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Haitian gourde (G) (HTG)
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French, Haitian, Creole
27,750 km2

All countries have different attitudes towards gambling and casinos. Some accept the conditions of this business and raise the economy while other states spend big money to fight against such entertainment. Anyway, people have always loved risk and excitement, so they still visit casinos, play slots and win real money despite the laws. In this review, we would like to concentrate on one country that has a long history with various problems.

Nowadays, Haiti is a great place with many attractions and a beautiful coastline. Officially, Haiti began in 1492 when the legendary Christopher Columbus reached its border in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, this event had negative consequences for the locals because they became slaves and were forced to mine gold for the Spaniards. In the 17th century, the French came to this area with new requirements and conditions. This provoked the Haitian Revolution (from 1791 to 1804) that had a positive result. During these periods, gambling from Spain and France were excluded. Haitians have forgotten about games like dice and roulette. It lasted until 1960 when President François Duvalier recognized gambling as legal. This law appeared late as one popular casino functioned in the country since 1949. With the help of this gaming hall, the government tried to attract investors who fled from Cuba.

Besides, this law should have developed tourism since the casino should be part of a hotel with 200+ rooms. This hotel does not exist in Haiti even today. How then offline casinos work? If the hotel does not fulfill the requirements for the number of rooms, then the casino could have from 1 to 7 table games and only specific games. In the 90s, there was only one game room offering a pair of slot machines and 15 tables. The allowed number of entertainment was exceeded and the casino had unauthorized slot machines. The government of Haiti forced the owner of the hotel/casino to pay 50 thousand dollars for a local license. Officials have promised to return the money as soon as the casino proves its honesty. Current laws also forced the gaming house to pay 40% of its profits + $1,000 annually. After a few months, the president lost his powers and these laws/taxes were ignored.

Despite the difficult political situation, various complexities and natural disasters, the government is trying to regulate and restore the state’s economy with the help of an important tool – gambling. Almost all forms of gambling are legal in Haiti. Lottery and cockfighting are the most popular entertainment, but locals also visit virtual gaming resources and casinos offline. This means that Haiti can be attractive to investors and casino operators who want to expand the list of customers.

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Types of Virtual Casinos in Haiti

Haiti is one of the countries that live below the poverty line. An island nation is often subject to elemental damage. Therefore, the locals perceive the casino and the lottery as an opportunity to make money. They often visit offline houses and also make bets in lotto. But they never forget about virtual gambling which gives not only big payouts but also positive emotions. Not every modern player knows how a licensed casino is different and what it offers. On our gambling resource, you will always find an up-to-date list of the best virtual casinos that have opened doors for Haitians. Choosing a platform on our site you do not need to worry that the casino will deceive you or take away all your money. Before recommending a certain casino, we carefully checked its reputation. We made sure that it was licensed in UK/Malta/Alderney or other authoritative jurisdictions. We can say with confidence that they offer licensed games from popular brands and reward customers with various gifts and prizes.

So, what types of casinos are represented in the Haiti casino market?

  1. First of all, these are resources adapted for mobile devices. Do you have a smartphone or tablet? Great! You can use the gadget to access popular online casinos and enjoy your favorite slot machines without restrictions. There are 2 ways to play on a mobile device: through a browser or an application. Choosing the first option, the browser window will eat up a bit of your screen space. The second method will be more comfortable since the gamer uses individual settings. Please note that all mobile games offer a new interface.
  2. Live casinos made a revolution many years ago, but they are still popular not only in Haiti but also outside of it. Such gambling halls gave players new emotions as they play against real opponents and a live dealer. As a rule, such platforms offer only board games, but in the casino, on our site, you can find new entertainment like Dream Catcher of Football Studio.
  3. VR technology is the only competitor to live casinos. Offering new ideas and solutions. developers have paid attention to the VR tools that allow you to create a new reality in the casino. Now players can immerse themselves in video slots with the help of special equipment. You are guaranteed to get a new gambling experience+real money in slot machines.

Knowing what game resources Haiti offers players, we need to find out what content they offer.

Types of Casino Games for Haitians Gamblers

The Spanish invaders brought to the island not only slavery but also the first gambling that the people of Haiti liked. These were primitive games like dice and craps. A few years later various types of lotteries and even casino games appeared here. If you have visited Haiti online casino then you will find a wide range of entertainment for every taste. If this is your first experience or you came to win real money then we advise you to pay attention to video slots. The advent of the Internet has had positive effects on the development of gambling. Developers moved mechanical gaming machines to the virtual world and also upgraded them. Modern slots are similar to high-quality films/cartoons because experts use all available resources. For example, Betsoft provider has become popular due to its excellent 3D graphics which has no analogs. Microgaming specializes in progressive jackpot video slots. In such projects, the prize pool increases after each bet. There are many cases where a player made a minimum bet and became a millionaire. In general, the slots are distinguished by bonus games, special characters (Wild; Scatter) and unique plots with which Haitians players will travel to different countries, participate in different adventures and search for treasures. Old-school Haitians gamers will find “classic” models with 3 reels and fruits that make up combinations on 1-5 lines.

By definition, video slots are the most popular entertainment in Haitians internet casinos, but not a single game resource will be complete without board games. This category includes various variations of Roulette; Poker; BlackJack Pontoon and Baccarat. These games are popular among all categories of players who want to control the gameplay. In slots, payouts depend on fortune, while in board games, your knowledge and skills determine the outcome. Furthermore, some board games are offered at Haiti Live Casino where users play against real dealers. Broadcasting a game from the studio of a real casino takes your gaming session to a new level.

Haitians are fans of the national lottery, but not everyone knows that this entertainment is presented in virtual casinos in a greater variety. TOP Haiti casinos offer keno; scratch cards; bingo and other games that give instant payouts.

If you want to improve your skills or you do not like risk then play on our site. Here all the games are available in the free demo version and you don’t even need to make deposits.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Haiti

Above, we showed Haitian players an effective methodology for selecting game resources. With the help of these tips, you will find suitable sites without any problems. However, before you create a casino account and make your first deposit, we need to find out if gambling is legal in Haiti. There are countries where casinos and slot machines are prohibited and gamers can receive huge fines (or spend several years in prison), so we cannot ignore this issue.

In 2019, Haiti still has no law that governs virtual gambling. The Haitian government does not pay attention to online casinos for several reasons. First of all, the country is often destroyed by the elements. Secondly, Haiti is a poor country with a low level of Internet penetration. As a result, virtual gambling in Haiti is not the most popular form of entertainment. However, many players like to spend time on gaming resources on the Internet. They always have access to the international gambling industry with hundreds of amazing casinos. The activities of offshore gaming resources in Haiti are not limited and you do not need to be afraid of police harassment. Your gaming session is safe.

Unlike virtual casinos, the Haitian government oversees the work of land-based gaming rooms and lotteries. Sports bets, lotteries and even arrange cock and bullfights in this segment are legal. If you want to visit the games room which is part of the hotel then you must be 18+ years old.

So, Haitians have a lot of work in the virtual gambling sector. At the moment, local players visit foreign portals that are controlled by different jurisdictions. By changing the laws, Haiti will receive many benefits and additional investments.

Best Deposit Methods for Haitian Gamblers

To attract gamers, all virtual casinos use different tricks and tools. As a rule, these are bonuses and gifts that are credited to your account for completing tasks. For example, a no deposit bonus is activated as soon as you create an account. But deposit players always get more privileges and surprises. So, they have access to all promotions/tournaments/bonuses and a game for real money. So, we can say that the deposit opens the door to the world of gambling. Haitian online casinos offer a standard set of deposit methods with which you can replenish your gaming account.

  • When choosing Visa or MasterCard as a deposit method, the player needs to register a credit card in the online casino system. The game room will require you to specify CVV2/ Expiry Date/Card Number to provide you with a high level of security. After that, you can make deposits at any time. If your transaction has not been completed, then contact the customer support of Haitian Casino. In one of the sections, we will describe how players from Haiti can contact an online operator.
  • Web-wallet is the second type of deposit method. Several virtual wallets work in Haiti and provide a wide range of services. So, you can make deposits and carry out other types of transactions, but note that some of these wallets take additional fees. Before making a transaction, the user needs to find out how the e-wallet works.
  • Today, bitcoin is accepted as a payment method in many Haiti virtual casinos. Despite the advantages and availability of digital coins, some players from Haiti and other countries do not use it as a deposit method. To make a deposit using cryptocurrency, the gamer needs to create an appropriate wallet. After that, you need to visit the “Cashier” page in the gaming room and select a crypto deposit. In this case, transactions are carried out instantly and players never pay fees.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to use the Internet for financial transactions then visit Haitian Bank. Say that you need to make a deposit and bank employees will provide a special bank. Indicate all the necessary information and wait for the money to appear on your casino account. As a rule, this process takes from 2 to 48 hours.

Accepted Currencies in Haiti

Gourde (HTG) is the official currency of the island country. Over the past few years, the Haitian government has spent a lot of money on the development of tourism, which has had a positive impact on the development of the country’s economy. As a result, tourists and Haitians can use US dollars at airports/hotels/restaurants and other places. Also, this currency is accepted in every Haiti online casino. Haitians can use the euro but this is rare because they need to exchange money which takes longer.

All Haiti gamblers who want to get the maximum number of benefits in the gaming room should use Bitcoin. This currency gives a lot of privileges. For example, all cash transactions are carried out without intermediaries (banks). Therefore, all transactions are reliably protected and they are carried out instantly. What is more important, Haitians receive anonymous status and reliable protection against crypto hunters. All of these advantages have helped cryptocurrency gain the trust of casino customers and take a leading position in the gambling market.

So, players from Haiti can use these currencies:

  • Dollars;
  • Euro;
  • Digital coins.

At the moment, Haitian HTG is seldom used, so we hope that the local government will make virtual gambling as soon as possible.

Customer Support

Due to a large number of gaming platforms, Haitians have an excellent choice. In the first sections of this review, we described what criteria will help you choose a suitable and reliable virtual casino. If you have questions or you encounter a problem during registration or game session then you need to contact customer support. In today’s gambling world, it is an integral part of any Haiti casino. Before contacting a specialist, we recommend that you visit the FAQ section that will answer all popular questions:

  • How to make a deposit?
  • How to get a bonus/es?
  • How does a game resource work?

If this information is not enough or you have another problem then contact a representative of the online casino conveniently:

A special chat window is located on the main page. Press it and ask the operator a question. All answers appear instantly so this is the fastest way to get help at a Haiti casino. Gamers do not need to provide personal data to contact a specialist.

Also, you can send an email but in this case, you can wait for a response within 2 days. If the letter does not appear in your inbox then write again or contact the administrator of the gaming platform. Such cases rarely happen because modern virtual casinos take care of all customers.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Haiti

As we have already said, the Haitian government has many problems with natural disasters and the economy, therefore, it does not pay attention to virtual gambling, which is rapidly developing in other countries. Nevertheless, officials are looking for solutions for the development of tourism since Haiti is located in a great location and probably each of us would like to visit this country. We can assume that new laws will be adopted soon as gambling will help to attract a large number of travelers and investments.

In 2019, Haitian gamblers visit popular online casinos with a wide range of entertainment and technology. You can run VR games and experience the superiority of virtual reality or visit Haiti live casino where you will meet with a real dealer. Moreover, all projects are adapted for mobile devices, which will make your game session comfortable and interesting.

If you do not know what currency to use then pay attention to crypto coins that have become very popular. All experts are confident in their terrific prospects.

As you can see, gambling for Haitians has become popular entertainment!

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