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In this article, we will tell you about the gorgeous and picturesque country located in Africa. Algeria is a big country with an unusual climate. In summer, the air temperature here rises to 50 degrees, but in winter it still snows. A very interesting fact is that 80% of the country’s territory is desert. Algeria is still considered the richest country in Africa for its oil and gas reserves. Even though the minerals there are very many, the percentage of poverty in Algeria is very high. More than 20% of the local population lives below the poverty line. Of course, there are people in Algeria with different levels of wealth, and there are undoubtedly very wealthy people.

If we talk about the development of the gaming industry in Algeria, then everything is very categorical. All types of gambling including online casinos and bookmakers are prohibited in this country. Nevertheless, residents continue to spend time on foreign resources. To understand for sure how gambling developed in Algeria, you should look into the history of the gaming industry.

History of Gambling in Algeria

Accurate information about the development of online casinos in Algeria does not exist. Nowhere have such data been recorded, just as there is no information about the first laws governing the gaming industry. Algeria is a predominantly Muslim country, and according to this religion, gambling is prohibited. But unlike some other Muslim countries that allow some forms of gambling entertainment, Algeria prohibits both land and online casinos.

Even though there is very little concrete data from the history of Algeria, it is important to highlight some dates. For example, in 1936 a decree on lotto was introduced, and since then this game has been legal on the territory of Algeria. Gambling in the second half of the 20th century became very common not only for European countries, but also for Africans. For this reason, for the first time in a legislative act, a ban on casinos is mentioned in the Algerian Family Code of 1984. According to this law, a ban was imposed on land-based casinos and online gaming resources. At the same time, the local lottery experienced several ups and downs. In 2006, the game of lotto was still allowed again, but at the same time, a tax of 40% of the winnings was imposed. In Algeria, there is an opportunity to make betting. Pari Sportif Algériene is a company that has already managed to get permission to accept bets from fans. This was permitted solely to support the country’s athletes.

Concerning all other online entertainment in Algeria, there is a ban. Algerian legislation clearly states that residents are not allowed to play in land-based casinos or on online resources. There is also liability for violation of this law. However, this did not stop the casino fans because they continue to gamble. Many programs have been developed to block illegal local online resources, but the popularity of foreign sites continued to grow. In 2010, the Algerian government introduced a new scheme to block foreign online casinos that accept players from Algeria. At the moment, the system continues to work, but the players have managed to circumvent this ban. With VPN, Algerian residents continue to play at this time. Although this method is considered illegal as any kind of gambling entertainment, there is no official ban on the use of the VPN service in Algeria. Recently, a bill was registered that would prohibit the use of a VPN, but so far it has not been adopted and has not entered into force.

From the history of Algeria, it is clear that the game industry has never been very popular in this country, but the statistics in recent years shows significant progress. So according to the latest data for 2014-2017, the number of players from Algeria increased by almost 15%.

We can only guess how the history of the online casino will turn out.

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Types of Online Casino in Algeria

Given the fact that players from Algeria visit foreign resources, we can safely say that the choice of a casino is unrealistically large. Some resources offer many languages to choose from. Surely there are online casinos that offer Arabic in their list. For those who know English or French, searching the online platform for the game is easy. Choosing a casino should be aware that it is important to check the casino before the game. First of all, you need to make sure that the casino has a license, check the security system and so on.

Before the players, there will always be a choice of casinos, for example, those who prefer mobility and instant access will suit a mobile casino. This type of game resource allows you to play from any portable device. You can play when you are far away from home or are traveling in transport and even relaxing in the resort. Mobile version of the site is available in almost every online casino. If the casino has reached a high level of popularity, then most likely they will be able to offer you to download the application. All owners of Android and iOS will be able to download the “pocket casino” on their device. The mobile casino is no different from a computer casino and also offers high quality software and wide opportunities. Moreover, all types of casino offer bonuses, that are a great way to play longer and win extra prizes.

If you prefer to play in a quiet home environment at a computer, then an online casino will suit you through a browser or downloadable resources. The difference between these types of casinos is insignificant, but it is. Casinos that run in the browser do not require any additional installations and downloads from the players. Just go to the online casino site and register. Before registering, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the casino user agreement. If we talk about downloadable online casinos, then for the game you will need to download some files. First, check the casino license as in all previous cases, also check if you have enough memory on your hard drive and only then proceed to download. Downloadable casinos offer players a lot of features, high graphics, and a fascinating storyline.

What casino would you not like to taste, you still enjoy the process of the game.

Types of casino games for Algerian players

Modern online casinos in Algeria are now not inferior to ground-based institutions and cause the same sensations of excitement and pleasure. Online resources are famous for their variety and wealth of games. It doesn’t matter how long you play in a casino. Anyway, there is something new that you haven’t played.

Gambling in Algeria is different in many ways. It is considered to be that more quiet games that do not require additional skills and knowledge are suitable for beginners. These games include slot machines that all players on the planet know. Slot machines allow you to make both small and large bets. Brave players even have a chance to win the jackpot. If you are a newbie in gambling, you always can practice the game of slots for free.

Board games require a bit more knowledge and skills from the players. Besides, if you know how to apply strategies you can earn a lot of money playing in a casino. Roulette is considered to be one of the most popular board games for players from Algeria. In addition to this entertainment, players from Algeria still choose the dice, lotto and much other entertainment.

Card games are more complicated than many other gambling games. But these games have a special atmosphere. In a poker game, for example, the atmosphere of big money and intrigue always hovers. After studying the rules and strategies you can become the undisputed champion in all card games such as poker, blackjack, and others.

In addition to the above types of entertainment, many aspects distinguish one game from another. There are games based on plots of TV shows and movies, there are live games where you communicate with the dealer and other players in real time.

What game you choose depends on you and your online casino, the main thing that you had fun.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Algeria

In Algeria, some laws fully control and regulate gambling entertainment. It is impossible to study the detailed history of the development of this industry in Algeria, as there are few references and records about the first games. Nevertheless, Algerians are well acquainted with this type of entertainment and regularly visit online casinos. As for the legality of gambling, in Algeria, any kind of casino is prohibited. The policy pursued by the government regarding gambling is quite strict. You will not find here brick casinos even for tourists and will not find a national online casino. The only legitimate entertainment is the national lottery and one bookmaker. At the same time, this type of gambling entertainment in Algeria is taxable and the winner is forced to give 40% of the winnings to charity. As for the controlled bodies, they were not created in Algeria. The only special department for blocking foreign sites was created in 2010.

Residents of Algeria obey the laws of Sharia, which in turn formulates not only religious, but also moral values ​​among Muslims. According to article 222 of the Algiers Family Code, the entire legal and regulatory framework of Algeria is based on Sharia law.

Accordingly, according to Sharia law, Muslims are forbidden to visit land-based casinos and other forms of gambling entertainment. Besides, the Family Code allows family members to restrict a person’s freedom of action if they are suspected of being interested in gambling.

Seriously, Algerians are alarmed by the fact that there is also a mention of gambling in the country’s criminal code. Section 165-169 of Section IV not only describes in detail the prohibited actions, but also provides for a series of fines ranging from 500 to 20,000 Algerian dinars for violating this prohibition. But the players should not be afraid because all the existing laws are more aimed at local gambling providers and the player has never been mentioned separately in the legislation. In this case, it is always worth remembering that, if desired, the Algerian government will be able to apply some existing rules to bring the player to justice.

Algerian players continue to play on foreign sites. For this reason, a department for blocking foreign websites is currently working and a bill has been registered to ban the use of VPN services.

If we summarize the above, we can say that no matter how strongly the Algerian government tries to completely eradicate gambling from the lives of the local population, players will still find a way to spend time with their favorite casino.

Best Deposit Methods for Algerian Gamblers

Many modern online casinos allow players to play the game without registering. Most often this is a demo version of games in which you do not need to make real bets. The disadvantage of this game is the fact that you can not win money. When players want to immerse themselves in the dimension of excitement and adventure, they should replenish the deposit. For residents of Algeria who love to play games, this question will be very relevant. Due to existing bans in the country, bank transfers will be rejected. Unfortunately, this also applies to bank cards from local banks. But in great happiness, modern payment systems allow you to maintain anonymity and make payments from anywhere in the world.

Such popular international payment systems include e-wallets, virtual prepaid cards and even payment gateways that will make an anonymous and secure transfer. When using payment gateways, Algerian residents will be able to use their debit or credit card.

Neteller and Skrill remain the most popular payment systems in Algeria, as in other Muslim countries. You can read more detailed information about these payment systems on our website. The players from Algeria have a wide choice of methods for deposit replenishment. Each resident will be able to choose the most suitable way for themselves.

It is important to remember that when playing gambling, you should not forget that this is not a method of making money, but just a game. Try not to spend more than you planned and control all game processes to avoid game dependency in the future.

Accepted Currencies in Algeria

Algeria gained independence in 1962. Since that time, the government thought about entering the national currency. Before independence, Algerians used the Algerian franc. In 1964, the Algerian dinar was introduced in cash. Since 1966, the dinar has experienced several inflations, as a result of which has depreciated by more than 60%. The course leveled out already in the 90s.

In Algeria, you can meet money in denominations of 100, 200, 500 and 2000 dinars. Most often, money is issued in the form of paper notes, but 5, 10, 20 and 50 dinars are issued in the form of coins. Coins less than 1 dinar are practically not found in Algeria.

As for the replenishment of deposits in the online casino in Algeria, everything will depend on the chosen online resource. Most likely the casino will offer you to replenish your account in such international currencies as dollar or euro. Many online casinos convert money automatically.

Residents can independently make currency exchange in local banks. But there are very few exchange offices in Algeria compared to other countries.

Summing up, it can be argued that players from Algeria will be able to safely and conveniently and quickly replenish deposits and withdraw winnings from an online casino.

Customer Support

Before choosing a casino, we often study all its pros and cons. One of the important points is the availability of support services on the site. Very often, players have some questions regarding the operation of the site or payments. For residents of Algeria, it will not be a problem to find online casinos with highly qualified support service. Players from Algeria can play on foreign resources that offer many interesting opportunities for players.

Most sites offer several options for communication with the operator to choose from. For example, you can contact casino by phone. Only in this case, there may be some difficulties with the language barrier. In addition to calls, you can also send an email there to describe in detail the question that interests you. Most likely you will receive a response within a few days. In that case, if your situation requires an immediate solution, we recommend that you use online chat. This way you can get answers to all your questions almost instantly.

It is very important to clarify all the questions from specialists, and not to try to solve everything yourself. Consultants online casino will be happy to help you in any situation.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Algeria

It is very difficult to predict the future of online casinos in Algeria. As we could see from the history of the development of gambling, in Algeria such entertainment was never welcomed. To a large extent, this is due to religion. According to Sharia law, all forms of gambling entertainment are prohibited. The regulatory framework of Algeria is full of different laws that not only prohibit the distribution of gambling in the country, but also provides for fines and other types of punishment. Only in the last 10 years, the laws in Algeria have become more stringent not only concerning game suppliers, but also for the players themselves. Serious measures were taken to block foreign sites. And already at the moment, a bill has been registered to prohibit Algerian residents from using a VPN server.

If we think about the future of online casinos in Algeria, then in our opinion the situation in the country will not change soon. But it is important to note that every year the statistics of visiting online casinos by residents is growing. Despite strict laws, the gaming industry is growing at a very slow pace.

Most likely, we should not expect the next legalization of online casinos, but we are sure that players from Algeria will have access to foreign gaming resources. How will the future of the gaming industry in the country become clear only after a few years? While the players have to watch the development of events and enjoy the game.

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