Solo (by Skrill) Withdrawal Casinos Method

Solo (by Skrill) is another type of a payment method from the famous company. It delivers not only a couple of great functions and abilities, but also a way on how to secure the financial info and details on the person of the gamer.
In the twenty-first century, nothing is as important as information. The creators of this service know that. It is the reason why they decided to make Solo (by Skrill) work with almost any banking system, such as VISA and MasterCard. The player will not have to worry about his/her personal data leaked. The developers of the service worked hard just to make sure that the level of risk with their method would be on a very low level.
The player can easily take benefits out of this method. He/she only needs to use the profile from the Skrill system. With the help of it, the user will be able to sign in to the service at any given moment. The player does not have to be a professional if he/she wants to become a member of this system.
The gamer can be frustrated with a big amount of different functions that can be used in the system. However, it can look complicated only at first. The player can find many different guides online without wasting any time and easily figure out how everything works.

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Solo (by Skrill) – what is waiting for you?

Solo (by Skrill) is trying to keep its rates and commissions low. Using the electronic wallet of the system to pay at digital stores, the player will not only save a lot of time, but he/she also will be happy not being charged of some extra fees.
Another great thing about this service is that the player will have a chance on receiving money from other users without paying any cent. It comes in handy, because the gamer can use the power of this service not only to make operations, but also to save money on his/her financial balance.
Adding funds to the system usually does not require any fees, although some options involve a minimum charge, which will be clearly indicated. Sending money to an email address will cost the gamer about 1.45% of the amount of cash he/she is going to send.
To make operations even easier, the player must use the power of the official application for Android or iOS. It contains the list of standard functions and even more – an ability to see the whole statistic over finances. The gamer will have an access to his/her money at any given moment.
It is only a matter of time when this method will be available in all casino projects. Because the company that created Solo is well-known in the gaming community. It is respected and has a lot of good feedbacks from players of all types.


Solo (by Skrill) is hard to be described in words. It must be used by all respectful gamers, because it is available in almost any country. However, the list of projects that are working together with this system is limited now. Nevertheless, in the nearby future the situation may change.