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Before sign up in any online casino, players want to know how it works and what benefits they will get if they make a deposit. We have always said how important it is to choose casinos especially in countries where they are prohibited or strictly regulated. Today, we offer to make a virtual trip and visit Guatemala, which had a long and intriguing development as well as gambling on its territory.

The Republic of Guatemala was home to the Mayan civilization and the Mesoamerican cultures. At 15, Guatemala experienced the Spanish conquest and joined the European country. The situation changed only in 1821 when the state abandoned Spanish rule and became an integral part of the First Mexican Empire. A few years later, the Federal Republic of Central America appeared and Guatemala became independent only in 1841. During this period, Guatemalans showed interest in gambling and they still have this passion. Guatemalans were fond of various forms of gambling across the country, but the government did not license or even regulate this entertainment.

To avoid different troubles, the Guatemalan government looked at gambling from the other side and adopted a new law in 1880. After that, all gambling games including bingo were banned in the country. Someone said that the laws are created to be violated, so the 25th President of Guatemala increased the number of casinos and attracted foreign investors, which contradicted the 1880 Penal Code of Guatemala.

In 1982, Guatemalans replaced the president. The new leader was a Christian and perceived gambling as one of the main sins. Accordingly, he has banned lotteries, cards and slot machines that are illegal in the country even today. However, some investors and operators are still working and opening game halls in Guatemala. So, you can visit Casino Crown Colonial Guatemala or Crowne Plaza Guatemala.

As you can see, gambling in Guatemala looks weird. On the one hand, most gambling is prohibited by the laws of 1880, but despite this, the owners of gambling halls do not pay attention to these restrictions. They are not punished and do not even pay fines. Combine the carelessness of operators and the carelessness of the Guatemalan government and you will get a country where gambling is officially banned but is still very popular. Locals often visit gambling halls and bookmakers but most of them are fans of virtual platforms that offer more games and bonuses.

In a word, we have many questions and we will answer them in this review.

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Types of Online Casino in Guatemala

The popularity of virtual gambling is growing in this world, but in this article, we will find out how it develops in Guatemala where gambling is prohibited by law. In the past few years, Guatemala has shown excellent economic growth and in 2019 this figure should increase by 3+ percent according to various experts’ forecasts. This result is due to the development of tourism and numerous game halls that work despite the ban. They create jobs and attract a lot of players.

Most Guatemalans spend a lot of time on the Internet where they play slot machines and win real money. This gameplay has many advantages. For example, you do not need to go to a special place to spin the reels. You can lie on the sofa and enjoy your favorite casino games that gamers from Guatemala take. All these resources are divided into several types and local players can win real money in such casinos:

Mobile resources. It is difficult to assess the role of modern smartphones, tablets and other portable devices that perform dozens of different functions. Several years ago, the list of their functions was expanded thanks to who developers adapted slot machines for mobile devices. Today, Guatemalan gamers can find individual games or even entire casinos that run on smartphones and tablets.

Some players visit online casinos in the browser, but from time to time each of us has problems with an internet connection, so we advise you to visit downloadable gaming platforms. Some operators offer customers to download a special application that provides access to games at any time. In this case, your actions will not be limited and the casinos offer a full range of bonuses. They offer a wide range of casino games: from video slots to Caribbean Stud poker; Bingo; European Roulette and Texas Hold ‘Em.

If you miss the atmosphere of a real gaming room, but you cannot visit it (for various reasons), we have a great solution – Live Casinos. Play against a live dealer but through the internet. Such a symbiosis was made available through the hard work of developers. Please note that casinos in this format offer only board games including Dream Catcher.

Summing up, we can say that you will find a suitable casino without problems. If you do not want to spend time searching Google results then select a resource on our site. We have compiled a special list of available casinos for Guatemala residents. Choosing a platform from our list you are sure that it has a license from authoritative jurisdiction, a wide range of games and generous bonuses. We also pay attention to the level of security. Spin Palace and Jackpot City will always be in the TOP Guatemala online casinos.

Types of Casino Games for Guatemalans

At the moment, Guatemala Princess Casino is the largest in the country. It has become popular thanks to high-quality service and honest policies. Located in the capital of Guatemala, the casino offers 4 poker tables, 250+ slot machines, and 17 board games. This is a fairly large range of entertainment, but it can not compete with the best Guatemala casinos that work online. They offer a lot more games and as we said, you can play anytime, anywhere. In the realm of virtual gambling, the position of the Guatemalan government is ambiguous, but one thing we know for sure is that these resources are not prohibited and they are not blocked.

We can see one question in your eyes: “What games are offered by Guatemalans?” We will list them right now!

1) Do not believe friends and colleagues who say that video slots are not popular anymore. This is a false proposition, as the slots move forward and always offer something new and special to gamers. These are the digital versions of the slot machines that you will find in all Guatemala gaming halls. In the virtual world, manufacturers have new tools and technologies, so the slots have moved to a new level by offering us 3D graphics, visual effects, and generous payouts. By the way, the most generous payouts are awarded in games with progressive jackpots (Mega Moolah). Also, there are many “old-school” models with 3 reels and juicy fruits. To choose a quality and honest Guatemalan slot gamers need to pay attention to its brand. We recommend playing slots of NetEnt/Betsoft/Microgaming and Playtech providers if you want to experience the benefits of modern casino games.

2) The lottery has always occupied an honorable place in the culture of Guatemala. To prove this, we present one interesting fact – National Lottery is not prohibited. By local Penal Code as it gives poor people chances to win money. For this reason, Guatemalans are looking for online lotteries to win money and get a portion of excitement. In the offline segment, 4 lottery providers are operating in Guatemala.

3) Finally, board games whose popularity is growing rapidly on all continents. Why? In these games, the result of the round depends only on your skills. Only you decide what bet to make in Roulette and what card to take in poker. As a result, players are looking for new strategies and secrets that will help win more rounds.

The board games category includes Baccarat; Roulette; Poker; Pontoon; Craps and other entertainment presented in the best Guatemalans online casinos. Also, some of these games are presented in the Live format.

Some gamers especially beginners are afraid to take risks and spend all the money so we offer new and old games that support the demo version. Play at SlotsSpot without deposits and registration at any time.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Guatemala

Following our tips, you will find the right online casino and the most generous slot machines without any problems. But first, we need to answer the main question. At the beginning of this review, we said that the status of gambling in Guatemala is ambiguous. The government passed the law in 1880, but casino operators and gamers ignore it. If Guatemalans find a safe online casino they start to play and win real money instantly. Please note that the local government completely ignores the online casino segment, therefore, sites with slot machines are not blocked and you can play without restrictions. This feature attracts foreign gambling investors in Guatemala.

A few years ago, Guatemalan officials tried to establish regulatory gambling organs, but this attempt was unsuccessful. Of course, the players and owners of the game halls were pleased. For example, gamers do not need to pay any fines and taxes. Besides, they have a wide selection of game resources on the Internet and each of them offers hundreds of game models with generous bonuses and high-quality service. However, you should be aware of what differences a licensed virtual casino has.

The lottery is the only gamble that operates in Guatemala on legal grounds. To win money on the Internet you must be aged 18+. Other games of chance including sports betting/racing are prohibited in Guatemala, but this does not stop the local gambling audience. We hope that the President of Guatemala and his entourage will pay attention to this problem and adopt new laws that will improve the gambling industry in the country. It is only a matter of time.

Best Deposit Methods for Guatemalans

“Why do I need to make a deposit?” This is one of the most popular questions in gambling. Many players visit casinos to play for fun in demo mode. This allows them to enjoy a full-fledged (in their opinion) game process and receive payments in virtual credits. Functionally, the free gameplay hasn’t differences but we come to the online casino to get excitement, adrenaline and payouts, right? This is the main difference of the game for real money. Imagine what emotions will fill you when JACKPOT inscription appears on the screen and real money credited to your account. In addition, deposit gamers get access to all current promotions and gifts at Guatemala casinos.

To make a deposit, players based in Guatemala can use these payment systems:

  • MasterCard;
  • Maestro;
  • Visa;
  • VPAY;
  • SEPA;
  • Neteller;
  • Perfect Money;
  • Skrill;
  • Tigo Guatemala;
  • Payeer.

This list includes debit card/e-wallets/mobile apps. Each of them is accepted in popular virtual casinos and you only need to decide what you want to receive. For example, debit cards send deposits and do not charge additional fees. A virtual wallet is a unique system where you can track your money, receive/spend it and put it on your casino account. In some cases, you need to pay fees, but on the other hand, transactions are faster. Regardless of which deposit method players choose, they will receive a high level of protection against fraudsters.

By the way, some of these deposit methods also support the withdrawal option.

Accepted Currencies in Guatemala

The currency of Guatemala was named after the national bird that plays an important role in the local culture. Quetzal replaced the silver peso in 1925. In 2019, the local currency is used in Guatemalan gaming halls located on land. The local government is trying to improve the tourism sector in many ways, so players can buy chips using US dollars, which are also accepted in hotels/ restaurants/bars. Unfortunately, Guatemalan quetzal is not the most popular in foreign virtual casinos, so you have to make deposits and receive winnings in other currencies. As a rule, there are dollars and crypto coins that became popular in this industry a few years ago.

Finally, players from all over the world appreciated the advantages of Bitcoin and its colleagues. Using a cryptocurrency in a casino you destroy the fear that your data will be stolen by fraudsters. Due to complex algorithms and technologies, fraudsters will not get access to your money. Moreover, no government can track your transactions and winnings in the casino. Punishments and fines for gambling are absent in Guatemala, but we advise players to maintain the anonymity that is possible when using digital coins.

So, you can only use dollars and crypto money in Guatemala casinos and this choice depends on your preferences.

Customer Support

This is another factor that will help Guatemalans choose a licensed online casino. Creating any business you must take care of quality service that will help to attract more customers. Of course, leading casino operators pay attention to the level of customer support since this business is characterized by increased competitiveness. Do not rush to create a casino account that offers the best gaming models and the most generous bonuses and promotions. Chat with a gambling club representative and get all the necessary information. As a rule, TOP Guatemala casinos offer these types of customer support.

Online chat is the most popular for several reasons. First of all, you do not need to wait for the operator’s response since your conversation is taking place in real time. All you need is to open a special window and ask a question. Besides, the client does not need to pass authorization by providing personal data.

If you have enough time then send an email. This kind of customer support has benefits too. For example, you can save all the letters with the answers of a specialist and use them when necessary. As the statistics show, virtual casino employees respond to player requests within 48 hours.

The latest type of customer support for the Guatemalans – the FAQ section on the casino site. It contains all the popular questions and answers that will help you register or make a deposit. This is a free instruction that tells about the work of a virtual casino and its rules..

P.S. You can also call the hotline but it is not offered in all Guatemala casinos and it is not always free.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Guatemala

Even the most experienced gambling experts do not know the answer to this question. This problem is due to Guatemala’s strange strategy. Gambling is prohibited here but at the same time, locals visit the gambling halls and enjoy poker/lottery. Investors open new gaming halls and attract a huge number of players. Officials say they are ready to consider this issue and make a new decision. Gambling will not be banned because it provides economic growth by improving tourism. The government will likely change its strategy and establish the regulation of gambling both on land and in the virtual world. In this case, local gambling clubs and even gamblers (if they win at the casino) will be forced to pay taxes.

In 2019, we can highlight several trends that affect the choice of local players and foreign gaming platforms. First of all, it is a cryptocurrency that has become popular despite its high cost. Of course, the advantages and opportunities of Bitcoin are more expensive, especially if you know how to use them.

Many gaming halls saw excellent prospects in VR technologies that will revolutionize the gambling industry. They will give gamers new emotions and experiences that were not previously available.

It is expected that the currency of Guatemala will be more often used in virtual casinos.

These trends helped us make a forecast and evaluate the gambling industry in this beautiful country.

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