Transferencia Bancaria Local Withdrawal Casinos Method

Transferencia Bancaria Local allows the gamer to transfer funds in local currency directly from a bank account to a profile in the game. It is possible to make all operations online with the help of a personal cabinet on the website of the service, through the telephone service or by sending information on a transfer to the company of the project owner with the help of mail or fax.
This payment method is fully integrated in games from all over the world. If the gamer clicks on this service in the list of available ways of how to pay for bets, he/she will be redirected to a special window where it is possible to make all operations the user wants without wasting time on going to another blank. Then it is needed to choose one of the ways of depositing and enter the amount of cash that the player wants to get on his/her profile in the system. Moreover, a series of instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.
The instructions will include a unique and single-use reference number. You must include this unique and one-time reference number in the instructions sent to your bank when you send the payment. Failure to send the reference number may result in delay or loss of the payment. But the gamer can contact the support team of the service to solve the problem within a couple of minutes.

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Transferencia Bancaria Local – for everyday use

The transfer can take up to 4 business days to be credited to the gamer. Once the player will request the operation, it will send a special PIN-code with the number that should be entered in order to accept all terms of use and confirm that only the gamer himself/herself has an access to the financial balance. Every time the gamer will send a request on making the operation, he/she will have up to two weeks on thinking whether he/she really wants to do that.
The service itself has no limits on making transfers, which means that the gamer will be limited only by the rules of his/her own deposit method. Everything else can be made by this service. But how does the currency conversion work?
To convert deposits to the currency of the country, the company uses the current exchange rate in the market that is published by XE. However, it will also take a little commission for making the conversion possible. If the player wants to know more about how it all works, he/she needs to go to the official website of the service and look up to the manual with all details on how much it all costs for the player to use this method.
According to current conditions, the service itself will not take any money out of the gamer. However, the connected electronic wallet or card can take a fee for making exchanges in the system. Take it in mind in case you are about to start using the power of this method.


Transferencia Bancaria Local is a combination of different services, because it allows to get more with doing less. Just do not be scared to try it out, because it is allowed to use the power of this system at any given moment, twenty-four hours per day. It means that the gamer will be allowed to get advantages out of it even at night.