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On each website and on each resource we meet bright banners with juicy promotions and other online casino advertising. Modern game resources use all available tools to attract new customers and you can become one of them. There are hundreds of available online casinos and each of them is unique with an individual set of slot machines, bonuses and payment methods. Searches will not take much time even if you decide to play in Guinea. This is one of the African countries that has been a French colony for many years. Therefore, sometimes this country is called as French Guinea. Independence came to this country in 1973, when the Guinean government changed. The Revolutionary Council controlled the country until 1984. The first multiparty elections were held in 1994, but the newly elected president was overthrown after 4 years. All this time, gambling existed in African countries and Guinea is no exception. The locals were fond of dice and some card games.

The gambling industry in this country had a lot of problems. First of all, Guinea is a Muslim country and as you know, the laws of this religion prohibit all manifestations of gambling. Different presidents and parties had different attitudes towards gambling and casino business. Nevertheless, locals and tourists often visit the gambling halls located on land. As a rule, Guinean land-based casinos are part of different hotels and they do not offer a wide range of games. For this reason, most players from Guinea prefer virtual casinos which are not prohibited by local laws. They are available at any time and you will find many amazing games from classic slots to Live Roulette. All formats of slot machines are legal and licensed. This business is young and it has many prospects in the Guinean market, but the government of the country is not going to make new laws and amendments. This means that local gamers can enjoy their favorite games at reliable offline / internet casinos and win real money.

So, what we have? Guinea is a small country where two-thirds of the population are forced to live below the poverty line. In the past century, there have been many revolutions, clashes and coups d’état, but in spite of all the problems listed above, the government completely controls the economy and tries to develop the gambling industry to have a positive effect on tourism. Officials are trying to create a comfortable environment for attracting investors and the development of all types of casinos that will create jobs causing economic growth in Guinea.

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Types of Online Casino in Guinea

The local gambling market appeared a few years ago, so we can say that it is new and even unknown for many operators and investors who do not want to risk. But at the same time, many virtual casinos are always open to local players. We believe that our readers and all gamers are worth the best Guinea casinos online they can find. We always monitor the gambling situation in the Guinean market, so users will receive only reliable and relevant information. On our site, you will always find a list of virtual casinos available for Guinean gamers. First, we would like to say that all game resources are thoroughly tested on several points:

Before recommending online casinos, we check its license. UK/Malta/Alderney/Isle of Man are authoritative jurisdictions that control their virtual casinos and guarantee high-quality services.

If you are convinced that the gaming resource has a license, you need to check the catalog with slot machines. Licensed platforms always use content from leading brands. This list includes the Playtech; Microgaming; NetEnt; Play’n Go and others. Guinean players can play for free on our website or the website of the selected online casino.

Do not forget to check the set of bonuses and gifts that play an important role for each of us. As a rule, the best Guinean online casinos offer Welcome Bonuses/Free Spins/Cashbacks and other gifts.

We advise you to check what format the virtual casino works. All Guinean casinos are presented in different types:

  • According to this statistic, the number of mobile users in Guinea is increasing every year. This allows casino operators to use new tools including mobile games and mobile platforms. Gamers play in the browser or through a special application that is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. These online casinos offer a wide range of games (slots/roulette/poker/bingo) with amazing bonuses.
  • If you want to visit a real casino without leaving home, then you should pay attention to Live Casino with a wide range of card games. This segment has been developing rapidly since 2010, occupying a leading position among gambling entertainment, not only in Guinea but also in other countries.
  • New game sites appear in Guinea regularly. The local government does not restrict the actions of either local or foreign operators who want to work in the country. The emergence of new resources always hides many surprises. For example, a gamer will find a new casino that works based on cryptocurrency or offers great VR technologies.

Types of Casino Games for the Guinean Gamblers

Before choosing a table with poker or clicking Spin, gamers need to find out which games are offered in the selected online casino. In the first section, we talked about Guinean casinos that operate on land. Most of them are part of different hotels and they offer a limited list of entertainment. Fortunately, Guineans can always visit a virtual casino where they will find entertainment for every taste.

If you came to win a big cash prize and show your skills, you should choose a poker table or run Roulette. Board games have become popular since players do not need to wait for random payouts since the result depends on their skills, knowledge, and strategies. Moreover, Roulette; Baccarat; BlackJack and other entertainment are present in every Live Casino where you can play against a real croupier. Also, such game resources offer new entertainment like Dream Catcher and Football Studio. The game is carried out in real-time. With the help of high-quality graphics, you can follow all the movements of the dealer.

Of course, this list will be incomplete without thematic slots which have become the most popular entertainment in the gambling industry. Video slots are the only games where developers can show all imagination using different plots and tools. They always experiment with new storylines (travels/treasures/space adventures/sports/fashion). Most online slots become attractive thanks to 3D graphics, bonus options, funny characters that come to life with the help of animations and so on. We have already said which brands occupy leading positions in this segment. Guinean gamers love progressive projects with the biggest payouts.

The lottery has existed for many years and it was the first gamble on the territory of Guinea. In the online mode, lotteries received a second life and as a result, their number increased. Nowadays, Guinean players can find keno, bingo and various scratch cards that give instant payouts. Such entertainment is often found offline.

Regardless of your preferences, you can always play on your mobile device. All slots, roulettes, and lotteries are adapted for mobile devices that guarantee a comfortable and profitable gaming session. No matter where you spend time, at work or in the park, all you need is to get a smartphone out of your pocket and open a website with games. Please note that the slot machines have received an updated interface, therefore some buttons are located in other positions.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Guinea

Following our advice, Guinean gamers will select the appropriate virtual casino and enjoy the best games. But this is not the most important part, because you need to get an answer to the main question – what is the status of gambling in Guinea. If you do not have enough time then trust us and play in Guinean casinos. Any form of gambling in this country is legal and you do not break the laws by playing in local online casinos. If you are interested in this topic and you want to know how gambling is regulated in an African country, then pay attention to this section. It will provide the necessary portion of information about the legal situation in the country.

For some reason, Sharia laws do not fully apply. Most Guineans are Muslims, but this does not prohibit them from attending gambling halls and winning money. There are some offline rooms but be prepared to see a limited amount of entertainment. To open a casino in Guinea, the operator must apply for a license and pay all fees.

Virtual gambling and its regulation are different. In Guinea, it is regulated by the “Ministry of Economy and Finance.” Local laws do not limit the actions of virtual casinos and they operate on legal grounds. If you want to work online in Guinea, you need to obtain the necessary license and prove the integrity of your resource. Local online casinos offer a wide range of entertainment and if this is not enough, then visit the international platforms that we recommend on our website.

To visit Guinean online casinos you need to be over 18 years old. Some international platforms are open to players aged 21+ only. As you can see, the Guinean gambling market is regulated and has many prospects because the government of the country wants to increase economic growth in the future.

Best Deposit Methods for Guinean Gamblers

As an active and growing industry, gambling is constantly being improved and modern game resources offer all the components for a profitable game (entertainment/bonuses/security). To provide additional convenience, Guinean operators have integrated many deposit methods that will make your gaming session as comfortable as possible.

For each player, the deposit is an important procedure and if you do not want to take additional risks, then read this section in which we will find out which deposit methods are popular in Guinea. In this ranking, Visa/Mastercard debit cards rank first. They are accepted in all banks and all online casinos. By choosing this deposit method you choose fast transactions with minimal fees.

A digital wallet is the second deposit method accepted in Guinean virtual casinos. As a rule, African players conduct transactions through Skrill/PayPal/MyGate/Orange Money/SagePay and others. For Guinean gamers, a virtual wallet is also a place where they can store money and convert it. Web-wallets always guarantee multi-level encryption and high security. But if you want to make quick transactions then you will need to pay fees.

E-banking is still popular and it is becoming an experienced player in this segment. All you need is to visit one of the Guinean banks and fill out a special form. After that, the money will be credited to your casino account within 48 hours. On the one hand, transactions are slow, but on the other hand, you get reliable bank protection.

As you can see, Guinean gamers have enough deposit methods that are also used for withdrawals. On some sites, you can play for free but deposit players get more features and privileges. For example, they get access to all available bonuses, games, and prizes. Before choosing a deposit method and using it you need to study its terms and conditions. Please note that some e-wallets and cards charge extra fees.

Accepted Currencies in Guinea

At the moment, the national currency of Guinea is represented by a currency called the Guinean franc designated GNF. For the first time, the Guinean franc was used in 1986. Today, it is accepted in all land-based gaming halls where you can buy chips and win real money. As we have said, the Guinean government is trying to improve tourism, so travelers can pay for goods and services with the help of US dollars.

Also, this situation is typical for virtual casinos that accept payment not only in dollars but also in euros. Fortunately, GNF is rarely used in online casinos, but we are sure that this situation will change in the future. New sites with games appear regularly and most of them will offer a variety of currencies.

Until this happens, local players can use all available currencies including Bitcoin. Digital currency generated a big boom in 2017 and they are not going to stop. Choosing a cryptocurrency in 2019, you save a lot of money and this is not the only advantage. It is worth noting the anonymity of the players, the highest level of security in e-commerce and so on. In a word, trends are changing and the list of available currencies in Guinean casinos will expand soon.

Customer support

At the moment, the virtual casino has many differences from the real gaming halls that were very popular a few years ago. To follow modern trends you need to visit Guinean online casinos that always offer new tools and technologies. They are always displayed as a service and in customer support. Every second player faces different problems during the game session. These can be difficulties with registration, deposits, bonuses and so on. If an online casino wants to attract customers and keep their interest, then it has to introduce quality support. After analyzing the work of some Guinean casinos, we found out that they offer standard customer support.

So, you can contact the operator via online chat. This will be the fastest way to get help and answer any question. Gamers only need to open a special window and talk about the problem. The specialist answers will appear instantly and you do not need to waste time.

If you have enough time then you should send an email. This is a popular type of customer support in Guinean casinos, but you should know that the operator’s response will appear in your inbox in one or even two days. Waiting time depends on the popularity of the casino and how many customers per day it takes.

Phone call support exists too, but it is not very popular among players from Guinea. Not all game resources offer free phone calls. Besides. A casino employee may require your data for authorization. This procedure will take a long time.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Guinea

At this stage of development, the Guinean gambling market is calm. It does not have events or new laws, so it is difficult for us to make certain predictions. Some investors might spend money on developing new casino projects in this country but they are afraid that everything will turn upside down again. In the last century, Guinea had many revolutions/wars/epidemics and no one has a guarantee that these problems will not appear again. In 2019, the local government fully controls the economy and gambling situation. Officials are trying to create a comfortable environment for casino owners attracting tourists from different countries.

However, new Guinean online casinos appear regularly. In the future, they will introduce available VR technologies, crypto money, the national currency of Guinea, live games and so on. In general, we can say that gambling is a new business in this country, so it has many prospects. If Guinea forgets about past troubles and revolutions, then locals and guests will play in popular gaming halls and enjoy real money.

We have compiled a list of reliable Guinea online casinos open to local gamers and also provided some tips that will help you find the right casino and make a deposit as quickly as possible!

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