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Among all the traditional payment methods, cryptocurrency looks quite promising. Since it is not tied to any governmental company, any financial institution like a national bank, it becomes fully independent. Litecoin is a crypto-currency that uses the Bitcoin technology, but at the same time has a few essential bonuses comparing to its older brother. By using Litecoin, you will have the access to the open-source virtual money that does not depend on any of the country’s currency rate. You don’t care how much do the dollar or euro today cost. Meanwhile, you will be able to instantly convert your Litecoins to any of the currencies you like.

What distinguishes this type of crypto-currency from any other is the speed of transactions. With Bitcoins, you would have to wait some time for the confirmation, whereas with Litecoins, the transaction proceeds much faster. This fact appears quite beneficial when thinking of performing this kind of operations with casino websites. You will have an instant access to your topped up account and the pleasure of a never stopping game. Withdrawals of your gained winnings will happen just as fast and easy.

Good news is that, if the rate of this cryptocurrency rises, your winnings will significantly rise, as well. That’s when you know it will be exactly the time for converting it to any of the local or international currencies. Nevertheless, there is a growing number of merchants that offer purchasing their goods and services with the help of the Litecoin. You won’t even have any hassle with converting the money!

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Litecoin – Likes and Dislikes

Just like any cryptocurrency, Litecoin doesn’t come that easy. You can earn it on your day job. However, you can buy even a tiny bit of a Litecoin and keep it in your wallet. The obvious advantage is that your electronic wallet will be highly encrypted. No sensitive financial information about you will be available on any of the world’s servers, which makes the financial resources much safer to use and to collect.

Having said that, buying the whole coin or even parts of it can actually burn a hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, another option on how to get them is to mine them. There are nearly 84 million of Litecoins that can ever be mined, meaning that you have much more opportunities to get them than if talking about the Bitcoins. However, you need some certain skills and knowledge to make that happen and not become a victim of a fraud.

The rise and fall in the rate of Litecoins can be another possible disadvantage of using them. For example, you have won quite a big prize and the next day the course of this virtual currency has fallen in a few folds. This could be upsetting. You always have to watch its rises and falls in order not to lose money, which adds some worries to your everyday routine.


Using crypto-currencies can appear quite a tempting possibility for newcomers and experienced casino players. Whether you choose it for your transactions and savings or not, be sure that you know when to convert them to real currency and when it is better to leave it as it is. Litecoins are considered to be better than Bitcoins regarding the possibility of mining them and the speed of transactions, which is also being a positive side to this method.

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