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Meanwhile, scientists and experts continue to debate about the first gambling entertainment that appeared on the planet. Someone may say that this is not a difficult question and they only need to verify their data. But there is a problem: prototypes of modern gambling entertainment were found in all regions of the planet: Europe/Asia/America and even Australia. This variation of evidence prevents scientists from making an unequivocal conclusion. Moreover, each country would like to become the progenitor of the most popular games. The first such games were significantly different from the modern game models presented in real and virtual game rooms, but in spite of this, they were very popular among seafarers, travelers and ordinary people who wanted to win a couple of gold coins. After many years and centuries, gambling moved to a new level and became more popular.

Gaming halls attracted thousands of gamers and gave them an unforgettable vacation. But the development of the Internet has changed this area, so online casinos have moved to the virtual universe where they are accessible to everyone. In addition, the government of some countries even made this business legal. Nevertheless, some countries do not agree with this. For example, the Angolan government still cannot say what effect it will have on economic development. Casinos and excitement have always been popular in Angola, so officials were forced to give licenses to 10+ land-based casinos since 1975, when the country became independent. Today, these casinos are located throughout the country. Plurijogos company owns most of these Angolan casinos.

In 2017/18, the Angolan government had only one question: “How to move away from oil dependence and develop the tourism industry?”

The answer was obvious: legalization of virtual gambling. The people of Angola reacted positively to the idea, but officials still do not know what to do. First, it is a difficult process that requires legal training. Secondly, none of them knows what effect this phenomenon will have on economic development, because the state is undergoing a period of structural change.

According to official data, 22.3% (5,951,453) of Angolans are active Internet users. This is a fairly high figure compared with neighboring countries of Angola. Therefore, virtual gambling would be successful and profitable. However, there is no law that permits or prohibits this type of entertainment in the territory of Angola. In addition, locals and tourists can play in foreign gaming halls that are always available.

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Types of Online Casino for Angolans

Thanks to the development of virtual technology, gambling has become very popular and profitable. New manufacturing companies appear almost every day, offering gamers something new and special. Accordingly, the amount of game resources increases, too. Online casinos are a hot issue in Angola and the local government doesn’t know what to do. Fortunately, the officials also do not try to block foreign sites where you can play at any time. In addition, Angolans can use any payment methods.

Today, gamers from Angola have access to dozens of different top online casinos:

  • Jackpot City;
  • Ruby Fortune;
  • Gaming Club;
  • Desert Nights;
  • 22BET;
  • Lucky Nugget and others.

All game resources are divided into several types, which contain different game models. So, let’s find out how the types of casinos are available on the Internet for players from Angola.

Classic casinos. This is one of the most popular gambling clubs that are available to gamers from Angola. You can open these sites in any browser and enjoy gaming models from leading providers (Betsoft; Novomatic; Thunderkick; Push Gaming; NetEnt; Play’n Go). As a rule, most “classic” casinos offer online games in a free demo version. Thanks to this option, Angolans can test any emulator without risking real money. After that, you can activate the game for real money.

Download casino. Gaming resources in this category have the appearance and features of “classic” casinos. But they fall into another category, because customers can download a special plugin (application) on a PC or mobile device. So, the game resource will always be available. Do not worry, this application does not take up much space on your hard drive.

Live casino. Players have always needed new entertainment and casino formats. Therefore, operators came up with a live casino system that was implemented in 2010. After that, the number of such resources increased because they offered new features. First, you play against a live dealer. Yes, all competitors are real, too. This option makes the game realistic and interesting. In addition, players from Angola can always communicate with rivals. A real table, a real background of an elite casino and other options help to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game. Live casino offers such games as:

  • Roulette;
  • Craps;
  • Poker;
  • BlackJack;
  • Dream Catcher;
  • Pontoon.

As a rule, all these types of online casinos are presented in mobile versions that do not differ from the original websites. Now, you can play online or download a casino to your smartphone/tablet/laptop and play at any time. As we have said, the Angolan government does not prohibit the locals from having fun in an online casino. But despite this, you need to choose the right casino carefully. There are many fake resources. Fortunately, Angolan gamers have access to amazing virtual casinos with great slot machines.

Types of Casino Games for Angolan Gamblers

As you can see, gamers from Angola have access to dozens of different gaming portals that contain hundreds of amazing and interesting slot machines. Thanks to these gaming models, we can relax after a hard day and win real money, of course. In addition, slots and other emulators make it possible to travel.


This is the largest entertainment category. Probably, no one modern casino will become successful and popular without these games. Today, this category contains 2000+ entertainment from different manufacturers. First of all, they became popular thanks to unique themes and subjects. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time for travels and adventure. But fortunately, we can launch a slot and visit amazing cities, countries and continents. In addition, players from Angola can become real pirates, superheroes and realize other dreams. There are many slot games that are dedicated to different holidays and events.

If you visit an online casino for the first time, then select a slot machine and launch its demonstration version. During the demonstrative game, Angolan players can learn the rules of the slot and also get a new experience.

Board games

Their diversity, relative simplicity and profitability ensured continuing popularity. Thanks to board games, users can feel real risk and excitement. In addition, these games are profitable. In some entertainment, casino advantage is about 1%. This means players will win regularly. As a rule, players who choose such games, especially BlackJack and Poker, have certain strategies and skills that help them win.

So, this category is represented by the following video games:

  • roulette;
  • blackjack;
  • poker;
  • baccarat;
  • pontoon;
  • craps;
  • dice.

Live Games

Hmm … what can Angolan players find in a live casino? Great, high-quality and interesting live games, of course!

Even newbies know that these emulators have moved virtual gambling to a new level. Gameplay transmission is conducted from the studio with special equipment, so you can follow all the movements of the croupier. In addition, the result of each round depends on fortune and your skills.


Such entertainment is not very popular among Angolan players, but still they are present in the casino where you can play. This is a great opportunity to get instant payouts and increase your bankroll.

As we have said, gamers from Angola can enjoy the products listed above via mobile devices. Absolutely all game models have been adapted for the screens of your gadgets. Mobile version has no differences from the full gameplay on a PC. Moreover, it gives great advantages: convenience; safety and extra bonuses. Some gambling halls available for players from Angola give bonuses and gifts to players who use gadgets.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Angola

Now, players from Angola know which online casinos they can visit and which games it is possible to run. But there is one important question: “Is online gambling allowed in Angola or not?”

Unfortunately, no one can say for sure, since the government of the country cannot take an important decision. Officials understand that legalizing virtual gambling will help solve a number of important economic problems, but at the same time they are not sure that this project will be successful. Today, Angola does not have a law that would prohibit or allow online casinos. In 2017, legal entities of Angola said that in the future, the parliament should adopt additional rules and laws on the basis of which local online casino operators will receive licenses. So, we can say that local authorities do not regulate virtual entertainment. In addition, they are not trying to block foreign gaming resources that gamers from Angola accept.

In 2018, officials of Angola said that the Instituto de Supervisao de Jogos will issue licenses to virtual casino operators in the future, but first, they must resolve a number of legal issues. Now, we have another question: “Players of what age can register in Angolan online casinos?”

It is expected that Angolan gambling sites will be available only for gamers aged 18+. Experts say that Angola has a great potential for the development of virtual gambling, because millions of local people use the Internet and most of them play in casinos.

While the Angolan government has not passed the relevant laws, you can register on foreign gaming resources, make deposits and test different games. But first you need to choose a reliable and modern casino.

Best Deposit Methods for Angolan Players

Unfortunately, there are many scammers who want access to your bank account. So, you can register on a fake game portal and lose all the money. To choose a cool and at the same time safe casino, gamers from Angola need to pay attention to a number of factors that will help make the right choice. First of all, Angolan users need to pay attention to the license. After that, check available deposit methods.

Players from Angola have access to dozens of online casinos and each of them offers different deposit methods. As a rule, these are popular cards and e-wallets. And so, you can conduct transactions through such systems as:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Neteller;
  • Paypal;
  • Skrill;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Neosurf.

These are the most popular deposit methods available to Angolans. Their popularity is due to convenience and safety. To select the appropriate deposit method you need to log into your casino account, go to the “Payments” section and select the appropriate system.

Not so long ago, gamers from Angola were able to make transactions in cryptocurrency. In addition, such transactions  do not need to be paid with an additional commission. The government of Angola does not regulate cryptocurrency, so you can buy litecoin/ bitcoin on a special platform.

We would also like to add that with the help of e-wallets you can not only make deposits, but also withdraw money. If you have questions, then contact your online casino operator. Please note that some payment systems charge an additional fee (up to 2%). Payments are made within 48 hours.

Accepted Currencies in Angola

Today, locals use Kwanza, also known as AOA. This currency was put into circulation at the beginning of 1960. During this period, the national currency of Angola changed shape several times. Tourists who visit this amazing country can pay for goods and services in other currencies (euro / dollar).

Officials did not say anything about the currency that will operate in an online casino after their legalization. Therefore, players located in Angola are forced to play in foreign virtual casinos. Accordingly, they are able to use different currencies. As a rule, most of these gaming halls offer dollars and euros.

In the previous section, we reviewed all popular payment systems that make deposits. Do not forget about the cryptocurrency that is available to residents of Angola. You can get digital money on special platforms and in banks. Some online casinos give different gifts and bonuses to users who conduct transactions in cryptocurrency.

Customer support

Customer support plays an important role in the work of any game resource. In conditions of strong competition, each online casino operator tries to make your gaming session as comfortable and fun as possible, therefore they provide different types of customer support.

Email. Almost every online casino provides such assistance to gamers from Angola. If you have questions, then you can send an email. As a rule, players receive answers within 2 days. If you did not receive the letter within the specified time, then send the email again. Such a consultation has several advantages.

Online chat. If you want to solve the problem immediately, then contact an online operator in live chat. In this case, experts will solve your problem within 5 minutes and provide all the necessary instructions. This is a fairly convenient and quick way to solve the problem. You just need to click on “Online chat” and ask a question to a specialist.

If you notice that the consultant ignores questions, then contact a casino manager and tell about the problem.

Phone call. This kind of customer support can rarely be found in casinos. In addition, it is not convenient for some players. First of all, a conversation can take several minutes or even hours. Secondly, the operator can ask for your personal data for authorization in the casino system.

We also recommend visiting the Help/Faq section before registering with an online casino. In these tabs, players from Angola will find popular Q&A from players. In addition, you can find different instructions that will help you register and make a deposit quickly. If players do not find an answer here, then they should contact customer support. Users from Angola can also visit different forums.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Angola

Despite the popularity of virtual entertainment and gambling in general, the Angolan government cannot make an unequivocal decision. Officials understand that the legalization of online casinos will improve the tourism sector of the country. As a result, it will increase the flow of finances to the state treasury. But on the other hand, not all officials are sure that gambling will have a positive impact on Angolan players. In 2018, the government said which institution would give licenses to online operators. This means that officials are developing a plan for the legalization of this business in Angola. It will probably happen in 2020/21. Experts are confident that gambling has excellent prospects in Angola. In fact, Angola attracts a large number of investors every year, so they can allocate money for the development of this field of entertainment. In addition, experts say that it will attract a large number of tourists.

Today, 10+ real game halls operate in Angola. In addition, local players have access to foreign gaming portals that provide hundreds of amazing slot games, lotteries and live entertainment. We reviewed all the points that will help Angolan players choose the right online casino and excellent slot games. We do not recommend creating a gaming account in a casino that does not have the appropriate licenses and certificates. If you have questions, then contact your online operator and start playing.

Have a good spin!

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