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Megafon Withdrawal Casinos Method

Megafon is a Russian mobile operator that functions on the territory of Russian Federation. Consecutively, as a method of payment for the casino gambling online, this company services are suitable with only a limited number of casinos that they work with. If you happen to live in this country, then it’s another story for you. With the convenience and loyalty offers from this operator, you will find it much easier and faster to choose it as your constant depositing method.

Why is Megafon different from other methods that are offered by the Cashier of your virtual gambling portal? Well, it’s an easy question to answer. With other approaches, you would have to assign your credit card or your bank account to the gaming account. This process can sometimes take much time. Moreover, it requires you to obtain an international banking card to perform the international transactions respectively. On the other hand, Megafon offers you the instant top up of your gambling coin dower chest. It works in the easiest way possible – with the help of sms messages.

All that you will have to do is send a traditional sms message with abiding by the rules that your casino requires. Then you will get a confirmation message. If you answer to that, your mobile credit will be proceeded to your virtual gaming account. And you will be able to enjoy your gambling right away.

However, there are also a few rules that you need to keep in mind in order to make a deposit like that. First of all, remember that you need no less than 10 RUB to be left on your account after this transaction. Also, keep in mind that they charge the commission of 12.3% with every payment. They also have cash limits to be withdrawn like daily, monthly and one at time limits.

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Pros and Cons of Megafon

Topping up your casino account with the help of a quick sms message is easier than ever. Everyone can send an sms even if they don’t have the internet connection or they don’t have a fancy smartphone. You also won’t have to use your credit card or find another ways to pay like looking through the list of appropriate electronic wallets, registering your account there and assigning your bank cards and accounts to it.

One of the drawbacks of Megafon could be that they charge quite a large amount of commission fee per each payment, which can be considered a huge turn-off. IT would be cheaper to pay through any ewallet or banking cards in case if they pass the management control stage and verification of your personality. The limits that this company set per transaction also control your ability to play. This feature could be useful for some who is struggling from the gambling addiction, for example. Whereas, if you are a high-roller, you won’t be satisfied with this method, which obviously doesn’t offer many opportunities for big wins.


The mobile operator of the local kind like Megafon can be considered a good choice if you just want to try out what it’s like to play real casino online. It charges money from your mobile credit. If you find that method inconvenient, you need to look for other ones, which are listed in the cashier section of the gambling website that you are registered at.

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