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Being an African country, Ghana can be called the land of risk-takers since gambling is incredibly popular there. However, it can boast a rather long history too. This country was one of the first ones on the continent to legalize gambling, so it is not surprising that today many Ghanaians are characterized by a thrill-seeking nature.

Gambling in Ghana has been developing for centuries. Local people consider football their national game and it led to the active development of sports betting. At the same time, lotteries and bingo have also gained popularity of local residents and it led to the necessity to make them allowed at the official level.

It was a distant 1960 when Ghana authorities passed the Lotteries and Betting Act which legalized gambling in the country. Its main goal was to define different pastime forms focusing mainly on the football game and one-armed bandits. But the adoption of these and several consequent laws led to the lottery popularity growth and now it is difficult to find Ghanaians who do not try to win a lottery jackpot.

Naturally, this act was devoted predominantly to betting, lotteries and land-based casinos. But the introduction of the first online casino game providers and opening online gambling platforms required new regulations that were not covered by that bill. But the update of gambling laws in Ghana happened only in 2006 and what is interesting, there was nothing about online gambling mentioned. Ghana is a typical African country where only a limited number of people could access the Internet at that time. Today the number of active Internet users in Ghana has reached 4 million people, so it is time to include iGaming regulations too.

So what was the 2006 Act about? Its goal was to strengthen the industry and it led to the creation of the Gaming Commission of Ghana. This organ was provided with the right to overlook the industry changes and give advice to the government on any improvements.

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Types of Online Casino in Ghana

The main thing that characterizes many Ghana residents is love for gambling. They enjoy not only playing football but also bet on it, try their luck in lotteries, bingo and, of course, casinos both terrestrial and online ones. There are not many kinds of sports to follow and cry for, so many gamblers let their hair down in casinos trying to earn anything on playing. For many gamblers, casino games remain the primary way to raise money, so it is not surprising that this small African country has so many places to relax.

Ghana has left many developed countries behind due to the number of active online platforms for gambling. There are 283 websites accepting wagers in Ghana: 185 online casinos, 18 online poker websites, 19 bingo sites, 25 mobile casinos, 4 online lotteries, 2 online DFS, and 34 online sportsbooks. It is not surprising that online and mobile casinos outnumber all the other gambling platforms since nothing can be as entertaining and exciting as different casino games.

Like in many other countries, online casinos in Ghana can be of 4 basic types including:

1. Web-based casinos

These are gambling destinations in Ghana which can be accessed from any web browser. You can play different no download casino games there simply choosing the one you like. Some casinos require a flash-player to start the game while others do not require any special software to enjoy the best gambling experience in Ghana.

2. Download-based casinos

These are casinos that require downloading special software to your PC and the Internet connection to be able to feel all the benefits of playing online.

3. Live-based casinos

Known also as live dealer casinos, these are gambling platforms where the most popular casino games in Ghana are broadcast from the studios located in different parts of the world and all the games are managed by live dealers who can communicate with players.

4. Mobile casinos

Modern Ghana casinos become mobile ones if they feature a special responsive design. There are also specially designed casinos for different mobile devices that can be accessed from any mobile browser or downloaded from the popular stores in the form of a mobile application.

Types of Casino Games for Ghanaian Gamblers

Gamblers from Ghana have a wide range of games to enjoy when they access local and foreign online casinos. They can access the latest releases of such popular software game providers as Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech, and many others as well as play the most popular and top-rated examples of games like gamblers from other countries.

When it comes to the most popular online casino games among players from Ghana, it is worth mentioning that the top 3 has been taken by slots, roulette, and video poker respectively. Nothing is surprising that slots have been ranked the highest because this real money game is appreciated all over the world and guarantees the highest percentage of winnings to players. As a result, nobody wants to waste a chance of winning a big sum of money by getting the utmost pleasure from playing in Ghana. Slot machines are one of the few games where you combine the pleasure and ease of playing with regular and great prizes as well as awesome bonus games.

Two other popular casino games appreciated by gamblers from Ghana are roulette and video poker. You may wonder what makes them so popular in Ghana? The answer is clear: both these games can be played against a computer and real players if you choose a live dealer option. The last variant of the game features incredible success among players from Ghana because this experience is close to the terrestrial casino atmosphere. Moreover, a roulette game, for example, is offered in a variety of kinds including tradition, French, European, American, and many others.

If you think that the range of casino games offered in Ghana is limited by this trio, you are mistaken. Local players check their luck playing many other interesting games including table, dice, card games, etc. In fact, the list of games available in Ghana casinos is rather long:

  • Slot games;
  • Poker;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Bingo;
  • Craps.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Ghana

The first and the most important fact regarding online gambling in Ghana is its legal character. Authorities and government in Ghana have concluded that this industry can be rather profitable for the state budget. It not only attracts tourists interested in gambling but also increases tax earnings.

According to the regulatory environment of Ghana state, there are two basic gambling categories developed. Firstly, these are different lotteries and secondly, these are all the other games of chance.

As it was already mentioned in the paragraph about the history of gambling in Ghana, the basic law regulating this industry in the country was adopted in 1960. It was the Lottery and Betting Act adopted intending to increase the revenue required for the country’s development. Its main focus was made on lotteries, of course, and all of them were operated and managed by one monopoly organization Department of National Lotteries. However, the National Lottery Act adopted in 2006 made changes to the existing law by establishing another body called the National Lottery Authority created for regulating, supervising, conducting, and managing national lotteries in the country.

All the other games of chances are still regulated by the laws adopted in the previous century. In addition to the main act of 1960, other documents are regulating this sphere:

  • The Football Pools Authority Act (1961);
  • The Gambling Machines Decree (1973);
  • Casino Licensing Decree (1975).

The overall responsibility for the gambling industry lies on the shoulders of the Ministry of Interior. According to the Gaming Act of 2006, a Gaming Commission was established under this ministry for regulating, supervising, controlling and monitoring all the games of chances in Ghana.

If to look at the Gaming Act of 2006 closer, there are both pros and cons connected with its adoption. It has built a foundation to prevent money laundering, cheating, and other illegal activities connected with the gambling industry. At the same time, this act does not provide regulation regarding sports and online betting as well as online gambling. Moreover, experts advise expanding this act with the regulations of surveillance, employee licenses, behavior management and many other aspects connected with gambling in Ghana, since it covers only basic concepts and lacks details.

Modern gambling legislation in Ghana is not perfect and requires improvements. It is especially important for players who are not protected fully when they access local and foreign online casinos. At the same time, such legislation looks great from the perspective of gambling companies. They consider taxation in Ghana favorable and can advertise their products without restrictions. As a result, they get devoted and regular players who are offered a much wider choice of games (from both local and foreign companies) but face greater risks as well.

Best Deposit Methods for Ghanaian Gamblers

The booming success of online casinos in Ghana made many gambling companies consider safe, fast, and easy deposit and withdrawal methods for players. Everyone who enters an online casino in Ghana looks for a payment method that will charge the minimum commission and open the access for a player to the world of gambling as soon as possible. Moreover, the payment method must be suitable for quick winnings withdrawals and their further unlimited use. That is why players from Ghana prefer 5 most comfortable and efficient deposit methods as follows:

1. Visa and Mastercard

Since the banking system of Ghana works well and issues thousands of both credit and debit cards every month, it is possible to use a card to transfer money to the casino account. Such a way of payment is quick and requires only a card for its completion, so you can play immediately without delays.

2. Airtel Money

Having been launched only a couple of years ago, Airtel Money mobile payment system has become one of the most popular ones in the online casinos of Ghana. It takes only several minutes and a little effort to create an account in this system since you need to provide your ID to the closest Airtel shop or partner bank. After that, you will need to complete a customer registration and activate a SIM-card to be able to send and receive money on your phone.

3. Bank transfers

Every person with a bank account in Ghana can use it to transfer money to the casino account. This method of payment is safe but not the fastest one since it can take up to 72 hours for the money to be delivered, so be patient if you choose it.

4. Ecobank

Another popular way to deposit and withdraw money is by using a mobile banking application called Ecobank. It is very easy to use it and money is delivered almost instantly if you have this app on your mobile device. This is a secure and fast payment method in Ghana which does not require special skills.
5. MTN Mobile Money Transfer

One more mobile money transfer system from a widely-known telecom company in Africa is known as MTN Mobile Money Transfer. It is a very popular and absolutely reliable way of making money transactions since this company is a partner of many banks located in Ghana. Take your phone, provide your ID data, and pay and withdraw cash quickly!

6. SpeedPay

This payment method from Capital Bank was introduced only 3 years ago. It is a voucher money system which has gained popularity very quickly because you can easily transfer money to the bank account using your mobile phone or scratch cards thanks to it. How can you make a deposit in this way in Ghana? Send a message with your voucher code and start your gaming adventure.

Accepted Currencies in Ghana

The official currency of Ghana is Ghanaian cedi. This currency is used only in this country and has replaced British West African pound after the country became independent. One cedi is divided into 100 pesewas.

When cedi was introduced, it was equal to the half pound sterling, but years of inflation devalued this currency greatly. This is the only African currency which has been denominated for 80% since its introduction in Ghana. The abbreviation used for cedi is GHS, while the current exchange rate to the dollar is almost 1 to 5. It means that you need to pay $0,19 for 1 cedi.

Ghana is not an influential country on the globe, so it is not surprising that cedi is accepted only in the limited number of foreign gambling platforms. It goes without saying that local casinos in Ghana consider cedi one of the main currencies accepted to make deposits and withdraw winnings. But if players want to try playing different kinds of games in the casinos with the headquarters in other countries, they must be ready to exchange cedi for accepted currencies such as the US dollar, British pound or Euro.

At the same time, citizens of Ghana can overcome challenges with the currency exchange by depositing and withdrawing money on e-wallets. We have already mentioned popular ways of transferring money in the previous chapter, but it is also worth saying that it is cheaper and more comfortable to use electronic payment systems since you do not pay commission for the currency exchange.

One more accepted currency in Ghana and all other countries of the whole world is BitCoin. If you have a BTC wallet with crypto, you can transfer money to your casino account fast and with no commission. Many modern casinos accept cryptocurrencies since it is the latest trend on the planet, so you can easily find online casinos that work not only with BitCoin but also LiteCoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptos.

Customer Support

Every casino which welcomes gamblers from Ghana features a customer support team created to help players and guests of the casino to resolve problems and find out answers to the questions they are interested in.

Naturally, customer support of every casino has its working schedule, but it has become a tendency for the leading gambling platforms in Ghana and not only to provide top-notch services to the clients. It is the reason why most of such assistants are available round the clock seven days a week.

The most popular ways to reach the customer support team are as follows:

  • Chat: almost every casino in Ghana offers its clients to communicate with its support team in a chat which works round the clock;
  • Phone: some casinos provide a telephone number in their contact information for the clients from Ghana to use it if they face some challenges, troubles, or want to learn something;
  • Email: though it is not the fasted way to get a solution of the problem, it is still a popular way of communication since you can describe the issues in details and get a more accurate solution or answer;
  • FAQ: this section is often provided on the reliable casino websites since many players from Ghana wish to find a solution to their problems themselves.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Ghana

Ghana is famous for its highly-developed gambling industry which was legalized in the middle of the 19th century. Today, the country considers this sphere as a good source of revenue and, probably, it will continue to develop it trying to secure players and improve the quality of services provided.

Gambling legislation in Ghana requires improvement because it does not cover all the aspects of the industry. That is why it is possible to suppose that the government of Ghana will pay attention to this fact and expand gambling legislation to meet the requirements of both players and companies which provide these services.

It is also possible to admit that gambling in Ghana will be subjected to the upcoming innovations in this sphere following the existing and upcoming trends.

One of such trends is the implementation of blockchain technology. Experts predict that a bigger number of casinos in Ghana will admit the transparency of such transactions and encourage their players to use this fast, safe, and cheap way of transferring money. Moreover, this technology might be used in the future not only for the money transactions since its possibilities are rather wide.

Another prediction for Ghana is connected with the increasing number of players using mobile devices for gambling. Unfortunately, it may be not enough to make a casino website responsive to guarantee the best experience to players. That is why many casinos in Ghana agree to open separate mobile casinos which will not restrict players anyway. Moreover, the number of games developed especially for mobile devices has increased greatly and it will continue to grow as well.

It is worth mentioning that gambling is considered to be a similar activity to sports betting in Ghana, and many players who enjoy online games do not neglect to earn on sports bets too. It is the reason why the thought to unite these two activities online will soon become a reality. Gamblers from Ghana will not need to look for other destinations because their favorite way of spending free time will be available on one website.

One more important fact to remember is the growing popularity of virtual reality and devices used for it. There are many chances that modern casinos in Ghana will also take advantage of this technology and offer players from Ghana an outstanding gambling experience.

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