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A small but beautiful and unusually diverse country called Albania is located in Southeastern Europe. Albania is famous for its incredibly beautiful nature and the combination of huge mountains and unlimited sea. Albania is diverse not only by its nature but also by its population. On the territory of Albania, several nations live peacefully and are distinguished by their culture and faith. If you look at the laws in force in Albania, it becomes clear that this is a very loyal and democratic country. Gambling entertainment is not prohibited in Albania, but it is strictly controlled and regulated.

History of Gambling in Albania

There is no official data on when exactly gambling first appeared on the territory of Albania. Nowhere is it mentioned that throughout the history of the country there were different types of casinos. Until 1991, Albania was the Socialist Republic where all forms of gambling were strictly prohibited. After the socialist regime was overthrown, the new government of Albania made every effort to expedite the legalization of the gambling business in the country. However, it is considered that in the 90s lottery and sports betting began to be in demand. This was influenced by the fact that Albania is located in Europe, where gambling and casinos gained popularity in the early 20th century. There is an opinion that Albania is one of the last countries in Europe that introduced gambling so late. Deviation from the European norm was due to several reasons:

  • Until 1991, Albania was a communist state;
  • The first innovator president is considered to be Sali Berisha, who was elected to the post in 1992;
  • Most of the population of Albania is Muslim, and according to the Islamic religion, all forms of gambling are prohibited.

From the 90s, small lotteries gradually began to be held in Albania and bets were taken. But officially, the opening of the first casino dates back to 2005. Soon after the opening of a land-based casino, in 2005, the first license for gaming activity was issued under the name Regency International Casino Sh.A.

Shortly before that, in 1995, Astra Albania Sh.A started its operations, which offered various game services to residents in small towns and villages.

Gradually, gambling began to occupy a significant place in the life of Albania, this also applies to online casinos as well. Since there were no laws regarding online gambling on the territory of Albania for a long time, you will not see a single domestic online casino. But despite, there are no rules and regulations that would prohibit foreign resources or block them.
Concerned about the popularity of bookmakers and casinos, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke out against gambling. In 2013, an operation was carried out called “End of Madness”. As a result of the fight against shadow rates and strict checks, more than 2000 violations were revealed.

In 2015, the Minister of Finance of Albania expressed extreme concern about several economic irregularities, despite strict laws and regulations. Based on this, in 2015 it was decided to transfer a large part of casinos and betting shops to tourist areas to reduce the negative impact on the local population. To encourage casino operators and bookmakers to move, new tax rates were introduced. According to the new rules, taxes on rates and casino activities in the city center were several times higher than in tourist areas.

Due to the introduction of some restrictions and prohibitions, according to statistics for 2017, Albania lost more than 390 million euros of income from gambling for the period from 2014 to 2016. In 2018, the Albanian government decided to cut taxes for gambling establishments, but this decision was rejected by the current president.

According to statistics, the sports industry in Albania has grown so much that its annual turnover was estimated at more than 700 million euros. Concerned by these data, the government of Albania and in October 2018 adopted a law prohibiting sports betting and some other types of gambling. According to the law, from 2019 most of the bookmakers and gambling halls will be closed. The law has spread to online bookmakers. The Albanian government aims to allow only large land-based casinos in hotels, a national lottery game and a television game of bingo. Such measures have caused a storm of indignation from the bookmakers who have lost their licenses. Now several disputes and court sessions are being conducted because representatives of companies demand the state to pay them damages.

Despite the innovations, Albanian residents can still play on foreign gaming sites. So far there is no specific body that would fully monitor and block offshore resources. Further development of the gaming business in Albania will become clear soon.

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Types of Online Casino in Albania

It is impossible to deny the fact that the online casino industry in Albania is going through hard times. But despite the strict control and bans, Albanians continue to visit foreign sites. Much attention has recently been focused on online gaming platforms. Albanian legislation does not regulate the activities of online casinos to the fullest extent, just as it does not list options for dealing with offshore resources. We can say that online casinos in Albania are not a crime, but at the same time, it is not stated anywhere about its legalization. Of all the possible types of online gambling entertainment, the most popular are local sports betting and the activities of bookmakers, which are now massively closing and canceling licenses. Whatever the situation with domestic providers, the citizens of Albania can play freely on foreign websites. Moreover, all casinos are divided into several types:

  • Downloadable online casinos (To play in such a casino you need to download the software to your device. Before downloading files, check the license of the casino and also read the user agreement. In most cases, the software works with any operating system your computer’s hard drive must have enough free memory. Downloadable resources offer high graphics and fascinating storylines. You will be delighted with such a game);
  • Games via browser (This type of casino is the most popular. To play such games you don’t need to download additional files for a long time. At the same time, the quality and diversity of the games offered are no different from downloadable online casinos. Pay attention to your plugin (Java or Flash), it must be downloaded and updated to the latest version).
  • Mobile casinos ( A modern person is often outside the home, and sometimes you want to spend your spare time enjoying a pleasant game. Albanians can download a special application to their smartphone and enjoy their favorite entertainment anywhere The owners of IOS and Android may notice that not all casinos boast a mobile application, but such resources offer a mobile version of the site through a browser);
  • Live online casinos (This is a relatively new but very popular type of online games. Live games are a great alternative to ground-based gaming establishments. Playing in live online casinos you will find yourself in a real room with a live dealer and other players. This is a great opportunity to get the casino atmosphere without leaving a comfortable chair).

Please, check our casino guide to know more about the most reliable casinos that are available for Albanian players.

Types of Casino Games for Albania Gamblers

The list of people who want to play games after a busy day is very long. Each player is unique and therefore the entertainment on the site should also be as diverse as possible. In the modern casino, you can find hundreds of unique and exciting games. For the convenience of users, casino operators try to divide all games into categories. Board games fans can play Roulette, Keno, Bingo and many other games. If you are a fan of the classics, then surely choose the slot machines. Modern gaming machines are significantly different from old machines with fruits and bells. Now there are three-drum, five-drum, and other slot machines. Besides, in this section, you can win a huge amount of money by choosing progressive jackpot games. Professional players often give preference to card games, such as Poker or Blackjack.

But this is probably not the whole list of categories that the game resource will offer you. Also, in each of these categories, there will be dozens or hundreds of types of games. Such a variety of entertainment allows absolutely any category of users to play in gambling. Beginners often prefer “games for good luck.” That is how people call games that do not require the study of additional rules. Pay attention to whether the casino site indicates the use of a random number generator. Only in this way can you fully protect yourself from fraud. Regular players who for a long time playing in a casino have developed their strategy to choose more complex games, which focus not luck but on their knowledge.

As you may have noticed, gambling is as diverse and unique as the people who play them. It doesn’t matter if you choose dice or lotto, or more complex video poker. The main goal of this game is to give you pleasure from the process itself.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Albania

Despite the fact that most of the population of Albania is Muslim, several types of gambling entertainment are allowed in the country. For the first time, gambling was legalized in 1991. However, the legislative framework more regulated ground-based casinos and did not pay enough attention to online gaming establishments.

The main law on casino activities was adopted in 2015. The “Gambling Law in the Republic of Albania” permits all types of games, however, it introduces stricter measures to identify casinos that deviate from paying taxes. Besides, according to the law, taxes in tourist regions were several times less than in city centers.

However, in 2018, the Albanian parliament tried to change the policy by proposing to reduce taxes to increase the state’s profit from the gambling business. This decision caused outrage among the president, and almost immediately Ilir Meta put a veto on the bill. Such a negative attitude of the president regarding betting shops was triggered by the latest statistics, according to which Albanians spent huge sums of money on sports betting and gambling. Worried about the material condition of families with lower than average incomes, as well as trying to prevent dependency, Ilir Meta proposed to amend the current legislation. Already in October 2018, a companion law was passed, which significantly limits the activities of bookmakers, gambling halls and online casinos. The law came into force in 2019 and therefore many companies lost their licenses. Now there are numerous disputes and courts between the government and businessmen, but at the moment no new bills have been registered.

In Albania, there is also a regulatory body called the Gambling Control Agency. His authority is to regulate the activities of all land-based casinos, bookmakers, lotteries and so on. The agency is also responsible for setting tariffs for local casino operators and calculates the violations.

However, at this stage in Albania only brick casinos are controlled and licensed. And in spite of some bans, there are no concrete actions to combat foreign online casinos. Based on this, Albanian residents can safely play on offshore sites.

The law does not specify the specific age at which gambling can be played online, but according to the rules of most online casinos, the minimum age of players must be at least 18 or 21 years.

Best Deposit Methods for Albania Gamblers

The gaming business is developing and growing every day. Already, many foreign online casinos and bookmakers offer users an interface in Albanian. Some resources offer free demos of games, but you can feel the excitement and fully plunge into the world of casinos only by replenishing your deposit. In the 21st century, there is a huge number of payment systems that are suitable for each type of player. For players from Albania, there are also many options for depositing money in online casinos. One of the oldest but most reliable payment methods is bank transfer. The largest bank in Albania – Banka Kombetare Tregtare is considered to be the leader in the number of transactions associated with gambling entertainment. But according to the latest changes in legislation, players may experience some difficulties while paying by this method. Most likely, a bank transfer can be used for a local bingo game or a national lottery game. Debit and credit cards Visa and MasterCard are also considered to be equally safe and popular. But in this case, it is also important to consider the likelihood that the payment may be declined. Do not be discouraged, because many alternative payment systems have proven themselves around the world. You can use e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller. An excellent replacement for bank transfers will be the Payeer payment system, which is considered to be the leader in Eastern Europe. For those who want to remain completely anonymous, Flexepin vouchers are perfect (approved by Albanian players).

In addition to the above payment methods in Albania, you probably can still find a huge number of payment gateways, electronic checks, and other things. It is very important before transferring money to the casino, make sure it is safe and secure.

Accepted Currencies in Albania

For a long time, Albania was not considered a separate state and did not have a domestic currency. Only after independence was proclaimed in 1912, French and Italian currencies began to be introduced. The first Albanian monetary unit appeared already in February 1926.

In 1926, the national currency of Albania becomes the golden franc. At the same time, another currency has come into use called lek. One franc was equal to five leks. After Albania survived the crisis and the occupation was decided to leave only one national currency, namely lek. In 1947, the francs were exchanged for a new currency in the ratio of 1 franc = 9 leks. Since then, the lek was modified several times and the old banknotes were replaced by new ones in 1949 and 1965. On the official website of the National Bank of Albania, you can view samples of paper money and coins, as well as see photos of banknotes taken from everyday life.

On the territory of Albania, the euro is widespread. In most cases, all prices are listed in leks, but sometimes housing prices can be quoted in euros. ATMs of Albania give money in two currencies (lek and euro) of your choice. As for online casinos, Albanian players most often bet in euros, but increasingly you will see on the casino sites the opportunity to replenish the deposit with the help of leks. What currency to play in a casino will choose you will depend on the casino and your preference.

Customer Support

When players choose online casinos, special attention is paid to customer support. This is not strange, because often each of us may encounter difficulties in the operation of the site or paying a deposit and other issues. The resource must offer players a quality support service. All licensed Monaco casinos, including offshore casinos, offer several options for communicating with a consultant:

  • Write a letter and send it to the postal address (most often it is used for resolving substantial disputes between the player and the casino or for recommendations from users);
  • Write an email to an email (you can use this feedback option if your question requires careful research and takes a little time to resolve it);
  • Call the phone number listed on the site (a quick and convenient way to contact a consultant. Depending on the online casino, telephone support will work around the clock or only on weekdays);
  • Online chat (the fastest option to communicate with the operator, is used to instantly solve simple issues);

Online consultants are happy to provide you with professional advice and help in solving the complexity.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Albania

Albania is without a doubt a very friendly and beautiful country. The Albanian government is trying to adopt democratic laws and at the same time protect citizens from undesirable events. It is for this reason that a rather controversial gambling situation has now developed in Albania.

It can be a long time to guess how the fate of online casinos in Albania will continue. We see that now the government is making maximum efforts to limit the people of Albania from sports betting and other online gambling. Only land-based casinos and the national lottery remained allowed in the country. Such a serious step in the fight against gambling was caused by statistics, according to which Albanian residents spend about 700 million euros on bookmakers. Of course, the Albanian government cares about the standard of living of citizens, and the high costs in online casinos can significantly affect residents with lower than average incomes.

Perhaps further in Albania additional laws will be enacted that will limit the activities of foreign online casinos and will block access to players from Albania. But there is another scenario. For this, one should adopt a list of norms and rules aimed at the development of the gambling business in Albania. It is enough to do the following steps:

  • Create a new supervisory authority that will license the online casino;
  • Limit the age of players (from 21 years);
  • Create a single register of problem players or players who have previously had a dependency;
  • Create a support phone where relatives can go complaining of gambling addiction;
  • Limit the number of rates per day or month.

All of the above points will help gambling in the network to develop, but at the same time be strictly controlled and will save the people of Albania from dependence.
We can only observe the further development of events and wait for the decision of the Albanian government.

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