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Multibanko Withdrawal Casinos Method

Multibanko is one of the oldest payment method that the gamer can find in online games. Many casinos from around the world are happy to work with this particular service. It was firstly introduced in Portugal with the ability to connect with more than twenty-seven banks. But now, everything has dramatically changed because of the internet technologies. It is fully integrated to work with different projects, with those that already exist, as well, as with those, that are only about to be presented.

This service is available on all platforms. It doesn’t matter which one of them the gamer is using. Most of them are based on MBNET and TeleMultibanko technologies. But the best about all of this is that the gamer can use them whenever he would like to even if it will be in the night.

The only requirement is to sign up through the official website. The gamer can do that easily with the help of any bank account. That is the only requirement to the player. He needs to get a credit or debit card of any system, in order to get personal profile inside of this method.

But he doesn’t have to pay anything in order to take advantages out of this withdrawal methodic. It’s totally free for all users. The only pay that the user have to do is a fee for transfers.

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Multibanko – it has many names

If the player is set to use this method he needs to understand that times when he has only a couple of functions are gone. Now it has much more to offer for users from around the globe. The gamer can not only withdrawal cash from projects, that he likes, but he can also use other benefits, such as transfers between different users, checking the balance with the power of the official application, prepaid mobile bills and much more.

All these options are pretty good for gamers of all types. According to statistic, more than 630 million transactions were made in recent year. It’s a huge number for a web-based service. But it’s not shocking. It is simple not only for gamers themselves, but also for developers, who can easily add this service to any project they would like to.

In case of security, Multibanko is one of the best decisions. The gamer can use it to pay for bills, buy stuff in the internet. But if he wants, he can also use the better way – physical cards .It can be ordered right from the web page of the service. With the use of them, the player will have to type-in the special PIN-code. If he will fail for three times in a row, his profile money will freeze and the credit card will not be returned. It is a good way of securing the user from hackers and robbers.


It’s hard to find bad sides at such a good and old service like this one. It exists for far too long and has seen a lot of things in recent couple of years. That’s why the player will find it interesting to enjoy the power of it and the true power of all available functions. In case something will happen or go wrong he can just contact the support team and they will do everything that the gamer need in order to make him happy again.

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