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FundSend Withdrawal Casinos Method

The new way to pay at online casinos presented on the gambling market by FundSend Company is one of the most popular and trusted nowadays. It is the form of an online banking system that can accept transactions made with any Visa or MasterCard credit card. Customers will have to pay a small fee (from two to three pounds) while sending money on the website of an online casino. After that, the transaction will be completed in several minutes. There is no need to complete registration on the website of the FundSend banking.

The first step is to find this way to pay in the list of possible ones and choose it. The second step it is to count money and understand how much you are ready to waste. Confirm the transaction quickly and send money. It is one of the fastest ways to pay for your favorite video slot game. As FundSend is an online banking system, it does not require the player enter any personal or passport data. Just use this company to complete transactions anytime. There are both the app and the full website of the company that players can use to send money.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of FundSend

There are not that many disadvantages of FundSend Company. Therefore, we would rather start with mentioning them. The fist weak side of this payment method is a fee in the amount of three pounds on one transaction. The minimum fee will be only two pounds and it can increase to three pounds depending on the amount of money you are going to pay. This is not that comfortable, as players can pay both 10 pounds in total (and they will have to pay a 2-pound fee), or 1000 pounds with three pounds of a fee only. So, this is the most important disadvantage.

Not all countries support the FundSend payment system. Only a part of European countries, the United Kingdom, Nordic countries, Brazil and Canada can offer gamblers pay using this method. Such a limit makes this system available only for some players. The user should also be aware that it is only possible to use only Visa and MasterCard cards. Other companies will not be serviced. Nevertheless, as well as most of credit cards are issued exactly by Visa and MasterCard it will not be such a great problem for gamblers to use FundSend easily.

This smart company can offer players to use their credit cards (the player can just use FundSend to send money via an already existing card) and choose FundSend as a company to provide a transaction. Another fact is that the transaction that was made with the FundSend payment system will be absolutely anonymous. Just connect a card and pay with no additional documents and no long lists of fields you have to fill in with data. There will be only two minutes needed to complete any transaction and send money from the player to the website of an online casino.


Pay with FundSend and feel real pleasure using the most modern and smart payment methods. No registration, no personal data and no complicated moves. Just choose the website of FundSend as a preferable payment method and pay in several seconds. Use only high-quality payment services to pay for favorite video slot games!

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