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equatorial guinea
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Central African CFA franc (XAF)
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28,050 km2

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea location is the West Coast of Central Africa. From the start, it was the Spanish colony called Spanish Guinea that gained its independence and received the name of Equatorial Guinea according to its location – near the Equator and the Gulf of Guinea. It’s an interesting fact that Equatorial Guinea is the only African Country that use Spanish as an official language. In 2015, the country has had a population of 1, 300,000 million people.

Have you ever heard that Equatorial Guinea consists of two parts, mainland area and insular? If not, we’ll tell you that. The insular part consists of various islands and the mainland has Cameroon as a neighbour. Bata is considered being the largest city in the country, and the capital is Malabo. Also, Equatorial Guinea is known to be the largest producer of oil among African countries and the richest according to GDP indicators. Authoritarian government is also one of the Guinean features with one of the worst human rights opportunities. It includes such horrible things like human trafficking and forced child labour. Unfortunately, these things are the everyday reality of this country. However, let’s get back to online and offline gambling regulations.

It’s pretty strange according to the above-mentioned aspects, but the gambling industry in Equatorial Guinea is quite regulated and legal. According to the first issued law, gambling activities are permitted in the country. However, they are allowed only in registered and official establishments. There is only one exception and it is charity games that are not regulated by this law. Gambling licenses are issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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Types of Online Casino in Equatorial Guinea

When it comes to the diversity of online casinos in Equatorial Guinea, the assortment is pretty the same as in other countries’ online gambling industry. However, online gambling in Equatorial Guinea is unregulated, which means that foreign gambling platforms are welcomed to accept players from Equatorial Guinea into their hugs.

So, let’s revise all possible real-money online casino types that are available in Equatorial Guinea according to the fact that this area is becoming more popular every day. Mostly, they can be subdivided into a few groups.

The first one is a web-based online casino. The meaning of this type is given in the name itself. This type is available for all players around the world and has no need to be downloaded. This online casino allows playing different games like poker, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, bingo and many more. By the way, this group is considered to be the most popular one because it needs no downloads, only an internet connection.

The second type is a download-based online casino. As given in the name, this online casino type requires downloading special software to play games. However, this type has an advantage over the previous one, it runs much faster. It will send players directly to a software browser. On the other hand, here comes a disadvantage, downloading this software might be the reason for various spyware.

The third group is live based casinos. This type is considered to be a highest-level institution. The latest technologies are usually launched in live casinos, which are AR and VR, artificial intelligence and many more. All these technologies create the feeling of a virtual presence in the casino along with other players. This is really cool. Players can communicate and play with or against each other, which really fascinates. To sum up, it is important to mention that each player is allowed to choose the best type for them. However, it is always vitally important to look for a license that will give the feeling of credibility and security, as well as some kind of the guarantee that online casinos won’t disappear with real money or deposits.

Types of Casino Games for Equatorial Guinea Gamblers

Gamblers in Equatorial Guinea online casinos have a pretty good assortment to choose from. Considering that the economic situation in the country is not so good at all, most online casinos in the country are launched by foreign licensed gaming providers. Players should always pay attention to the license that should be given by special gambling commissions and authorities. It plays a crucial role in terms of customers’ financial security. If the online casino doesn’t have a license, it pretty looks like it might disappear with your real money. Surely, it can ruin all your expectations and create the worst playing experience ever. Our gambling professionals have done their best to create the compilation of top licensed Equatorial Guinea online casinos that can be found on our website.

Equatorial Guinea has a pretty wide range of casino games for different tastes and gamblers. Starting from classical online slot machines with interesting plots and prizes to live casino games with 3D graphics and other implemented latest technologies like AR, VR, and artificial intelligence. Online casinos in Equatorial Guinea can give customers a wide choice of bonuses, promotions, and other advantages. It can be welcome bonuses or some monthly promotions for new and regular customers.

Usually, online casinos contain such types of games like Poker, Blackjack, Two Aces, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette, etc.

Actually, there are many variations of listed games. Thus, poker can be available in such as American Poker, European, French, and Live. But before the beginning, it is important to advise from our side to choose the tactics that will suit you best in order to win real money. Another important thing is to always check the software of a particular gaming provider and its rating or user reviews of a casino.

Video poker will help you to feel like a professional poker player. Moreover, it will give you a feeling of a real presence in a poker tournament. For sure, it is pretty entertaining and interesting for players with different gambling experience. Especially when mentioning the latest technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Blackjack and classic online slot machines are also extremely popular among Equatorial Guinea gamblers. If you’re in search of a forgotten feeling of joy and nostalgia for classical Las Vegas themes, it’s exactly what you need.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Equatorial Guinea

In general, gambling in Equatorial Guinea is legal and not forbidden. Despite the fact that global social climate in-country is horrible (considering child labour and human trafficking), the gambling industry in the country is not so bad and pretty regulated by the government.

Is online gambling allowed in Equatorial Guinea?

The Juegos de Recreo y de Azar law was issued in 1995 with the aim to regulate gambling in the country. It permits all types of gambling activities within Equatorial Guinea, however, only in establishments officially licensed by the government. There is the only exception to this rule and it is charity games that are not regulated by this law. By the way, gambling licenses are issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Along with that, this act regulates two other types of gambling – lottery and casinos. Casinos in Equatorial Guinea are allowed to host various shows along with restaurants and games. In general, online and offline casinos propose customers such types as American and European Roulette, blackjack, punto banco with baccarat. Besides, slot machines are also proposed. So, answering the question, online gambling in Equatorial Guinea is allowed but not regulated by a special law.

What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Equatorial Guinea?

As it was mentioned earlier, online gambling in Equatorial Guinea is not regulated by any of the authorities. Moreover, the local government doesn’t give licenses to both foreign and local online casinos. Along with that, the level of internet spreading is pretty low in general, but quite high in comparison with other African countries (about 20%). The government doesn’t issue a license for online casinos in Equatorial Guinea. This fact speaks for itself, there are no local online gambling operators in the country that make local gamblers search for luck in international online gambling providers.

To sum up all that was said above, land-based gambling in Equatorial Guinea is a lot more regulated than online gambling. However, the situation with the online gambling industry is pretty controversial and it is not clear how official law regulates this area. Therefore, it is hard to say exactly which games or types of online casinos are legal and which are not. This uncertainty makes local players choose foreign online casino providers, which is obvious. Potentially, it may lead to arrests and some charge fees for gamblers.

Best Deposit Methods for Equatoguinean Gamblers

Payment options and services proposed on the online gambling market also take one of the leading places in choosing the gaming platform. The payment system must work perfectly in order to satisfy customers and make them regular ones. The  online gambling industry market of today proposes a variety of payment methods depending on the online casino provider you’ve chosen in Equatorial Guinea. In most cases, a variety of payment methods in online casinos is generally the same. They include but are not limited to VISA, MasterCard, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and many more. All in all, these payment methods can be divided into e-Wallets, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Account.

According to different resources, in order to withdraw real money or make a real-money deposit for players in Equatorial Guinea is to choose an e-wallet. It’s the fastest way. E-wallets are much faster than any other way, even than Debit or Credit card. It might take a few hours to make a deposit or withdraw money. In comparison to Debit or Credit card it takes from 24 to 48 hours. Also, these options are different according to such matters as level of encryption and security level, speed and credibility.

The assortment of payment options and services available in online casinos in Equatorial Guinea provides an easy way to choose the one which is the most suitable according to players’ needs and expectations. In case customers have different questions or issues related to deposit making, it is pretty easy to contact a customer support team with any convenient way in any of the proposed top Equatorial Guinea online casinos. The customer support team works 365 days in a row 24 hours a day. As it was mentioned above, the deposit making aspects, as well as any other financial aspect, always depend on the player and their wants.

Accepted Currencies in Equatorial Guinea

Let’s remind some historical facts. Equatorial Guinea has achieved its independence from Spain in 1968. Since that time, many things have changed and in 1990 the local government has discovered the biggest oil resources in the whole Africa region and one of the biggest in the world. Along with that, Equatorial Guinea has one of the highest GDP ranks.

The currency that operates in Equatorial Guinea is CFA (Central African Frank). The history of currency started back in 1945 when it was introduced to French colonies. Even when these colonies gained their independence, the CFA continued being used. However, Equatorial Guinea, which is the only Spanish colony, has introduced CFA only in 1984. The previous currency was Equatorial Guinean ekwele.

It’s pretty interesting that many countries criticize the local currency and say that the real growth and development of the country can be achieved only in case Equatorial Guinea gets rid of their currency.

However, local and foreign online casinos in Equatorial Guinea accept various international currencies depending on a platform. These are USD, EUR, GBP, and others. It’s obvious according to the popularity of the online gambling industry worldwide. Moreover, some of the casinos accept digital currencies that actively develop in online gambling.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important service proposed in gambling companies, online casinos, and the industry as well. It is one of the key aspects that create the reputation of the company in the gambling market. The value of strong customer support is priceless. However, it stays almost unseen until the appropriate moment comes. Until the customer faces different types of problems it is hidden, but when the player is searching for an answer or solving the issue the customer support team steps into the game. Mostly, the principles of customer support teamwork in Equatorial Guinea don’t differ from the same in other countries. Companies are striving for excellence in order to win customers and make them a regular platform user.

The services of customer support are pretty the same in all online casinos all over the world. These are a live chat that can be approachable in a special frame in the interface with real professionals or technicians (depending on the matter of your problem) that are ready to solve your issue or give appropriate advice. This chat should be available 24\7, which is really convenient and can solve customer problems immediately.

This method of communication takes over usual sources, like telephone or e-mail. The cons of these two methods are delays and pauses in replying. Thus, the player can wait for hours or even days for the reply to come, which is annoying and might lead to real money losses. Surely, it’s not good and won’t work for the online gambling reputation improvement.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Equatorial Guinea

So, before we start with predictions about the future of online gambling in Equatorial Guinea, it is better to focus on the present. As it was was mentioned before, there are no clear governmental regulations about the online gambling industry in the country. Firstly, it is better for the current government to make it clear. The current situation makes local gamblers to search for appropriate opportunities in other countries’ online platforms. Surely, it is not good for local providers and the economy as well. All the money avoids governmental pockets and frightens gamblers in terms of potential arrests and charges.

However, in the future, there are many potential opportunities for regulating the online gambling industry. Currently, there are 6 existing land-based casinos, which is pretty good. However, the number of online casinos might be a lot bigger. It can give a significant impact and growth for the online gambling industry in general, as well as attract a lot of investments into the economy and local gaming providers. Also, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture that is responsible for issuing licenses for land-based casinos gives no licenses for online casinos, which doesn’t work for the industry. However, it is pretty important for online casinos and their further development.

Unfortunately, there are no clear statements about this being implemented into the online gambling industry. The absence of licensing gives customers no feeling of protection and security at all. However, this takes us back to the point of official regulation which is extremely important. So, all the roads lead back to the laws and regulations, which can’t be foreseen in the nearest future in Equatorial Guinea.

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