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In the twenty-first century, it is hard not to find service that will allow withdrawing money out of online projects. But it can take some time for the gamer to find a really good payment method. One of them is OKPay that was established back in 2009. It was created by developers from the United Kingdom as an alternative for standard banks and quickly became popular among gamers.

One thing that defines this method from others is an ability to make payments with the use of title signs. It means the gamer does not have to use bank account only if he/she wants to make deposits. It is allowed to use such services, like Liqpay, Bitcoin, Yandex and much more.

Because of that, the player can be sure that his/her data and info will be protected from other users and sites. No one else will know who has made the operation. All users inside of the system are anonymous. It is great to know that because the protection of personality is the main problem nowadays.

In order to protect clients of the service from being hacked, all operations require special PIN-code from the gamer. It will help to make sure that only the gamer himself/herself has an access to the balance.

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OKPay – simplicity as it is

With OKPay, the player can forget about problems with internet payments. All operations inside the system can be done in a couple of minutes. It comes helpful for gamers who do not want to waste all their free time for just transferring money to users from other countries.

The service works internationally and here comes its biggest advantage – the player will only have to pay a little fee of 0.5 percent from the amount of money that he/she is about to send. There is also a referral system for all beginners. With the use of it, the gamer will have a chance of making money by simply inviting friends or relatives to join the community of this system.

By the way, the service has a certain limitation for anonymous gamers. Without registering of their real name, surname and place of living, they will only have a chance of operating with three hundred euros per month. It is the price of confidentiality nowadays.

If the player wants to take much more advantages out of the service, then he/she needs to verify an account by accepting the terms of use in the letter that will be send on email, personal phone number or anything like that. After doing so, there will be much more functions available for gamers.


The player should also know that by the date of March 28, 2018, all data of OKPay was transferred to the servers of MoneyPolo. All money that the user had before will be available after. The only difference will be in the user interface. It will become much smoother and simpler to make sure that all, even unexperienced gamers, will have a chance on understanding how everything works.

Veteran users will see by their own self that a new interface is much better than the previous one. Especially, if talk about visual representation and functions. It might take some time to adapt to it. In case the player wants to use the service whenever he/she would like to, he/she can install the official application on a smartphone or a tablet.

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