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Country info
Djiboutian franc (DJF)
Official languages
French Arabic[1] Somali Afar[2]
23,200 km2

The iGaming industry in Djibouti is legal and it is represented in the form of casino. The country follows Islam, so it is hard to say, if any other format of gambling is legal in this country, or not. Most of the people in Djibouti are trying to avoid such activities, like drinking alcohol and playing games.

Djibouti is the country in East Africa. The Republic of Djibouti is pretty small and only in 1977, it has gained independence from France. It was the time when the new era for the country began. It was a period when everything has dramatically changed in terms of law and regulations. The country was divided into five big regions and one city. As of right now, travellers should look for the best casinos in the capital of Djibouti.

Talking about other kinds of gambling activities in Djibouti – they are technically illegal, but most of the time, they are just under-regulated. The reason why a lot of types of gambling is illegal in Djibouti is that it is strictly forbidden by the Quran.

As of right now, there are three legal institutions. All of them are located in the capital. Gamblers, who would like to travel to Djibouti just to play a couple of slot machines, can find them at Kempinski and the Red Sea Hotel. It’s sad to hear that online gambling in Djibouti is so unregulated, despite the fact that even Apollo Games are interested in Africa region as a new grounds for the web casino market.

The biggest casino in Djibouti is Aden Bay Casino. It has the biggest collection of slot machines and table games. There are hundreds of different games to play. The gamer doesn’t have to visit this casino if the player only wants to find more info on what gambling products can be found in Djibouti. The only thing the player should do – is to look for the info on the internet. Fun fact – the reason why officially licensed casinos in Djibouti are represented only in hotels, is because they are available for tourists only. Local people are not allowed to enjoy these games.

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Types of Online Casino in Djibouti

In Djibouti, it is not hard to find a proper online casino. Despite the fact the illegal status of online gambling in Djibouti, it is possible to play HQ games on foreign websites. It will allow the player to enjoy gambling products from world-wide known studios. The average gambler can enjoy online casino on all sorts of gadgets. There are a couple of types of online casino that is popular among gamers in Djibouti:

  • Slot Machines;
  • Live Casino;
  • Blackjack;
  • Lottery;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Bingo.

The government of Djibouti has not done anything to regulate online gambling properly. In 2019, it would be pretty good for the country to give people freedom at playing anything. It is not possible to say if online gambling is not permitted, but it can be said – nothing has been done to make it 100 percent legal. At this moment – there are no chances that anything will be changed in the future. The situation will remain the same.

Talking about what people in Djibouti like the most – table games is what makes gambling fans happy, while they are in this country. There are a lot of different classic games with cards and that sort of gambling products. It is hard not to play at least a couple of them in either classic digital format or live casino to get the most immersive experience.
Some websites may not be allowed to visit, so to find specific types of gambling products, the gamer will have to use a proxy server, just to get access. However, the gambler has nothing to worry about, as online gambling is not regulated properly.

Bingo is also one of the popular types of games in Djibouti. It is not specifically regulated in Djibouti. It is represented without authorization. There are no licensed institutions that would provide bingo halls. The only way for the gambler in Djibouti to play bingo is by looking for live bingo games on foreign websites. It’s a good thing to do, as there are a lot of visually stunning products. All of them are going to be mind-blowing in terms of the way they work and give chances to winning a good amount of cash.

Poker is maybe the most popular form of table games in Djibouti. Online poker is not regulated, but it is not hard to find many websites with poker. There are even a couple of tournaments that the Djibouti gamer can participate in. The user just needs to dedicate a little time to registering a profile and starting the game. Many people in Djibouti are not interested in playing slot machines, but they are focused on enjoying a couple of poker sessions while playing it online.

Downloadable Djibouti Virtual Casino

It is hard not to download gambling products in Djibouti. The country is pretty small, so the internet connection can be not that much good in some territories. The only solution – is to use a downloadable virtual casino. It is a common way to play games in Djibouti. People just install specific software on their personal computers to fully enjoy the game properly. With the help of the official application, the gambler will get a chance at experiencing the best version of every slot machine available right now in Djibouti.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Djibouti

In Djibouti, it would be hard to imagine a modern online casino without adaptive design for mobile phones and tablets. The only reason why people are interested in using a portable version of a casino in Djibouti is that it gives them an ability to enjoy the game on the go. While the online casino is not regulated properly, it is not that much hard to dedicate a couple of minutes to simply download an app to the smartphone or tablet to get the best impressions, while playing games on the portable device.

Gameplay Through Browser in Djibouti

The classic method of playing modern games is also popular in Djibouti. People can simply open up a standard browser on their mobile phone or PC and start playing games right away. By playing games through a standard browser, the gamer should be ready for getting a strong enough connection to the internet. It is important to get a good quality of the image while playing games through the browser.

Types of Casino Games for Djibouti Gamblers

The best aspect of Djibouti is the official representation of land-based casinos in the biggest hotels in the country. It creates a lot of possibilities for all the tourists, who would like to enjoy games while being in this country. As of right now, there are 65 slots and 10 table games represented on the territory of officially licensed hotels with gambling businesses implemented on the site. There are a lot of decent gambling products represented as a part of the casino:

  1. Slot Machines. As long, as the only way to play games legally in Djibouti are casinos in hotels, it’s not hard to find a couple of slot machines to fully enjoy them in land-based casino format. They all are pretty simple and available for travellers from other countries. Local people are not allowed to play such games.
  2. Live Games. This form of entertainment is like a standard now. It is hard to find any other kind of casino game representation that would as immersive, as this one. The user doesn’t have to buy something specific in terms of hardware to get the ability to play live games. It is possible to enjoy them right through the standard browser with a good internet connection.
  3. Table Games. It is the most popular way to spend time while being in one of Djibouti casinos. Travelers are interested in playing some old-fashioned games without spending much of their time in the process.
  4. Card Games. It’s not that hard to find a couple of good card games. It is possible to find scratch cards, as well, as Baccarat and other kinds of games. It’s not the most popular way to spend time while being in Djibouti, but it is still a good sign to see something like this represented in the country.
  5. Sports Betting. Just like in the case of other kinds of gambling, local people are not able to make bets. In Djibouti, the only way to perfectly make bets – is to use online websites with sports betting allowed. But most of the time, such resources are banned, so the gambler will have to deal with such restrictions by getting a proxy server.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Djibouti

The situation with online gambling regulation in Djibouti is kind of tricky. Unlike in the case of land-based casinos, the player cannot find any licensed online websites. This segment of the industry is not regulated the way it should be. It creates a couple of problematic situations for all the tourists, who visit Djibouti.

The most important aspect of online gambling laws and regulations in Djibouti – the player won’t be punished if they will be found playing or providing games online. The government is not interested in punishing people from the online gambling industry in Djibouti. Chances of going to jail or paying penalties for enjoying games online are extremely low. There have been no situations with gamblers involved.

As the plane might guess, while online gambling is technically illegal in Djibouti, there is no way the gamer will find any website with a license from the commission. All of the gambling websites, represented right now in Djibouti don’t have any kind of license. It means – the gamer can count on themselves only while playing on such sites.

It’s strange that the government of Djibouti is not interested in regulating such a big part of the modern gambling industry. If they would have done it, every online casino provider should have paid at least a low tax for the representation of their products on the territory of the country.

Key facts about gambling in Djibouti:

  • In Djibouti the gambler can trust no one while playing games online – they are not regulated properly;
  • There are commissions for the regulation of land-based casinos in Djibouti, but there are no licensing processes to regulate online gambling;
  • There are no taxes for online gambling winning money;
  • The legal gambling age in Djibouti is 18 years old. But in the case of online casinos – the legal age depends on what site the gamer will choose to play on as they are represented in foreign countries domains.

Best Deposit Methods for Djibouti Gamblers

It would not be a pretty good experience of playing games in Djibouti, if not a good amount of financial systems allowed to use by the player. To make a deposit or withdraw cash, the gamer will have to use either credit card or electronic wallet:

  • Neteller;
  • PaySafe;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Stripe;
  • Visa Checkout;
  • MasterPass;
  • Bitcoin.

All of these methods help to make financial operations safer for the gambler. It is recommended to use e-wallets while playing games online. With the help of them, there are going to be no problems with the time it would take to complete the financial operation.

In the case of land-based casinos in Djibouti, there will be no problems with using credit cards, as these institutions have an official license and they are represented on the territory of big enough hotels. The gamer can easily find a lot of ways on how to make a bet with either cash or credit card. One way or another, it would not take a lot of time to make a deposit or withdraw money.

Many online casinos in Djibouti are accepting Bitcoin. Some people think that this cryptocurrency is going to become a new standard for the whole African gambling market. Bitcoin is suitable for online gambling for a couple of reasons – anonymity and fast speed of transactions. Decentralization will make things much easier for all the gamblers to enjoy games.

Accepted Currencies in Djibouti

Djibouti is a small country, but it has its currency – the Djibouti franc. It’s not that hard to find ATMs all over the capital of Djibouti, if the gamer will be interested in getting cash, instead of using credit cards, while making bets at local casinos. There are no problems with exchanging American Dollars or Euros. The only problem, the player can face – is the lack of ATMs in little towns.

Customer Support

As it was mentioned before, there are no officially licensed gambling products in Djibouti. The saddest aspect of this – is the lack of player protection. Online gaming can be risky, as there are a lot of websites, who want to only get money out of the player. It is recommended for the gamer to deeply look at what the website has to offer and if it is represented somewhere else in any other country of the world.

The F.A.Q. the section should be represented on all modern websites. This section allows people from around the globe to get more info on what may happen while they are playing games online and how they can prevent problematic situations from happening.

There are a lot of foreign providers and operators, who are trying to give people Djibouti the best way to play online products. However, the problem is that the player will have to deal with a lot of problems of online connectivity, the lack of ability to call the customer support group and much more.

The only way, the player can get in touch with the customer support group is by using the built-in chat on the website or by sending a message through the electronic mail.

In case of playing games in local land-based casinos in Djibouti – there are going to be no problems with customer support. The gamer can simply call for help while being in the hotel. All the problematic situations are going to be solved pretty quickly.

Predictions of Online Gambling In Djibouti

Djibouti is a funny country for gamblers. It is hard to imagine that in a country, where land-based casinos are officially represented, the user cannot find a licensed online gambling product. At this moment, this is one of the countries to recommend for all the gambling fans, who would like to travel to another country, just to get a completely new experience to play games.

The key thing that would influence the whole gambling industry in Djibouti is if the government of the country would finally regulate the online aspect of the casino properly. The official representation of different online gambling products on the territory of Djibouti would be made a difference. It would create a whole new element that would trigger people to travel in Djibouti.

The Live Casino format is going to become a global phenomenon in the world, as well, as in Djibouti. This form of gambling entertainment gives people a chance to feel the most out of digital gaming.
There are a lot of trends in the online casino market that is true for Djibouti as well. Numbers cannot lie. The online gambling generates a lot of money that would be great to legalize in Djibouti. It would be a good profit for the economy of the country.

Despite the fact that Djibouti is represented in Africa, the sports betting is still not represented the way it should have been. It would be great to see how things will change in the nearby future.

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