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When you are playing on the casino websites regularly, you are surely interested in paying much attention to some important questions regarding online payment methods. You want the best security encryption, and you are definitely interested in the fastest transaction both for your deposits and for your payout withdrawals. For doing this fast, easily and hassle-free, you can consider one of the online payment solutions. Try to pick those companies, which are licensed in your current region of residence as they are willing to offer you the best conditions available on the financial market comparing to all of the other international services.

If you happen to live in Southeast Asia region, consider the use of Help2Pay electronic wallet system. They operate in such countries as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar. All you have to do is to have a bank account or a card of one of those banks. Special loyalty programs that are set up between banks of these countries and this payment service allow you to proceed with your transactions within a few moments and enjoy the full functionality that doesn’t charge you much of the commission fees.

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Pros and Cons of Help2Pay

With this electronic wallet, you can be totally calm about the security of your money withdrawals and your deposit payments. The highly encrypted protocols protect your data in a number of ways. You won’t have to store your information on the casino website servers as long as all the necessary data is saved in the secure sockets of the Help2Pay account. All you will have to do is sign into your e-wallet account and proceed with your transaction in a blink of an eye. This is especially convenient when you are so impatient to receive your winnings. Or another situation might be that you are in a game rush and want your account to instantly be topped up for playing. That’s where this e-wallet can become quite handy, even if you want to play at late hours, when banks don’t operate.

Among the downsides of this service, we can consider the necessity of having a mediator between you and your bank. With direct bank money transfers, you will get the funds directly to your bank account and you will be able to receive money or spend it in any other way possible. With using an electronic wallet, anyway you will have to transfer once again your winnings from this digital account to the real financial account and this adds a little bit of a hassle. Plus, it charges little commission fees.


Having an e-wallet is extremely convenient both for private users and for merchants. Help2Pay is an awesome new service that tries to establish their reputation in the southeastern Asia. This is a specific reason why they try so hard to make tempting offers that will surely draw your attention in case you live in that region.

This service brings to you all of the top functionality packed in an easy to understand and visually appealing user interface. All you have to do is assign your Asian bank account and you can play as much as you want since all of the transaction happen immediately. There are a few minor drawbacks, however, but nevertheless this payment solution keeps being very attractive for modern players.

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