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The basis of our brief review of gambling-driven activities in the period when the world was still young is, of course, mostly guesses and assumptions. However, the later history of civilizations has kept countless variety of facts, from the time of the pharaohs to the present day. For example, in the pyramid of Khufu, built in the Giza region, near Cairo in Egypt, a clay tablet was found, narrating in mythological form about the origin of the modern calendar thanks to gambling-driven activities.

Here is how it was. Nut, the goddess of heaven, secretly engaged herself with her brother Geb. Ra, having learned about their marriage, became enraged and commanded to separate cheeky spouses. But this was not enough for him, and Ra cursed Nut with the words: “You shall not conceive a child in your womb in one of the three hundred and sixty days of the year. Let it be as empty as the sands of the desert of Hum. ”But the good god of night, Thoth, felt sorry for the beautiful goddess and thought of what to do. He offered the moon to play dice. The rate in each party was one seventy-seventh of the moonlight. With the help of Nut, Thom defeated his opponent and gave Nut his winnings in the form of five new days of the calendar, adding them to the already three hundred and sixty. Since Ra’s curse did not extend to the newly acquired five additional days, Nut, without delay, took advantage of favorable circumstances, giving birth to each of her 5 children: Isis, Osiris, Gore, Seth and Neptis.

This story convincingly shows that gambling-driven activities appeared in Egypt long before the construction of the pyramid of Khufu in 3000 BC. Along with the mentioned myth, there are a number of other facts confirming the existence of gambling-driven activities in ancient Egypt: dice, carved of an elephant tusk by an unknown master and dating back to 1573 BC (now they are kept in the British Museum); a fresco (British Museum) depicting two Egyptians playing atep (a game based on the principle of purely random events: two players stand with their backs to one another, and one shows a certain number on the fingers, and the second tries to guess it, and the judge being close to the players, keeps score and makes sure that the guessing person does not peep); a board for the game of checkers, owned by Hatshepsut (1600 BC), which is on display in the British Museum. In various collections of antiquities of Egypt, you can see the papyrus with the texts of laws on punishment for avid players: they were sent to “correctional” work in the quarry. The severity of punishment in Egypt eloquently testifies to how deeply the excitement virus has penetrated the body of the most ancient civilization.

Most of companies here are led by our partners who contribute to our business. Many will say it might affect our choice of companies we write about, and where and how the company is placed on a page. However, we are unbiased and so are our reviews. Our opinions are and will be just our own.

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Types of Online Casino in Egypt

It is no secret that most casinos offering two versions of gaming software in Egypt, including flash and downloadable ones, encourage players to install a program. Some simply recommend this method, while others literally force customers to do this by offering more favorable conditions in this mode (promotions, bonuses, and so on). It is easy to find an explanation for this: if a casino program is installed on the player’s personal computer, the likelihood that he/she enters the institution and does not keep from a couple of bets increases.

However, let’s not deny that the special casino software has a number of tangible advantages, thanks to which the majority of players in Egypt use just such an option. Here you can call the stability and speed of work, a wider range of games, fast download and other advantages.

First of all, you can not give a definite answer to the question of which option is better. It all depends on the conditions of use of the casino in Egypt, personal preferences and a number of other nuances.

Currently, the games offered in flash online casinos and their downloadable versions do not practically differ from each other in quality and functionality. If you notice any differences, they will be insignificant.

Yes, in many flash casinos the choice of games is less than in their downloadable counterparts. But do you often bet in rare games in Egypt? As a rule, each client in Egypt has a set of favorite slots, table or card games, in which he/she is gradually improved. Why would such a user have three hundred slot machines, twenty blackjacks and thirty video pokers?

On the other hand, some varieties of games in Egypt you will not find in flash mode, so you will definitely have to download them.

A separate option for playing in a casino is Live Casino in Egypt. Among the advantages of live games, you can highlight the pace of the game, transparency and realistic gameplay. Let’s look at each of the points in more detail.

The gameplay is the main advantage of playing with a real dealer in Egypt. So, in a normal game, your pace depends on you only, and it’s quite realistic to drop a fortune in a matter of minutes. In live games in Egypt, there are changes, despite the fact that the rules remain the same: the dealer gives time for the player to make a bet, then the cards are distributed and the player waits to respond. And, considering that several players may be at the same table at once in Egypt, the pace of the game slows down even more. What does this mean? First of all, the bankroll will be spent gradually, and with the emergence of uncontrollable excitement there is a good opportunity to more rationally evaluate subsequent actions.

Feeling the atmosphere of a real casino in Egypt is another advantage that live games can boast of. Live dealer, gaming table, the ability to communicate with players – all this makes the gameplay even more interesting.

Types of Casino Games for Gamblers in Egypt

Most casinos have the same games. This is their foundation, which you will find in the largest and smallest, oldest and newest casinos in Egypt.

You absolutely do not need to calculate cards on hand to break the jackpot when playing blackjack. Using the basic strategy of the game, that is, a mathematical formula that calculates each turn, determining the best result for the player, you can start to get a steady profit in Egypt.

Game slots have become very popular in the online environment in Egypt. In most ordinary casinos, they are still standard slot machines that are not able to offer much, but in the online mode, they literally turned into real mini-games with lots of bonuses and huge jackpots in Egypt.

To win in roulette, you must be lucky, but you should also pay attention to which types of games have the smallest House Edge, and which ones – the highest bonuses.

Baccarat, in one form or another, has existed for hundreds of years in Egypt, having managed to evolve from a game that entertained the European elite into a famous kind of casino and a real online sensation.

Baccarat has a unique set of rules, which over the years have attracted more and more players in Egypt. Having tremendous success among poker professionals, baccarat is suitable for any level of stakes and taste preferences. This is a truly universal card game in Egypt. Baccarat, unlike poker and blackjack, still requires more luck than experience. However, as in the above games, there are several varieties of this game.

Choose numbers and catch luck with keno, an online electronic game popular all over Egypt. Keno began its existence as a regular bingo type lottery. By the end of the 20th century, it had turned into a game that had begun to be broadcast on screens in bookmaker offices throughout Europe.

Technically, this made keno one of the first virtual games that people began to trust, and thus it was perfect for online mode in Egypt. Keno is easy to learn and interesting enough to play. As in other lotteries, this game allows you to win both small and huge amounts of money. If you like lotteries or just games with numbers, then Keno is an ideal option in Egypt.

It has long been the stereotype that bingo is a game for pensioners and residents of nursing homes. Nevertheless, online bingo is completely different from all this and has long been a fairly popular game in Egypt. Due to its versatility, as well as clearer graphics, better speed and variety, bingo has become one of the most exciting games online in Egypt. Now this lottery is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Poker is one of the most popular and most recognizable card games in Egypt. There is a huge variety of variants of this oldest game, starting with five-card draw poker, and ending with the modern variation, Texas Hold’em. Which option or style you choose depends only on you. If you know where and how to play poker, then you can get a good benefit from the game.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Egypt

The African country of Egypt has one of the longest and brightest histories in the world. Naturally, gambling-driven activities have been part of this story and have been around for thousands of years. Today, Egypt is a predominantly Muslim nation, and the position of the Quran regarding gambling-driven activities is very clear. However, the Egyptian government found a way around this by legalizing gambling-driven activities for tourists. Residents of Egypt are not allowed to be involved in gambling-driven activities, with the exception of the lottery that includes sports betting.

Egypt is a Muslim country, and the latest vicissitudes in the political life of the state led to a shift towards its even greater Islamization. Sharia does not directly prohibit gambling-driven activities, but also strongly does not recommend them. Despite this, in Egyptian casinos one can meet not only foreigners playing roulette, but also locals. But they are not playing in the resort casinos, where the Egyptians are not allowed at all, and the doors are open only for tourists. In Cairo, on the street leading to the pyramids of Haram, there are several obscure casinos, skillfully disguised as cheap hotels and nightclubs. European tourists do not even know about these places. It is in such institutions that Egyptians and tourists from Saudi Arabia spend their money on the wind in Egypt.

Casinos are also their own culture of behavior, communication between people in Egypt. Some people like this culture, some don’t understand it. Egyptian casinos are another way to get money from visiting foreigners. It is not surprising that reviews of Egyptian casinos are the most contradictory and even diametrically opposed.

And yet, where in Egypt can you play roulette? First of all – in large 5-star hotels of large global networks in Egypt. Entrance to these establishments in Egypt is always limited – visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed, and foreign passports will be required from foreigners.

In Cairo, there are about two dozen decent casinos of Egypt. The most famous are: Omar Khayyam Casino at the Marriott Cairo Hotel, Casino Panorama, Casino Midway and Cleopatra Casino. Invited European managers know a lot about the organization of the casino, so everything that a soul requiring excitement desires is there. Gaming machines, card tables, roulette – everything is at your service.

Of course, monitoring and maintaining gambling-driven activities in a country with a population in excess of 90 million is not an easy task.

Thus, in Egypt there are about thirty licensed casinos that bring the government a lot of tax money. In theory, regulars must show a passport in order to prove that they are not residents and therefore have the right to enter. Oddly enough, most of these casinos in Egypt accept only US currency.

One of the possibilities that remains open to the Egyptians is betting over the Internet. Since online gambling-driven activities in Egypt are not regulated, legally the companies involved in online gambling-driven activities do not exist, but many foreign operators accept bets from residents of Egypt.

In Egypt, there is no regulatory body that oversees gambling-driven activities. The government issues casino licenses. Such casinos are prohibited to accept bets from Egyptian residents and are allowed to serve only tourists. Online gambling-driven activities are also not regulated here, so there are no legally operating gambling sites. Currently, residents of Egypt are not forbidden to play on many foreign gambling-driven sites.

Egypt is one of the few Muslim countries where gambling-driven activities are legal. Bets in Egyptian casinos can only be made by tourists. The legal age for placing a bet in Egypt is 18, although some casinos require patrons to be 21 years old.

Egyptians are subject to very high taxes on winning the lottery, but no other taxes on winning in gambling-driven activities are not charged. Casinos also pay a huge price. In addition to license fees, casinos must give the government more than 50% of their income.

Best Deposit Methods for Gamblers in Egypt

Casino payment systems are an absolutely legal method of payment for online casino services, which customers will need to place real money bets in Egypt. The choice of a particular payment system depends on the personal preferences of the player, the currency of the cash account, or its availability in the list provided by the Internet casino itself. Therefore, if a user plans to register on gambling-driven sites, he/she will need to prepare one of the payment options in advance: by electronic payment systems, by credit card, by transfer via mobile phone or in cash.

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type, our website provides a brief and detailed description of each method.

Electronic payment systems (EPS) have gained the most popularity among customers of trading platforms on the Internet, as they help save some of the funds when buying goods and services. This way was followed by online casino operators, opening up new horizons for gamblers in Egypt, thanks to the possibility of making a deposit and starting betting without having to visit gambling-driven establishments in real life.

The choice of payment system in online casinos in Egypt depends on the preferences of players in terms of ease of use and the desired currency. The absolute advantage of the electronic method in Egypt is the speed of processing operations, therefore, if you plan to start exploring online casinos, we recommend choosing electronic payment methods of money transferring.

Moreover, the launch of payment systems on the Internet has opened access to the game for many residents of Egypt where online gambling-driven activities are prohibited, because when registering a wallet, users do not need to indicate the purpose of using the funds, and if a prize goes to the account, it will be accessed by a legal company that owns the license allowing gambling-driven activities.

If for any reason a player is not able to make a deposit in Egypt using a payment system or an online casino provides payment by bank cards only, he/she will need to contact the bank to issue a plastic or virtual Visa, MasterCard or Maestro card. Such a payment method in Egypt cannot be called successful, because, transferring winnings to it, players must necessarily confirm their identity by sending documents to the Internet institution’s security department. Here you can add the time spent by the casino financial department to replenish, which in most cases reaches several working days.

Nevertheless, bank cards are very popular among gamers in Egypt precisely because of the wide use of this payment method on most sites. We add that most banks practice opening virtual accounts, the format of use of which resembles EPS, and the availability of such a service for payment can be checked in your personal banking account.

Accepted Currencies in Egypt

In 1834, according to royal decree, on the basis of a parliamentary bill, the issuance of a new currency of Egypt, pound, was established, the currency of a larger denomination in relation to piastre. Piastre was not withdrawn from circulation in Egypt and was equated to 0.01 pounds.

An official exchange rate was established for the most significant foreign currencies, the purchase and sale of which became possible in places of international financial transactions. Ultimately, this led to the fact that from 1885 to 1914 in Egypt, de facto existed gold standard, according to which one Egyptian pound was equal to 7.4375 grams of pure gold. The sudden outbreak of World War I made the Egyptian pound artificially dependent on the British pound sterling at a rate of 0.975 pounds equal to one pound sterling. This artificial support for the exchange rate lasted until 1962 in Egypt, when the Egyptian currency underwent a slight devaluation and received a financial peg to the US dollar, with a rate of 1 guinea = 2.3 dollars. After the devaluation of the dollar in 1973, the fixed exchange rate shifted towards 1 guinea = 2.55555 dollars. In 1978, there was a devaluation of the guinea itself, with the result that one Egyptian pound became equal to 1.42857 dollars ($ 1 = 0.7 guinea). In 1989, the Egyptian pound was unstable.

For the first time, the National Bank of Egypt put into circulation paper money on April 3, 1899. And in 1961 there was a merger of the national bank and the central bank of Egypt into the unified Egyptian Central Bank.

In addition to the national currency, US dollars, euros and pounds sterling are widely used in Egypt. Moreover, many tour operators and hotels in Egypt accept payment only in US dollars or euros. However, this does not mean that you will not need local currency. First, the Egyptian pounds are easier and more convenient to pay for small purchases, and secondly, the rates in foreign currency are slightly higher than in the national one.

You can exchange currency in Egypt at banks (the most favorable exchange rate is there), at the airport, hotels and in exchange offices.

However, if we are talking about playing in a casino in Egypt, which, as mentioned earlier, is allowed only for tourists, it is worth noting that it is much more convenient to use dollars or euros. Speaking of online casinos, citizens of Egypt continue to use VPN for gaming. In this case, it is also necessary to give preference to international currencies.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Egypt

Many players do not wish to deny themselves this pleasure even while traveling to other countries. However, this possibility does not always exist, because some states impose restrictions on gambling-driven activities. In what place of the world can not citizens play in a casino? First of all it concerns the Muslim countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, Syria. The same prohibition applies in such a popular tourist country as Turkey. After the recent revolutionary events, Egypt also refused gambling-driven activities.

Despite the fact that tourists can still plunge into the world of casino pleasures in Egypt, local residents are not allowed to enter such institutions.

Regarding the future of gambling-driven business in Egypt, it is worth noting that the land-based casinos in the country will not stop their development while the development of online gambling-driven activities for the local population is not expected in the near future.

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