eWallet Xpress Withdrawal Casinos Method

International electronic wallet solution is one of the most considerable options when it comes to funding your casino account. No matter the country of residence, many modern players use international companies, like eWallet Xpress to manage their gambling account in the most effective way. Let us discuss why it became so popular all across the globe on today’s competitive market.

First, this company can become a really beneficial option for high rollers. Due to its system of two different wallet types, you can set the amounts of money that you can transfer on a monthly and yearly basis via your account. Separate eWallet systems are applicable for the US and EU customers because of various financial rules. You can also choose a standard or extended set of services and functions that you will use in this eWallet account. The funds that you will operate will be eligible for global payments, meaning that this account would suite practically any casino in the world.

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Having said that, you might still be wondering why exactly casino players tend to choose this service instead of other similar ones. The answer is easy. Because of the cost-efficient scheme that applies to all of its transactions in general. When you look at your annual expenses if you use just regular bank transfers with your gambling portal, you will be surprised how much money just goes away for all processing fees. Whereas, with an account like this, you simply choose a more efficient way to receive your winnings and to transfer payments without losing a spare penny.

eWallet Xpress Likes and Dislikes

The highest security level is one of the biggest attraction points of this method, as here it is used a new PCI DSS level of security so that it is practically impossible to hack any digital wallet account of this service. This is the exact reason why you can be totally sure of the safety, especially if you win some significant amount of money. You can choose ways to convert it or you can just spend it using eWallet Xpress online to not lose any funds on transaction fees. The easiness of use is quite an advantage too, because you can download a mobile app and use eWallet Xpress on the go.

However, there are some downsides to this method, just like with any other out there. First of all, you are still eligible to pay commission fees even if you buy a premium account. More info about two types of their wallets, pronto and ultima, can be found on their official website with a comparison side-by-side table to choose from. So if you want to transfer money to your conventional bank account, cross-border fees will be applied. When transferring funds to a credit or debit bank account, currency conversion fees are typically applied.


Electronic wallet is always a great deal when you want to operate digital funds collected from your casino account and make some deposits on a regular basis, too. You can also consolidate your assets including in the wallet your plastic card account and checking or savings bank account for easier transactions for any purposes.