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What associations appear in your head when you hear the word “casino”? We bet you imagine luxurious gaming rooms somewhere in Las Vegas with a variety of slot machines and dealers. If this is true, then you are an “old-school” player who remembers big game models with classic characters. When modern players hear the “casino” they think of bright themed sites filled with themed slots, gifts, and bonuses. Such entertainment has become very popular in the modern world. They are used to be available only on PCs, but developers do not give up and are constantly looking for new solutions and creative ideas. As a result, the first online casinos appeared on smartphones/laptops and tablets.

If you are reading this section on our website, then you want to find out which offline and virtual gaming rooms work in the territory of Botswana. Until 2012, gambling had a lot of difficulties in Botswana, because it worked according to the old rules and laws that came into force in 1970. In 2012, Botswana officials paid attention to the development and investment in the gambling industry. Therefore, they decided to change the rules of the game and make the casino sphere accessible. The government of Botswana has also developed a competitive strategy that has allowed to attract new investors and develop ambitious projects. Since then, gambling in Botswana has become an additional income in the treasury of the state. This money is directed to the development of the sports and art industry.

To improve the quality of casinos as well as their level of security, Botswana passed new laws in 2016. Thus, the government introduced new laws, according to which, only licensed casino operators can open gambling halls in Botswana.

Today, Botswana has several casinos including the Grand Palm Casino (16 tables/150 gaming models) and the Gaborone Sun Casino (25 tables and 350+ slots). It is worth noting the popularity of these casinos that give the state $24m per year. They also pay all necessary taxes that reach $2.3m. Of course, local authorities want to expand the gambling zone and increase the number of slot machines to 2,500 models.

We will consider virtual gambling separately since it has no specific regulation in the country. The laws of Botswana do not say that online casinos are legal, but at the same time, they do not say that online gamers are breaking the laws. Thanks to this policy, players from Botswana can always visit virtual casinos that are operated and controlled by other jurisdictions. In this review, we will reveal all the popular aspects and also tell you how gambling exists in Botswana. What is more important – you will find useful tips that will help you choose a safe and secure online casino on the Internet. You should read this review to the end!

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Types of Online Casino in Botswana

Virtual gambling is developing rapidly and everyone is trying to use this opportunity. Operators and investors are trying to create new projects while developers are looking for new ideas that would surprise gamers again and again. Scammers also do not want to stand aside and they are actively involved in this area. They create “fake” game resources with questionable licenses and cheat players from Botswana and other countries. Therefore, you should know what the differences licensed and secure online casinos have. There are several ways to evaluate casino performance:

1) Before you create an account in Botswana Casino, you need to find and check its license.
Many of the top 10 Botswana online casinos are licensed in Alderney, Isle of Man or the United Kingdom. These gambling jurisdictions monitor all gambling halls that hold their licenses. Consequently, they eliminate all manifestations of fraud and other violations. If you find that Botswana online casino was licensed in Kahnawake or Gibraltar, then you need to evaluate other criteria.

2) After that, we go to the section with games. It is no secret that this is the main tool to attract new players. Please note that licensed games from popular manufacturers (NetEnt/ Playtech/Microgaming/Play’n Go) are expensive, so questionable casino operators do not want to spend money. We advise Botswana players to avoid such platforms.

3) Do not forget to evaluate the quality of service. To do this, contact the operator and ask all questions about the work of the casino. If an employee ignores questions or avoids direct answers, then you should find another site with slot machines. Fortunately, many online casinos are waiting for players from Botswana.

Using this short instruction you will avoid troubles. At the moment, Internet penetration in Botswana has increased to 65%. This is a relatively high figure considering that it was only 40% two years ago. So, we can say that the popularity of gambling in this country has increased and the majority of Botswana players prefer to visit the casino through a mobile device. Similar resources appeared many years ago, but today they have more functions. So, all games are adapted for touch screens and they have retained their excellent graphics, sound and unique plots.

Live Casino is the second entertainment format that Botswana offers to gamers. These game rooms offer live versions of Roulette/BlackJack/Baccarat. Broadcast is conducted from the equipped studio where you can choose a table and dealer. Some live resources also offer Football Studio where you can win real money.

Players who follow current trends have noticed how Bitcoin casino popularity has grown. A large number of operators are starting to use cryptocurrency to make the gameplay as comfortable and safe as possible. These online casinos accept players from Botswana and allow them to maintain an anonymous status.

Types of Casino Games for Botswana Gamblers

Before choosing a game and winning real money, the user needs to find a suitable online casino that would meet all safety and quality requirements. If you find a reliable platform, then you will not have problems with entertainment. Top 10 Botswana virtual casinos offer licensed games from popular brands:

  • Microgaming;
  • Novomatic;
  • NetEnt;
  • Playtech;
  • Wazdan;
  • Play’n Go and so on.

These manufacturers are leaders in the gambling market and each of them produces high-quality and modern gaming models that deserve your attention. Let’s find out which casino games are offered by Botswana gamblers.

1) These game models are found in all gaming halls on land. They have large screens and a lever/button that triggers the rotation. In the virtual world, these projects are presented in the form of video slots. Their popularity is growing every day due to the hard work of the developers who use modern visualization techniques. As a result, most online slots offer 3D graphics with additional animation effects and melodies. Modern models offer from 5 to 9 reels and a different number of lines. They differ in detailed visualization and additional bonuses. There are also “old-school” projects that offer fruit characters and classic gameplay. In a word, each player will find their favorite game.

2) Let’s go back to the offline casinos and analyze its entertainment. No gambling hall can exist without tables with card games and roulette. These games were limited in the real world, so they got a new life on the Internet. Today, Botswana gamers are looking for and launching new versions of these entertainments that are also available in Live format. This game is different in detail because the broadcast is conducted through high-quality equipment, so you always get a clear picture on the screen. It also creates the atmosphere of an offline casino since you are playing against a live dealer.

3) Someone says that the lottery has lost popularity, but it is not. Players from Botswana have access to amazing lotteries that give instant payouts. They are devoted to different subjects and also have different rules.

We have already mentioned that the best Botswana online casinos offer safe gaming. You can always run your favorite game in a demonstrative mode that does not require deposits or additional downloads. You just start the game and rotate the reels. To make the gameplay as comfortable as possible, play through your mobile device. All the projects listed above work perfectly on all platforms as they are based on HTML5.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Botswana

Before using our tips and looking for the best online casinos in Botswana, players must ask themselves the main question – “Is online gambling allowed in Botswana?” Most players always ignore this question, so the number of fines and imprisonments in some countries is increasing.

At the moment, virtual gambling has a difficult position in Botswana. In 2012, the local government passed the law on gambling, but it does not apply to slot machines on the Internet. Perhaps one of the reasons for this policy is the percentage of Internet penetration in the country. It should be noted that this indicator is rapidly increasing every year, so the Botswana authorities will be forced to revise the rules and laws governing the regulation of virtual gambling in the future.

Despite the lack of laws and regulators, players from Botswana are active users in foreign casinos who work under different licenses. We have said many times how to find a safe online casino. By following simple instructions you will avoid suspicious platforms and will only play in popular casinos. We even saved your time and made a list of Botswana virtual casinos that meet all requirements.

What about the gambling age, Botswana gamers can visit the gambling halls after reaching 18. This rule applies to all Botswana residents who are going to visit offline casinos. By the way, gambling on land is strictly regulated in this country. Botswana residents can go to gaming halls without restrictions and play poker or make sports bets. In any case, we can say that the government of Botswana has a lot of work in this segment. Gambling gives an excellent income to the state’s treasury, so Botswana will change the rules of the game soon.

Best Deposit Methods for Botswana Gamblers

You will not become a full client of Botswana Casino until you deposit money into your casino account. We recommend performing this action after you have checked the license of the game resource and also tested several emulators in the demo version. So, to make the first player from Botswana to choose a payment system. Local gamers can send money through

1) Credit/debit cards (VISA/MasterCard);
2) Electronic payment systems (Skrill/Neteller/Paypal);
3) Banking.

These deposit methods are available in all Botswana online casinos, so you need to know how they work. If you have a debit or credit card, then you can use it as a deposit method in popular gaming halls. As a result, you get many benefits. For example, you do not need to pay huge fees and you can make deposits at any time. Besides, all transactions are carried out instantly.

An e-wallet is an intermediate step between your money and the casino operator. They are comfortable, safe and versatile. With the help of a virtual wallet, you can send a deposit to any Botswana casino in a few minutes. All transactions are accompanied by SSL encryption, so fraudsters will not have access to your data or finances. But at the same time, be ready to pay fees that sometimes reach large sizes.

Banking is the longest but at the same time the safest deposit method. As a rule, the transaction takes place within 48 hours. It is a long time, but on the other hand, you do not need to worry about the protection of personal data. Such operations are protected by a multi-level banking system.

As you can see, there are enough deposit methods that are available for Botswana gamers. It all depends on your preferences. If you value the speed of transactions, then pay attention to the first two methods. If security is your top priority, then use banking.

Accepted Currencies in Botswana

Water plays an important role in Botswana, so the locals value this source. They even called the currency after water. Botswana residents pay for various services/products using “Pula.” The currency of Botswana is one of the most stable on the African continent. Until 1966, the locals used pounds sterling. New currency appeared when Botswana became independent. Finding a virtual casino that uses Pula will be a problem. This is not the most popular currency in the gambling world, so you can only use it in a land-based casino in Botswana.

All virtual casinos use a standard set of currencies:

  • Dollar;
  • Euro;
  • Pounds.

Some game resources offer built-in converters to help you get the necessary currency. Botswana users can also do this in a bank or via e-wallets.

If we are talking about currencies, then we should note new trends in this business. In 2018, the cryptocurrency took a strong position in the world and became very popular in online casinos. Finally, users appreciated the benefits of Bitcoin/Litecoin and started using them at the casino. Digital coins offer great benefits:

1) Anonymity;
2) Convenience;
3) Instant transactions;
4) The highest level of security (no one state or fraudster can track your transaction);
5) No fees.

This is not enough? Pay attention to the price of cryptocurrency which is constantly growing!

Customer Support

Nowadays is a popular and rich business. At the same time, it is filled with the great competition since new gaming platforms appear every day. If you want to make sure that you made the right choice and play in a reliable Botswana casino, then check out its customer support. If the online operator does not avoid questions, he/she provides all the necessary information about the work of the portal and also helps to solve the problem, then the chosen virtual casino provides quality service and takes care of its customers.

There are several ways to contact an operator:

  • All popular casinos have an email that is open to questions and suggestions. You can ask all questions or ask for help via email. Please note that casino staff reviews these letters and send responses within 2 business days. If you did not receive a response during this period, then send the letter again.
  • If you are looking for the fastest way to solve a problem, then use the chat. This useful feature will connect you with the operator in 2 seconds. You do not need to go through the authorization or wait for the operator to find time to answer you.
  • A phone call is another opportunity to contact representatives of the Botswana casino. Frankly speaking, this kind of customer support is rare in modern gambling, but it exists. Some resources provide a free/paid phone number. So, you can call and get advice. In this case, you also need to provide personal information.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Botswana

Most Botswana players prefer live dealer games. The number of such projects is rapidly increasing and each of them offers more options. In such games, you can visit real casino studios and also talk to its representatives and other gamblers. These technologies compete with VR games that promise a revolution in Botswana gaming halls.

In 2018, many Botswana casinos began using digital coins. They have proven their safety/ anonymity. As a result, their price and the number of fans increased.

These are the main trends that will determine the future of gambling in this country. The government of Botswana is trying to concentrate on the development of gambling on land, but it does not pay attention to important details. Most locals spend a lot of time on the Internet where they are addicted to sports betting and slot machines. All these nuances say that the situation and policy of Botswana will change in the future, but we do not know how many years this will happen.

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