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If you do not know how to spend the evening then you need to visit a virtual casino. Here you will solve all the problems and also become rich if you know how to play of course. Online casino is a popular entertainment in the modern world since most people do not know how to spend money or earn it. Gaming halls offered an effective solution to these problems, so they became popular on all continents. Some countries even legalized this business, but this does not always play a positive role. For example, in Cameroon, locals have low salaries so they rarely play in casinos and make bets.

In this country, the gambling market appeared in 1992 when the Cameroonian government passed a relevant law. In 2019, Cameroon has 5 gambling halls that are aimed at tourists who come to see unique landscapes and enjoy gambling. The salary of most Cameroonians does not exceed $50 and not every one of them is willing to spend all the money in poker or slot machines.

By the way, gambling was rapidly developing in Cameroon, so officials decided to tighten the rules of the game. In 2005, they passed a law that raised taxes for casino operators. After that, offline gaming halls gave 15% of their income to the state’s treasury. This event contributed to the increase in the number of underground gaming halls in the territory of Cameroon. Accordingly, they offered cheap slot machines that met the needs of most players. They did not give big jackpots, but at the same time, gamers were not afraid to lose all the money. Since 2010, the government tries to mitigate the issue by regularly conducting raids against clandestine gambling operators.

Many Cameroonians are sports betting fans who are accepted on the Pari Mutuel Urbain Camerounais website. This organization also has its branches on land, so you can bet in the real and virtual world. It is obvious that Cameroonians are football fans, but some of them are betting on horse racing.

So we approached the online casino sector which is the most popular entertainment. At the moment, Cameroon does not have the relevant laws, but we would like to note that virtual gambling is not prohibited. As a result, all the top online casinos for Cameroonian players have been operating from abroad. They offer a wide range of services and gaming models that are perfectly combined with welcome bonuses. All these details we will look at in our review and also provide some useful tips that will help all Cameroonians. We also hope that the situation will change in Cameroon and the country’s economy will show excellent results making gambling accessible to all locals.

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Types of Online Casino in Cameroon

The choice of a casino is not the easiest task. If Cameroonian gamers want to play on the Internet and win real money, then they should select the appropriate game resource. Before you start poker, blackjack or themed online slot, you need to check out a few important elements.

As soon as the Cameroonian player opens the gambling portal, we advise you to take a look at the license. Many TOP Cameroonian casinos have obtained licenses in such reputable jurisdictions as Alderney, Isle of Man, Malta and United Kingdom. Playing in such Internet casinos Cameroon users do not need to think about security, transactions, and bonuses. Furthermore, these gaming halls guarantee fair play without fraud.

From time to time, you will meet platforms that have received licenses to Gibraltar or Kahnawake. We do not say that these jurisdictions are bad, but they do not impose strict conditions for casino operators, so the cases of fraud are increasing. Therefore, we recommend our Cameroon readers to pay attention to other details.

The best Cameroonian online casinos cooperate with leading gambling content producers and buy only licensed games. To win real money you will need to sign up and do not forget to take the bonus which will also help determine the status and safety of online casinos.

Writing this review, we found that the best Cameroon virtual casinos are divided into several categories:

Most modern casinos are trying to attract as many players as possible. To do this, operators and developers are always looking for new ideas and solutions to give you a new experience. Thanks to such updates, Cameroonian online casinos appeared on mobile devices and we are sure that you have at least one smartphone or tablet. If so, you can play anytime, anywhere. We also recommend downloading the casino application thanks to which the best Cameroon casino and games will be at hand.

To get real excitement and emotions, we offer to combine the atmosphere of a real casino and modern technologies. Some Cameroonian gaming halls are offered in Live format which will surprise even the most experienced gamers. As a rule, in such casinos, you will find only board games and beautiful male/female dealers.

It is difficult for us to describe the advantages of a crypto casino, the number of which is increasing. In Cameroon, many gamers are not aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency, but leading experts are confident that it is this that forms the future of virtual gambling. Cameroonian Bitcoin casinos are endowed with modern protection from scammers and the best gaming models.

By following these tips you will find reliable virtual casinos hosting Cameroonian players. If you do not want to waste time then take a look at our list of recommended gambling platforms. You will find All British; Aladdin’s Gold; 888; Betway; BGO and other casinos that we carefully checked.

Types of Casino Games for Cameroon Gamblers

Each of us visits game resources with one goal – to win prizes and real money. For this, the Cameroonian player needs to sign up and make a deposit. After that you will get access to all the games that are presented on the site of the virtual casino. As a rule, TOP Cameroon virtual casinos offer these categories of games:

1) Let’s start with video slots because this is the most popular entertainment in the gambling industry. They are digital versions of real slot machines that have fruit symbols and a lever that triggers the rotation. Of course, they have become more convenient on the Internet where developers and casino operators have gained new opportunities. Now Cameroonian gamers choose slots with 3D graphics and amazing animations thanks to which the characters come to life on the screen. Rotations are accompanied by characteristic sound effects and various bonus options. If you feel that fortune is on your side, then start the progressive jackpot slot.

By the way, all slots are available on our website where you can play without risk and registration. We offer a set of the best projects that support the demo mode.

2) Over the past few years, board games have become an integral part of any casino. Each Cameroon offline casino offers many tables where you can play poker/blackjack/roulette. Do you know the main advantages of these games? Victory depends only on your skills and strategies. For example, in the slots, even veterans do not know when the payment will be credited to their account. There are many cases where the most experienced gamer loses the last cent. Therefore, board games are more profitable for Cameroonian players. For example, a roulette player can bet on color/cell/number and so on. In short, it all depends on your knowledge and skills.

3) As we have said, Cameroonians are sports betting fans who are represented in some virtual casinos. You can bet on any sporting event and win real money at any time.

Probably each of us has a smartphone or another gadget of the modern generation. We do not know how you use portable devices, but you can play in the casino with their help. All listed games are adapted for iOS/Android/Windows devices and offer an updated interface for touch screens. Cameroonians can even download the casino app and play at any time. As you can see, the best Cameroon virtual casinos offer enough entertainment, so your gaming session will be unforgettable!

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Cameroon

If you have read the previous sections carefully, then you know how to choose a suitable game resource and choose a game one. Before you follow these instructions, you need to answer one of the main questions in this section:

Is online gambling allowed in Cameroon?

In some countries, gambling is prohibited and players may even end up in prison, so we cannot ignore this question. At the moment, there is no special virtual gambling law in Cameroon. On land, gambling appeared in 1992 when the Cameroonian government passed a corresponding law and introduced new amendments in 2005. Nowadays, gambling improves the country’s economy by attracting investors and wealthy tourists who visit the gambling halls and spend money. Therefore, we are sure that Cameroonian officials will adopt a law on virtual gambling soon.

Meanwhile, local gamers visit overseas platforms and win real money. These gaming platforms offer quality service, reliable data protection, and excellent bonus systems. Choosing foreign sites with games you do not need to be afraid that the law enforcement agencies will pursue you. No Cameroon law prohibits locals from playing on the Internet and visiting virtual casinos from other countries. This does not mean that you have to open the first casino that appeared on Google. As we have said, each player must carefully check the game resource before making a deposit.

Pay attention to the valid gamble age. Some Cameroon casinos only accept aged 21+ players, but most of the resources available are available to players who are 18 years old.

As you can see, the legal side of gambling requires updates. The government of Cameroon is focused on land-based casinos but it does not forget about virtual gambling that attracts players from other countries.

Best Deposit Methods for Cameroon Gamblers

We do not think that modern Internet users have problems with deposits and other transactions. We’re lucky to live in the 21st century, when the development of technology is displayed in all areas of our livelihoods, including e-commerce. In this section, we would like to talk about the most popular deposit methods among Cameroonian gamers.

In 2017, UBA Bank launched Debit MasterCard in the territory of Cameroon. After that, it became a popular deposit method in the local gambling market. To conduct transactions using MasterCard, you need to open the corresponding section in the casino and specify your card number. We recommend using American Express / Visa / Maestro or Discover.
Pay attention to the high security level of this payment system. You are protected by an individual password and multi-level encryption.

E-wallets are another option but rarely used by Cameroonian gamblers. Neosurf and WaZaPay are the most popular in this segment. Before using one of them, the user needs to learn its rules. So, some virtual wallets charge extra fees which can be a surprise.

All casino customers who play on mobile devices actively use Monetbil and MTN Momo as a deposit method. Both payment systems are characterized by a high level of protection and fast transactions. Besides, they provide qualified customer support.

Now many players have said, “Why do I need to make a deposit?” Without this component, your game session will not be complete. Cameroon players can play online in demo mode without risking real money but they will not get real emotions. They will not get joy when the payment is charged on their balance. Besides, a deposit in the TOP Cameroon casino is accompanied by various gifts and promotions!

Accepted Currencies in Cameroon

The Central African franc, nominally equated to the euro, is the main Cameroonian currency. We have said many times that the local government is trying to improve the tourism sector in many ways. So, you can pay for goods with the help of euro and US dollars. These currencies are also valid in local gaming halls. Playing on foreign platforms, users will make a deposit and receive payments in the same currencies.

Fortunately or not, our world is rapidly developing by offering us something new and interesting. The cryptocurrency was the latest grand invention that changed the status of money and their role. Nowadays, many Cameroonian casinos that operate on a cryptocurrency basis or use it as a deposit method. It is worth noting that the number of such platforms is growing every day since gamers have appreciated the benefits of Bitcoin already. It provides not only the highest level of security on the Internet but also the anonymity that plays a key role for players, especially if they are residents of countries where gambling is prohibited. Moreover, no state or user can track your crypto transactions!

In general, the standard currency set and Cameroonian players who follow current trends can also use digital coins.

Customer Support

Customer support plays an important role not only for players but also for casino operators. For the first hand, this is a great opportunity to get information about the game resource and evaluate its functionality. Customer support helps the casino operator get to know the needs of gamers as well as get their opinions about the platform.

In this section, we will consider customer support from the player. We analyzed the work of all Cameroon casinos and found out what types of customer support they offer:

  • In the opinion of players and casino operators, online chat is the most popular type of support. To contact the operator you only need to open a special window and ask a question about the operation of the gaming room or describe your problem. The dialogue takes place in real time and specialist answers appear within one minute.
  • Email is another way to contact an online casino employee. Send a letter with questions and wait for an answer. As the statistics show, experts send a response within 48 hours. Sometimes the waiting period increases if the casino has a lot of traffic.
  • A phone call is not the most popular type of customer support in Cameroon. Not all operators provide free telephone lines, so one such call can be expensive.

In order not to waste time communicating with specialists, we advise you to visit the FAQ section built on the Q&A principle. On this page, you will find the most popular questions from the players as well as the answers of the specialists.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Cameroon

Many experts in the gambling industry identified several trends that emerged in Cameroon gambling last year:

  • In 2018, crypto coins became more popular in local casinos and we have enough reasons to assume that they will develop rapidly in the future. Digital money provided many opportunities for local gamers. For example, they do not need to share personal data to send/receive money. Besides, all the procedures are completely safe.
  • In 2019, experts talk about mobile technologies that have excellent prospects on the African continent. A large number of users will likely use smartphones and other gadgets for entertainment in the best online casinos. Such gameplay will give you amazing emotions as you can play anywhere. Mobile games have retained their visual effects including 3D modeling and animations. Also, they will be much more interesting when Cameroon operators introduce VR technology.

These elements build a solid foundation for Cameroon gambling which attracts thousands of tourists and helps to restore the state’s economy. If you want to join this community, then start playing on our site!

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