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PugglePay Withdrawal Casinos Method

PugglePay is a relatively new method for crediting your casino account. However, it is designed only for making deposits, being not applicable for claiming withdrawals of your winnings from gambling websites. This company is well-known in such countries as Sweden and Finland and inevitably, you have to be a citizen of one of those countries to be able to get the most of this service. The thing is that you will need to pass a brief registration process with confirmation of your identity. This could require sending copies of your documents, such as driver’s license, passport or your ID card, to the management team. After your identity is confirmed, you can avail their services.

It is very simple to work with this payment method. You only need to have your mobile phone and send a quick message with all basic details of the payment that you want to perform. Next, you will get a confirmation code via SMS and if you confirm it in an appropriate way, then you will get a final invoice. What you get is a credit that you will then need to pay out. This means that your casino account will be topped up and ready for play. At the same time, you will need to pay the money that you requested to top up your account with, and there is a variety of methods for doing that – from online payments to ordinary bank transactions.

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Likes and Dislikes of PugglePay

As we have mentioned before, PugglePay is more of a payment method. You will not be able to choose this company as both your depositing and withdrawal method. This might lead to the situation when you have your depositing fast and easy, while you also need to think of some other way to transfer your payouts, and of course you would have to make an additional effort to choose the safest, the fastest, and the most beneficial way of doing that.

PugglePay also has some restrictions regarding payments. If you fail to pay off the credit within 14 days, your debt will be passed to a collecting company. To avoid unpleasant situations you will have to keep an eye after all of your payments and not to forget to cover it all within the expected timeframes.

All in all, this method is very convenient to use when you need to top up your casino account as fast as possible. This is also a very secure method because you don ot have to enter all your sensitive financial data anywhere on external casino servers, which means that you stay safe and no other person will know how much money you store on your bank account or what is your billing address.


What can be easier for depositing to your gambling website than just sending an SMS? Luckily, PugglePay is all about that. You will not have to tell anyone details of your bank account or credit card to be able to keep playing. Another advantage is that this method does not charge you with any commission, so you can save some money comparing to the use of other electronic wallets and especially speaking about any direct bank transfers.

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