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Dominica is considered to be one of the most “gambling” countries in the Caribbean peninsula. Mostly, it is associated with beaches, sunbathing, girls, and a really wonderful nature. There are 35 physical casinos and a thousand times more online ones.

The legal pathway of gambling in Dominica is pretty controversial and unclear. Land-based casinos are still regulated by the law that was issued in 1892 even before independence gaining. When it comes to online casinos, the situation is even more unclear. Most of the online casino types’ status is unregulated.

So, when it comes to physical casinos, the situation is much stricter than with online casinos. Law regulations don’t push so hard on the online gambling industry. Moreover, online gambling points have much more freedom and legality when it comes to licensing. Most of the existing online casinos on the market are licensed within Dominica. Every casino can apply to a special so-called “gambling commission” or another related authority. However, the official price for having a licensed ability to play will start at about $15000. In order to receive a license, official applicants need to have an office with a localized address. Moreover, the price for annual license renewal will be about $75,000. Fortunately, in this case, no additional payments are needed. By the way, the name of one of the “biggest players” on the Dominica gambling market is “World Wide Wagering”.

There’s another interesting and strange fact that online casinos don’t have the ability to propose their licensed services for country residents. This law regulation is strictly implemented. To sum up, it is important to mention that gamblers all around the world are not forbidden to play at Dominica online casinos, which is very good.

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Types of Online Casino in Dominica

When it comes to diversity, Dominica has a lot to propose. It has a wide range of online casino types since it is not prohibited. The variety of online casinos makes it extremely important to choose the appropriate one that will fit your expectations and needs the most. Moreover, this diversity systematically improves and continues to grow on a daily basis with various online casinos proposed to customers.

If we’re going to mention the virtual world, it is appropriate to remember Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies that are widely implemented in online casinos. These technologies are used mainly in Live Casinos.

Gamblers in Dominica online casinos have a choice depending on a platform they’re going to enjoy. The first thing players should be attentive to is a license that should be given by special gambling commissions and authorities. It is extremely important because in case of not having one the casino can disappear with your real money in a blink of an eye. Surely, it can ruin all your expectations and create the worst playing experience ever. The list of top licensed Dominica online casinos can be found on our website.

Considering the assortment of games, online casinos in Dominica can vary, starting from classical online slot machines to high-level live casino games. Online casinos can propose you a pretty wide selection of bonuses and promotions; these are welcome bonuses in order to attract new customers or give available options for constant players. Here are some of the top online casinos proposed in the Dominica gambling market. These are Gaming Club Casino, Spin Casino, Platinum Play, Euro Palace Casino and many more.

Types of Casino Games for Dominica Gamblers

Mainly, online casinos contain such types of games like Poker, Blackjack, Two Aces, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette, etc.

Actually, there are many variations of listed games. Therefore, poker can be available in such variations as American Poker, European, French, and Live Poker. However, before the start, it is important to advice from our side to select the tactics that will suit you best in order to win real money. Also, another important thing is to always check the software of the gaming provider and ratings or user reviews of the casino.

Video poker will help you to feel like a professional poker player. Moreover, it will give you a feeling of a real presence in a poker tournament. For sure, it is pretty entertaining. This will be achieved with an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies embedded in the game.

Blackjack and classic online slot machines are also extremely popular among Dominica gamblers. They will fulfil you with a good old joy and nostalgia for classical Las Vegas themes.

Also, there are many various technologies that are perfectly embedded into the online casino games. These are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Live Games, Gamification, Custom Developed Slots and many more.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Dominica

As for licensing, Dominica proposes its customers ability for getting a license for online casinos along with sportsbooks. Dominica conquers one of the first places in the Caribbean peninsula in terms of gambling. As for iGaming and internet casinos, they are under the jurisdiction of Dominican governmental laws.

Law regulation of online gambling in Dominica really amazes because other Caribbean peninsula’s countries don’t include online casinos in their list of law regulations. Thus, Dominica has pretty good and stable growth in terms of online gambling industry development, especially in the Caribbean.

When it comes to licensing, in order to receive a license from Dominica, the applying company should follow a strict process. The internet gaming including online casinos and sportsbook are guided by Dominica laws. However, the process is very clear and simple, the gaming business which is looking for government approval needs to conclude a contract between the Commonwealth of Dominica that acts as a licensor and a licensee that is, actually, a gaming company. The iGaming companies that include cyber casinos and internet sportsbooks must stay offshore. Moreover, all internet companies should be registered according to the International Business Companies Act 1996.

In most cases, licenses are issued for five years. Along with that, the company needs to mention the exact amount of employees that are going to be involved in the working process. The price for licensing is about $15,000, which is paid only one time. Another important aspect is the requirement for presence, which means that the company that is applying for a license needs to be physically present in Dominica in order to receive it. Surely, this is very good in terms of constantly growing workplaces in Dominica.

Is online gambling allowed in Dominica?

When it comes to legal aspects of online gambling in Dominica, its legal status is pretty controversial and unclear. Online gambling is not regulated in Dominica, however, it is in neighbour countries. Theoretically, it is illegal, but there is no clear evidence for this. Despite this fact, most part of the locals and foreigners as well are still afraid to play in online casinos for real money because of the fear of being imprisoned for some period. Despite the uncertainty in legislation aspects, the Dominica government issues licenses for the online gaming industry for local and foreign gaming providers. Also, there’s an interesting fact that local licensed providers don’t guarantee Dominica online real money casinos access for local people.

To sum up, even though the Dominica online gambling industry is unregulated, it doesn’t restrict both local and foreign gamblers’ access to online casinos and making bets. Surely, the best assortment of online games is proposed by foreign online gambling platforms.

What is the main gambling law regulating gambling in Dominica?

As mentioned earlier, there is no official law that regulates online gambling industry in Dominica. However, when it comes to land-based casinos, they are still regulated by the Small Charges Act issued back in 1891! It is pretty strange, don’t you think so?

Best Deposit Methods for Dominica gamblers

When it comes to the selection of payment methods, options, and services on the gambling market and online casinos, it is extremely important. For gamblers all over the world, it is one of the key aspects while making a choice where to play. Dominica players are not exclusion to this rule. The payment system must work ideally in order to satisfy and attract customers and make them regular ones. The current online gambling industry market proposes a variety of payment methods and platforms according to the online casino provider you’ve chosen in Dominica. Mostly, a variety of payment methods in online casinos is generally the same. They include but are not limited to VISA, MasterCard, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and other payment providers. All in all, generally, these payment methods can be divided into such groups as e-Wallets, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Account.

According to different resources, in order to withdraw real money or make a real money deposit for gamblers in Dominica as well as in most of the countries is to choose an e-wallet method. It’s the fastest and the most convenient way, sure. E-wallets are much faster than any other way, even than Debit or Credit card. It might take a few hours to make a deposit or withdraw money. In comparison with Debit or Credit card that takes from 24 to 48 hours, eWallet can provide you with financial transactions in a day or even faster. However, these payment services are completely different according to such matters as level of encryption and security level, speed and credibility.

The assortment of payment options and services available in online casinos in Dominica easily allows choosing the one that is the most suitable according to players’ needs and expectations. In case customers have different questions or issues related to deposit making, it is pretty easy to contact a customer support team with any convenient way in any of the proposed top Dominica real money online casinos. The customer support team works 365 days in a row for 24 hours. As it was mentioned above, the deposit making aspects, as well as any other financial aspect, always depend on the player and their expectations.

Accepted Currencies in Dominica

As for the currencies accepted in Dominica, they share the ones of the Caribbean. Along with that, it has its own currency called the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Also, it is used in Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, Saint Kitts, and Nevis, and a few more countries.

Considering online casinos, they traditionally can accept various worldwide popular currencies in order to provide customers with exceptional service and convenience, which is really cool. It helps to attract customers of different statuses and payment abilities to their online platforms. Currencies can also depend on game providers. Some can use only US Dollars; some are focused on the Euro. If it’s a United Kingdom provider, the main currency can be GBP. According to the fact that most of the providers are multinational they accept literally various currencies to make financial transactions, payments, deposits and withdrawals as convenient as possible.

Here is the list of top online casinos that accepts Eastern Caribbean Dollar in Dominica. These are 888 Casino, Playamo casino, Bet 365 casino, PlayOjo Casino, Slots Magic Casino and many more.

Customer Support

Customer-centric service is what attracts and conquers clients’ loyalty all over the world. Moreover, it is an indisputable factor that makes other gamblers to recommend a certain online casino. It can significantly improve the level and quality of users’ playing experience. Customer support works especially to provide gamblers all over the world with answers to their current questions, solving technical and financial issues and many more.

Customer support team members need to be extremely polite, accurate, fast and flexible. Mostly customer service in Dominica can be contacted in various ways like e-mail, phone or Live Chat. Currently, Live Chat is considered to be the fastest one. It allows players to solve their problems much faster than with the use of good old phones and e-mail response. These methods look a little bit old because of the speed of the reply and other factors. Waiting hours and days for an e-mail or phone call answers might be boring, isn’t it? Surely, these options still exist and available in many online casino providers.

To sum up, it is important to mention that having a high-level customer support team of professionals is inevitable for each and every online casino provider.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Dominica

Mainly, the future of the online gambling industry in Dominica is literally unpredictable. It can be called so because, despite the fact that land-based gambling points are allowed, the online gambling industry is still unregulated in this country. However, the government of Dominica issues licenses for local and foreign online casinos, which is very good for the development of the online gambling industry and economic growth.

Law regulations with online casinos are unclear and unstable. Moreover, land-based casinos are still regulated by the law issued in 1892 before, actually, gaining independence!  In some aspects, it seems that the government pays no attention to this sphere at all. Surely, it isn’t good for the economy and governmental reputation at all.

However, the online gambling market proposes a significant amount of local and international online gambling providers for Dominica players. All of them can be found on our website in various categories. Generally, the future of online gambling in Dominica depends on the main gambling industry development, usage of different technologies, trends, etc. There are many new aspects and subdivisions that can help to achieve progress and success, like Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Mobile and Live Gaming and many more.

Despite the attitude of the government, the number of gamblers hasn’t decreased; people of all social statuses continue to play in both online and offline gambling.

However, the future of online gambling in Dominica can become extremely bright and there are many reasons for this. First of all, it’s the compatibility and portability of online casinos provided by local and foreign gambling suppliers. Each and every player has access to a diversity of online slots and video games from every country of the world (except restricted ones) and from every gadget, which is a plus. Moreover, the country issues licenses for the applicants, which is also an advantage.

However, in general, online gambling in Dominica is on the stage of growth. Our website contains a list of credible top 10 real-money online casinos for any taste. This list is compiled by our professionals according to various criteria, like payments security, banking, user reviews, ratings and diversity of games.

Despite the variety of options proposed by online casino providers, it is extremely hard to predict the development process of the online gambling industry in Dominica. The growth can be overwhelming if local and international online gambling providers don’t stop creating and proposing the best payment, software, gaming solutions available on the market. The number of these actions will help to create a competitive environment in the Dominica gambling environment for the best user experience for both local and international gamblers.

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