possible to start a chat directly on the casino website and get an answer to your question immediately if it is possible. Writing and sending an email is another effective way to get a solution to the problem, but it may take 1-2 days to get an answer to it. The most efficient way of troubleshooting is, of course, phone. Many casinos provide players from Iraq with a phone number to guarantee them the best gambling experience. Players, who got used to solving problems themselves, can also read out the FAQ section available almost on every casino website.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Iraq

Though it may seem that there cannot be positive predictions about the future of online gambling in the country where web casinos are prohibited, we will try to focus only on the advantages which await players from Iraq in the nearest future.

There are very few chances that the government of Iraq would open an official access to the gambling industry to its population, but it is not time to get sad since even if it is impossible to visit terrestrial casinos on the territory of Iraq, online gambling destinations will continue to evolve and provide gamblers with new opportunities.

According to the gambling industry experts, who analyze the main tendencies for the upcoming year, the main predictions for casinos that accept players from Iraq look as follows.

2018 was the year of cryptocurrencies since many casinos added BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum and other cryptos to the basic payment methods. Probably, this tendency will keep on developing especially in Iraq since several major political groups began to mine and use different cryptocurrencies actively even despite the prohibition of the Iraqi Central Bank.

Having analyzed top casinos offering unforgettable gambling experience for players in Iraq it is possible to conclude that many gambling platforms try to improve the quality of services provided and extend the number of live casino games that gain incredible popularity incessantly. Probably, this tendency will continue and live dealer games will become not only more various but also more accessible on mobile devices in particular.

One more prediction regarding gambling in Iraq is connected with the implementation of virtual reality in online casinos and making revolutionary changes in the way people play games on the Internet.

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