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LifeCell Withdrawal Casinos Method

When you get introduced to all of the payment methods that your casino website offers, you begin understanding one essential feature. At the cashier section of most of them you will find two groups of methods with one big difference. One large group represents two-way services. It means that you can both perform deposits and withdrawals with that one. Secondly, there is a group that represents services available only for one of the operations, whether it is a payment or payout.

Paying with the help of the Lifecell mobile operator represents only one way service. It is meant for depositing to your virtual casino account. It is available without any specific requirements to the local time of your country, which is especially beneficial comparing to traditional methods, such as direct bank wire transfer, as long as the latter is strictly tied to the bank’s working hours.

Essentially, you can top up your account with the function of SMS depositing. The operation is quite easy and we are sure that you’ve paid for various services with an algorithm like that many times before. All that you need to do is just to send an appropriate SMS message, required by the website that you’re gambling on. In response, you will get a confirmation message on whether you are sure you want your money to be taken from your mobile credit.

If you confirm this transaction, then your casino account is to be topped up with the amount of money that you choose. Note that to make this service available you need a website that supports your particular mobile operator. Secondly of all, you will also need some basic amount of funds to be left on your mobile account as a result of this operation.

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Pros and Cons of LifeCell

Lifecell, like any mobile connection provider in the world, is a quick and easy way to deposit on your casino account. It is also convenient whether you are using the online version of games or your desktop app. In case if the desktop or mobile app doesn’t require the internet connection, topping up your account with a single SMS. So the easiness and availability of this method makes it the favorite one, especially among players who need an instant deposit of a small sum and they don’t want their credit card or bank account to be involved.

One of the downfalls of this method could be that not every casino supports the Lifecell operator. This is just one of the local companies that don’t cooperate with a lot of gambling institutions across the world. You should consider this fact when choosing a way to pay for the real game. The next disadvantage is that you cannot use this method for making withdrawals of your winnings. This could be really nice, but using an SMS top-up is only available for payments, not for payouts.


As a result, we can conclude that while Lifecell is quite a convenient and old-school method of instant depositing, it won’t suit the needs of every player out of there. If you want to make a little bigger deposit, to claim for withdrawal, or to play at some fancy casino website, most likely, you won’t be able to use this method.

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