Przelewy Withdrawal Casinos Method

Przelewy is a local Polish bank that gained itself some solid reputation in this country. Many Polish citizens choose particularly this bank because of its loyal conditions and some interesting offers regarding user and merchant accounts as well. Speaking of good conditions if you are choosing among many payment methods available at internet casinos that you are playing, you definitely want to make sure that these conditions satisfy your requirements for such aspects as safety, the lack of high commission fees percentages, the speed of transactions and other things like that. You want to choose the company that is the most loyal for its customers.

Przelewy Bank, just like any financial institution across the globe, performs all standard bank operations that you might need. They have their online digital bank accounts as well, so you can perform secure and fast transactions of money both locally and internationally. It means that when considering this bank for playing, you should live in Poland. Only in this way, it is the most convenient way to make most of services of this bank. Just create a bank account, a credit or debit card account, and you are good to go. In the casino cashier section you can choose either card operations or direct bank transfer. Maybe even your casino offers taking advantage out of this bank’s Przelewy24 online service for performing money transactions both ways.

Likes and Dislikes of Przelewy

What is really good about any bank and this one especially is that you can avail its services both in a direct way and by assigning it to other financial digital accounts, like all kinds of electronic wallets. The instant banking service is also available without signing into your account or typing in any essential data that might be leaked on the web. Although, this option is only available for depositing to your gaming account, and not for withdrawing your winnings.

However, any bank transaction typically takes a few business day. Meaning that you will have to wait for some time while your winnings credit straight to the bank account or while your deposit will become visible at your casino account and ready for use, which takes even longer because not any transaction can be processed on holidays and weekends. This can be not that comfortable, especially if you feel like playing right now or if you need your winnings to be withdrawn as fast as possible.

By the way, the bank applies some commission fees for any customer. Rules like these mostly relate to depositing. In other cases, especially when you credit your account, no commission is normally applied, which is a benefit for saving most of your winnings.


Przelewy is a popular local bank and if you are playing on casino websites while living in Poland, it can appear the most convenient option for you to choose, since you operate your funds straight from your official bank account without any intermediaries.