Mastercard (by Neteller) Withdrawal Casinos Method

Among all the payment methods available on every common online casino website, electronic wallets remain the most popular. Why most players admire them? It’s simple. They are the fastest and the simplest method of operating your funds. Every single transaction that you proceed happens instantly. In just a few moments after you send your inquiry, you will be granted with an account credit or receive your instant payment. One of these payments could be the topping up of your casino account. If you live in Europe, Neteller can be one of the most convenient electronic wallets to deal with.

Some people might complain that those wallets are being just a digital representation of the money that you could possibly have. You can only pay online with their help and that payments are also restricted to certain merchants that accept these kinds of wallets. With Neteller, however, it is a little bit different. Just like any advanced mobile wallet, this financial company can issue their own prepaid plastic card. They issue these cards on the MasterCard platform, so it is no different from your regular bank card with a credit or debit account!

How to get the MasterCard by Neteller and enjoy spending your money wherever you want? Simply request one when you are logged in your Neteller account on their website! Confirm your shipping address, set the four-digit pin code, and they will send it to you within 2 to 10 business days.

Mastercard (by Neteller) Pros and Cons

One of the obvious advantages is that this company applies the newest security standards while issuing their plastic cards. The special chip will allow you to make purchases without typing in your pin code in public places, which enhances your privacy on many levels. Consider also activating your card before use because otherwise it won’t be eligible for paying or making any other operations.

This card works just like any other MasterCard plastic. You can withdraw cash from any ATM cash machine, you can pay online or by using POS terminals. All the transactions are processed instantly and you don’t have to wait. You can send your casino winnings straight to your electronic wallet and start using them right away with help of your plastic card.

However, there are also a few drawbacks as well. First of them is that these cards are available only for members of the European Economic Area. This limits the use of ewallet Neteller, which is a little bit uncomfortable. Next disadvantage is that they apply commission fees for operating with big winnings. For example, each transaction fee is commonly 3.99%. But the annual fee is very little – just 10 US dollars.


MasterCard makes the use of your ewallet Neteller much more convenient in real life. You can go shopping anywhere where plastic cards are accepted, go to the restaurant or fitness club. Anything is possible! You can also make online purchases. Your casino winnings can be transferred instantly and they will be ready for use the next moment. However, there are some minor limitations that they apply, which you have to deal with.