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In 2018, the trends in the world of virtual gambling have changed. So, the developers paid attention to the new features of the blockchain and VR technologies that will take the game to a new level. As a result, these projects have generated interest among investors and casino operators. In 2019, the popularity of gaming halls is increasing. Modern gamers visit the casino to win real money and forget about all the problems of the real world. But at the same time, this successful and rich business is facing problems in some countries. Today we will look at trends and laws that help or prevent gambling from developing in the territory of amazing Bhutan. Now, most users said, “Bhutan? Where is it?” This is a small beautiful country located in Asia, between two great powers: India and China. The local culture was born in 747 thanks to Rinpoche who came from Pakistan. The spiritual master spread Buddhism. Despite different religions and laws, the people of Bhutan have always been looking for new gambling in neighboring states. But the government has always treated this phenomenon negatively. This problem is due to several reasons. First of all, Bhutan has never been colonized by European empires. Furthermore, Bhutan, in turn, considers gambling as an activity that harms not only the players, but also other people.

These aspects negatively affect the development of gambling in the territory of this country. So, tourists will not find licensed gambling halls or virtual casinos in Bhutan.

However, local gamers are always finding new solutions. Many underground casinos are open to players. The government of Bhutan supports the national lottery and helps its development because it creates jobs and brings excellent income to the budget. Currently, 200+ residents work at the Royal Bhutan Lotteries. Most of the inhabitants of Bhutan are sports fans: archery, basketball, and even cricket. Unfortunately, sports betting in Bhutan is prohibited. To play slot machines, slots, and board games, users are looking for foreign platforms. Many virtual casinos work abroad and accept players from Bhutan. But be prepared to pay a fine if someone sees you playing in a virtual casino. By the way, this is the best thing that will happen to you in this case. Local authorities may sentence you to 3 months in prison. If this is your second arrest, then the prison term will increase to 6 months. These aspects will be discussed in the following sections. In this review, we want to answer the most popular questions as well as tell you how to choose the right online casino if you live in Bhutan or come here for the holidays.

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Types of Online Casino in Bhutan

Playing online casinos is the perfect solution for all Bhutan residents. They do not need to go anywhere, playing in online casinos, they can relax on the sofa and enjoy their favorite casino games from classic Roulette to modern video slots. Spin Palace; Slots Million and 888 are always on the list of TOP casinos that are open to players from Bhutan. Finding the right gaming room can take many hours. First, the player must visit the site with the games and check its license. If it was issued in Malta or the UK, then it is a reliable resource, but do not rush to create an account. Once you have checked the license, you need to go to the section with game models. This is another factor that will help avoid unlicensed casinos that guarantee neither quality nor safety. If the selected casino offers content from Microgaming/ Playtech/NetEnt, then Bhutanese players can move on. In Bhutan, the best online casino platforms offer guests and customers games in demo mode. This allows you to explore the features of the game and improve skills without the risk of losing money.

Please note that licensed Bhutan casinos offer excellent bonus options. So, gambling fans will get deposit bonuses and different cashback/free spins. On our site, you will find a list of the best Bhutan online casinos which are conditionally divided into several categories:

1) Mobile devices have not achieved much success in Bhutan. But despite this, locals use smartphones to communicate with relatives and friends. Besides, most of them use gadgets to access mobile casinos. Do not believe the players and casino operators who say that mobile versions of games are not interesting. This is a false proposition, as mobile platforms perform an important mission. They make gambling available to every player.

2) Live casinos continue to evolve by offering innovative solutions. This casino recreates the atmosphere of an offline gaming room, giving participants new sensations and experiences. In such gaming halls, Bhutanese gamers will play live dealers and other players who have come to win real money. During the game session, you have access to online chat with which you can contact your opponent. Every live casino has a special studio from where the broadcast is conducted.

3) Gambling is developing rapidly, so the emergence of new game resources is obvious. Their number grows every year and each of them uses different strategies. Most casinos open doors for players from countries where gambling is prohibited or strictly regulated. This list includes Bhutan where local players visit virtual casinos.

Searching for a suitable online casino, Bhutanese players should pay attention to some key factors that will help avoid traps. As we have said, a casino license, a library with games and a bonus system will help you make the right choice. If you want to save time and start playing as soon as you read this review, then select any game resource from our list. We carefully checked each of them, so we can guarantee absolute security!

Types of Casino Games for Bhutanese Gamblers

Check out the Bhutan online casinos offering a wide range of entertainment. Additional “+” if they offer to play in a free demo mode. This is a great solution for all players, including professionals who know all the algorithms of slot machines. Playing in the demonstrative mode, the participant does not need to worry about unsuccessful spins. In this case, you spend and win only virtual loans. Someone uses this option for fun, but we recommend using it to learn the game. So, you can develop a strategy and choose the most suitable game. In Bhutan online casino entertainment is divided into several categories:

1) If you are a fan of virtual gambling, then you know that video slots are headed by all the top ratings. At the moment, themed slots have nothing to do with their ancestors who are represented in the offline halls. Modern slots are masterpieces that attract the attention of the gambling audience after each release. As a rule, such models have 5-9 reels and a different number of pay lines. Beautiful 3D graphics are often complemented by animation effects and themed music. These features make the gaming machine of high quality and interesting. At the same time, old-school gamers can find classic emulators filled with juicy fruits, 3 reels, 1-5 lines, and other classic elements. Unlike offline slot machines, virtual slots have bonus symbols and mini-games (Scatter/Wild/Multiplier/Free Spins). This means that Bhutanese gamers will never leave the casino with empty pockets.

2) Fortunately, video slots are not the only entertainment in modern casinos. No one room can exist without a set of card games. This section is represented by such games:

  • Blackjack;
  • Pontoon;
  • Baccarat;
  • Poker.

In these games, the outcome of the round depends only on your skills and strategies. Bhutanese gamers can find a lot of guides and instructions that will help you learn the rules and win real money. This category also includes various variations of the legendary Roulette. Players from Bhutan will find French; American; European and 3D roulette. In addition, the above games are often found in live format. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an offline casino and chat with other gamers.

3) As you know, Bhutanese gamblers are fans of the sporting world. Unfortunately, local laws prohibit sports betting, but you always have the Internet where some virtual casinos offer make a bet for any sport.

4) If you have at least one gadget, you can play at the casino at any time. Bhutanese players can visit the game resource through a browser or download a special plug-in on a smartphone or tablet. All slots/roulettes/card games retain quality features, so your opportunities will not be limited. Before you start the game, make sure that your gadget is connected to the Internet/Wi-Fi.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Bhutan

In the previous sections, we talked about the criteria based on which we chose the best virtual casinos for Bhutanese players. But before choosing the favor of one of them, you need to get a clear picture of the legal issues involved. So, Bhutan players need to answer the main question in this review: Is online gambling allowed in this country?

Despite the absence of specific gambling laws, casinos and slot machines are prohibited in Bhutan. The first relevant laws appeared in 1977. However, the ban was lifted in mid-2007, but legal entities did not say anything about virtual casinos. This issue is still relevant since mobile technologies and the Internet are rarely found in the homes of Bhutanese residents. At the moment, only 35% of residents have access to the Internet and half of them use this resource to access the casino. We have already said that 150+ virtual casinos are open to gamers from Bhutan. These platforms receive licenses in other countries and we have listed the criteria that will help you make the right choice. But we also talked about punishing casino games. If someone sees that you rotate reels and win money, you need to pay a minimum fine (120 USD) or spend 3 months in prison. If you were arrested again, then the prison term will increase to 6 months. In 2017, Bhutan police arrested 37 players. In 2018, their number has not decreased. Despite this, people still visit the underground gambling halls that are very popular in Bhutan. Fortunately, the police do not monitor the players who spend time in virtual casinos, if they do not do it in a public place.

Perhaps in the future, the government of the country will change its attitude to gambling, but today, Bhutanese residents are forced to play in foreign online casinos following our advice.

Best Deposit Methods for Bhutanese Gamblers

Probably each of us loves gifts and various surprises. For operators of Bhutan casinos, this is a great opportunity to attract new customers who will play and win real money. Please note that gifts will not be available until the player makes a deposit. Do not worry, this is a simple process that does not differ from shopping on the Internet. You only need to choose a convenient deposit method that is presented in the Bhutanese online casino.

Credit/Debit cards

This is the most popular payment option on the Internet. Logically, they are presented in almost every online casino where gamers use cards as a deposit method. We advise Bhutan players to fund their gaming account through MasterCard or Visa. They carry out fast transactions in most gambling halls.


If you do not want to wait until your transactions are processed, then send money through the Internet wallet. Web-wallet keeps your money and sends it when necessary. Besides, some wallets have built-in currency conversion, which is a convenient option for users from Bhutan. Popular online wallets include items such as PayPal; Neteller; Skrill and others.
But at the same time, players need to pay fees. This money is aimed at improving the service and security system.

Bank Transfer

This is a popular deposit method in the gambling industry, but it is not an ideal solution for Bhutan gamers, since not all banks in this country allow you to send money to the casino. In addition, you can be fined. We recommend using the first two deposit methods that provide a high level of security and fast transactions.

Accepted Currencies in Bhutan

Bhutan is a beautiful country that is open to all travelers. Here, beautiful nature is complemented by magnificent architectural monuments and unique flavor. Residents pay for services and goods in the Bhutanese currency – BTN. Besides, you will often meet dollars that are very popular in this country. Tourists can exchange money in all financial institutions or hotels. Bhutanese gamers will play in casinos using dollars or pounds sterling, as these are the most popular currencies in modern gambling.

Not so long ago, Bhutan casinos introduced new technologies and offered customers to spend/receive cryptocurrency. Using cryptocurrency gives players many advantages, especially if we are talking about restrictions and laws in Bhutan. So, what does cryptocurrency offer in the gambling industry?

  • Anonymity. The use of virtual currency in the gaming industry allows users to ensure their privacy. Fraudsters and law enforcement agencies can not track transactions.
  • No fees. The state can not regulate the cryptocurrency financial system, so players do not fee during transactions.
  • Internationality. Bitcoin and other coins are not tied to any state so you will not need to exchange currencies for the game.
  • The possibility of free earnings. Modern users can receive crypto coins without attachments. There are many resources where users get money for free. This will be enough to play in the Bhutanese casino.

Customer Support

Today, experts argue about the benefits of virtual and real gambling. Of course, most of them support the sphere of virtual entertainment because it provides new opportunities and is rapidly developing in the world. We will not talk about such advantages as availability, the range of slot machines and bonus options. We will talk about service and customer support. From time to time, each of us faces problems during the registration or gaming session. Therefore, popular Bhutan casinos offer quality service and operator assistance. To contact customer support you need to use the available options:

You can always state a problem or ask a question in an email. As a rule, employees of a Bhutanese virtual casino send a response quickly. Besides, users can save an email with tips and instructions.

Virtual chat is the best way to get help in 2 minutes. To do this, the client needs to open a special casino and ask a question to the operator. In this case, you do not need to wait for a response or go through the authorization procedure.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Bhutan

Speaking about the development and prospects of gambling in the territory of Bhutan, we would like to draw your attention to several forecasts of experts and current trends. It is expected that virtual reality will change the sphere of online casinos and slot machines. Many Bhutanese casino operators are thinking about the prospects of VR and are going to use these technologies soon. Therefore, we recommend players to test VR slots as soon as they appear.

Live dealers and mobile devices influence the development of game resources too. These are new trends that give new sensations and recreate the atmosphere of the best Las Vegas casinos.

But the government of Bhutan is trying to limit any manifestation of gambling, so local players are forced to visit foreign platforms. We hope this policy will change in the future and Bhutanese gamblers will get access to the best sites with slot machines that offer generous bonuses and gifts.

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