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No one has any doubts about the functions and the role of gambling. Simple games that appeared many centuries ago have become a rich and prosperous business that is developing all over the world. Today you can find a lot of news about releases and new technologies that have been introduced into the industry and turned the casino into one of the most popular entertainment. But in different countries, gambling has different trends and in this review, we will find out how it develops in Guernsey located in the English Channel. Many years ago, Guernsey was part of the Normandy which influenced the development of England and France.

Guernsey consists of several islets including Brecqhou and Alderney. Under current law, Guernsey is not part of the UK, but despite this, its residents are full British citizens. To improve the economy of the country and create jobs, the Guernsey government is trying to improve the tourism sector, so officials even legalized gambling (lotteries, slot machines, sports betting, casinos).

In 2002, the Guernsey Gambling Control Commission was established to regulate gambling and prevent different crimes. Also, it was created in anticipation of a casino being constructed at the St.Pierre Park Hotel. Unfortunately, the construction of the game hall was not completed, because the company did not receive enough money (25 million pounds) to complete the project. Today, you will not find a single casino in Guernsey. However, gambling and slot machines still operate within the law. Thanks to this policy, the number of players in Guernsey is rapidly increasing. In 2006, the Guernsey government allowed bookmakers of Guernsey to work on Sundays, but they had to pay higher taxes.

Cinema racing legally in Guernsey too. Cinema racing is a movie about horse racing or other races. All viewers make bets and buy tickets according to which the prizes/payments are calculated. As a rule, Guernsey Cinema Racing in this country is used for charity or in support of cultural activities or athletic games.

Guernsey said that it would not compete with the Alderney’s online gaming industry, so the parties reached an important agreement. All online casino operators based in Alderney can provide their entertainment to residents of Guernsey. Local players get access to popular virtual casinos that are licensed by Alderney. You get access to a wide range of slot machines, bonuses, and promotions. Not all gamblers know how to distinguish a licensed casino, so we decided to write this article that tells about all the gambling nuances in Guernsey.

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Types of Online Casino in Guernsey

If you happen to be on this virtual casino in Guernsey where you could bet and win real money. Despite the wide range of Guernsey online casinos available, some users cannot choose a suitable gaming resource when faced with various problems. Some Guernsey casinos do not offer enough entertainment, while other platforms do not provide 100% protection. So, how to find the right Guernsey casino?

There are 2 possible options: read dozens of reviews and recommendations of players that take a long time or choose a game resource on our site. We have compiled a list of reliable virtual casinos that operate in the territory of Guernsey. This list includes 160 titles including All British, Bet365, Barbados, Black Lotus and other Guernsey casinos that have an excellent reputation. We are not going to stop therefore the list of available Guernsey casinos will be expanded if the virtual casino meets these requirements:

1) Valid license;
2) Licensed content from leading providers;
3) Generous Bonus System for Guernsey gamblers;
4) Reliable security system;
5) High-quality customer support.

We also consider all the important points each online casino in Guernsey to make sure you are getting a great gambling experience.

It is obvious that all game resources are endowed with various advantages, so they are divided into several categories. For example, in mobile internet casinos of Guernsey, players can play via smartphones and tablets. As a rule, such gaming resources work through the browser, but if you want to get the most comfortable gaming session then you should download the casino application (if offered). In this case, you can run your favorite games at any time and the browser will not eat up 40% of your screen. Please note that mobile games received a new interface, so you will need to get used to the location of the buttons.

Live Guernsey casinos specialize in board games that operate based on new technologies. So, the operators offered to play Roulette; BlackJack and Baccarat against real dealers. In other words, you can feel the atmosphere of a real casino without leaving home. This was made possible thanks to special studios and live game broadcasts.

In 2017 and 2018, the cryptocurrency achieved recognition from gamers and casino operators. As a result, Guernsey players can use Bitcoin as a deposit method or attend special crypto casinos that have become a new gambling trend. Such Guernsey platforms offer a standard set of games, bonuses, and gifts. What is more important – you are completely protected from fraudsters who work on the Internet.

Finding the right Guernsey casino will not be a problem if you know how the license resources differ. If you want to avoid traps and surprises then select the recommended casino on our site.

Types of Casino Games for Guernsey Gamblers

If you do not know how to spend your free time then you need to visit an online casino. For many gamers, this is not only a hobby but also a great opportunity to earn extra cash. For this, you only need to gain enough knowledge and improve your skills. The result of your game session in the Guernsey casino also depends on the game you choose.

  • Video slots have become the main engine of the gambling industry. Thanks to slots, developers are looking for new ideas and help gambling develop in all countries. Slots have become popular for many reasons. First of all, these are interesting stories that allow us to travel, search for treasures, and participate in films without leaving home. Each theme is unique and it is expressed in the appropriate graphic design. If this is a modern online slot, then you will see beautiful 3D visualization and animations. Also, slots offer bonus options and progressive jackpots thanks to which you will become rich even if you have made a minimum bet. Classic slot is 3 reels, old-school symbols and other elements that recreate games from real casinos.
  • Any online casino in Guernsey will be inferior without board games. Fortunately, you will find a lot of such entertainment from popular poker to new versions of Baccarat and Pontoon. Board games attract not only professionals but also beginners who want to test their skills and knowledge. In such games, you do not need to wait randomly for payouts since the result of the round depends only on your skills. By the way, games like Roulette/Baccarat/BlackJack are offered at the Guernsey casino in Live format. This is a great opportunity to visit the real game room without leaving the room.
  • Residents of Guernsey love the lottery as evidenced by the popularity of this entertainment. Some experts believe that lotteries can play a bad role in Guernsey, but despite this, locals buy dozens and even hundreds of lottery tickets every week. This is another type of gambling that is offered in online casinos.

All casino games listed are always available on mobile devices. All you need is to take a tablet or smartphone and open the site with slot machines. As we have said, there are two ways to play the game (via a browser or a downloaded application). No matter which game you choose, it will have a new interface. For example, the buttons in the video slot will be smaller, so the player needs to get used to the small buttons on the touch screen. This nuance is compensated by new emotions and big payouts. If you do not know which game to choose in Guernsey casino, then play on our site without registration and deposits.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Guernsey

The gambling industry has different perspectives in different countries. Some countries oppose gamers and casino operators who want to become popular. Fortunately, the Guernsey government is focused on the development of tourism, so it decided to make gambling legal. The locals are fans of such entertainment and it is obvious that the casino business in Guernsey has become very popular and successful.

The first gambling law was passed in Guernsey in 1971. After that, the officials made several amendments from 1973 to 2001. If we consider virtual gambling, then we must say that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission keeps track of all the virtual casinos that operate in Guernsey. To obtain a license and all necessary permits, you need to prove the integrity of your business and fulfill a number of other requirements.

Lotteries, bookmakers and casinos in Guernsey accept customers who are aged 18+. As we have said, tourists will not find gambling halls located on land, so they will need to play online where some casinos do not accept gamers under 21.

As you can see, Guernsey officials understand the role that gambling plays, so they are trying to create a comfortable environment for business development. They attract new investors who develop profitable projects and help local casinos attract more gamers.

Best Deposit Methods for Guernsey Gamblers

Many people who want to dive into the world of virtual casinos are looking for the best deposit methods. In search of the best gaming platform, you will find a website/s which offer games without a deposit. Guernsey players come and play for fun using virtual money that is updated after the loss. We recommend using this option to improve skills and strategies. The demo game is not able to give real emotions and real money, so we advise you to make deposits. We have compiled a list of deposit methods which are the best solution for Guernsey gamers.

1) E-wallets have become one of the main payment systems on the Internet. This is the place where you keep your money and send/receive it at any time. Thanks to simple use, web-wallets have become popular in the field of virtual casinos. Using Skrill; Neteller and PayPal, Guernsey players send instant deposits but in some cases, they pay fees. Frankly speaking, sometimes they reach huge proportions.

2) Debit/credit cards are the main competitors of virtual wallets. With the help of cards, we send money, get salaries and perform other types of transactions. Guernsey virtual casinos work with Visa/Mastercard/Maestro and some prepaid cards. In this case, deposits are made at high speed, but gamers do not need to pay fees.

3) If you do not know how to send money via the Internet, then you should visit a financial institution in Guernsey and deposit in the selected online casino. Experts will ask you to fill out a special form specifying all the necessary information. Please note that the deposit will be credited to your casino account within 2-48 hours, but on the other hand, you get the highest level of protection from the bank.

As you can see, there are enough payment systems that will help you deposit in a selected online casino where you get access to bonuses, promotions and game models.

Accepted Currencies in Guernsey

Guernsey used to have a unique payment system which consisted of payment systems of several states. For many years, the locals used only French livres and francs. Today, the Guernsey pound is the main currency of the country which is equated to the British pounds sterling. If you visit local bookmakers then you will bet in local currency. When it comes to online casinos, gamers get new opportunities. They make deposits and receive payments in other currencies represented in the standard set:

  • Pounds;
  • Euro;
  • US dollars.

At the beginning of this review, we talked about virtual casinos that work with cryptocurrency. Even newbies know what Bitcoin is and what it offers. In gambling, digital coins are used for instant transactions that provide the highest level of security. Your transactions are always anonymous, so no official authority can track them.

Now you know how to choose the right online casino. How to find a game in which you will have many chances to win and how to make a deposit to win real money. The list of available currencies is the last criterion that will help you make a choice and sign up in the selected online casino.

Customer Support

Even in the best and most popular gaming room, you may encounter various difficulties: you cannot complete registration; make a withdrawal; get a bonus and so on. Without solving this problem you will be out of the game. First of all, gamers need to find and open the F.A.Q section on the casino site. This section is created by the gaming staff to provide instant and free help. In other words, this is the assistant that will tell you about all popular questions and answers. So, gamers will get to know how the selected casino works and what it offers. If this information is not enough, do not hesitate to contact the online operator in one of the available ways:

  • If you want to get help from a specialist as soon as possible, then we advise you to open the live chat window and ask a member of the gambling club. As you already understood, communication takes place in real time so the answers appear instantly. Please note that the operator will not require your data and documents.
  • Probably each of us has a personal email that is used for different purposes. Gamers often use it to ask questions in online casino customer support. So, you just write and send a letter to the address indicated. As soon as the experts review your request, they will send an answer. As a rule, it takes from 2 to 48 hours.
  • A phone call is rarely used by virtual casino customers. Residents of Guernsey rarely call online casinos because only a few gaming halls offer a free phone call. The second reason is the authorization that you need to go through when you call the casino.

We advise you to pay attention to the first two types of customer support. Also, you can always visit the FAQ section and use the available instructions.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Guernsey

For a long time, the gambling situation was difficult in Guernsey. Locals always had a love for gambling and especially lotteries. In 2019, the island’s economy depends on tourism, which continues to evolve by offering tourists new opportunities. The Guernsey government realized the role that gambling plays in this area, so slot machines/casinos/sports bets are completely legal. There are no land-based gaming halls but this situation will change soon. Guernsey officials are trying to attract foreign investors who will build new hotels with additional gambling halls.

At the moment, residents of Guernsey are active players in virtual casinos that offer many benefits. This area has excellent prospects in the country as operators introduce new technologies and tools. For example, in 2018, most of them began to use crypto money, which caused a positive reaction from players. VR is the next step that will change your attitude towards gaming machines. VR is a new technology that creates a new world. In a word, developers have a lot of ideas and they will be implemented in Guernsey casinos in the future.

Follow our tips, visit proven platforms and win real money. Do not forget to visit SlotsSpot if you want to follow trends and current news.

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