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UnionPay Withdrawal Casinos Method

UnionPay is one of the most famous payment methods in the world right now. Firstly, it is well known as the way of how to pay for a number of things from Chinese shops online. But it is also used to withdraw cash from ATM terminals all over the world. As of right now, more than 150 countries successfully use this method as the main way to cash out money from web games.

It was created by China’s government. They wanted to make a national payment system. As a result, it became more popular than they could imagine. Since 2005, it has changed dramatically, especially in terms of service. The player does not have to do anything unique to become a member of the community.

In order to get a personal profile, the gamer just needs to sign up through the developer’s website. It can be done with the power of any credit or debit card. But even if the player has no bank account, the system itself will help to get a plastic card. It is possible to order one with the help of a special form on the web page, which comes in handy.

If talk about numbers, this service has the biggest quantity of cards that was ordered by clients. As of right now, there are more than four billion copies all over the world. Most of them are still active.

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UnionPay – what does it give to the player?

UnionPay offers many opportunities for users from all over the globe. They will get an access to their finances at any given moment. The only thing they will need to do is to install an application for a smartphone or a tablet. It contains many valuable functions.

The gamer will be able to easily withdraw cash from a favorite casino game within a couple of seconds. Then, he/she will be able to use this money whenever he/she would like to by simply connecting the service to his/her bank balance.

Almost any ATM terminal in shops and stores works with this system. Therefore, it will not be hard to figure out how everything works. However, the gamer should know that all operations will take a fee for making them possible. That is why the user will have to pay one percent for transferring cash to other users.

Considering this service, there are some limitations to the way the gamer can operate with cash. If he/she wants to make operations with a big amount of cash, he/she should use a golden member card, which offers many additional opportunities. But before the gamer will be able to get it, he/she needs to use the service on regular basis. Then the player will be able to take advantage out of all aspects of the method and especially, the loyalty system.


In case of location, there are no limits. The player can operate with gamers from all foreign countries without any problems and time troubles. The system will do everything automatically just after sending a request on transferring money to other users from the Earth. All advantages of this service are available for users of VISA and MasterCard systems. No matter how old the player is, he/she will quickly figure how everything works. However, the user needs to be at least eighteen years old.

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