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Imagine that you have a digital representation of your own wallet that is as easy to use as the regular leather accessory that you carry in your pocket every day. Well, it becomes quite real when you register your account at the eMoney Safe company website. They have a bunch of hot new services that are applicable for users all around the world. It does not matter in which country you currently live – you can use this electronic wallet and enjoy all of its benefits no matter the physical location.

Furthermore, it is absolutely possible to get all that services for free, which makes up for as many transactions a month as you want meaning no limits in both receiving and spending winnings just as much as you would like it to do.

By assigning any of credit or debit cards that you have to your digital account, it becomes easy as pie to top up this online account instantly no matter the working hours. The direct load lets you pay by cash or online, and even with the help of instant crediting vouchers. Simply speaking, there are many convenient and diverse ways to top up your eMoney Safe account.

It is also no wonder that this company has gained such a great popularity across the world, as handling its account is absolutely free. Whereas most electronic wallets will offer you conditions including annual fees and each transaction commission fees, the approach of this e-wallet is totally the opposite. Here all of online and POS transactions are free, and also there are no yearly charges.

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Upsides and Downgrades of eMoney Safe

There are many advantages to this method to talk about and as we mentioned before, the icing on the cake in this case is played by a part of their excellent client service charging you no fees for online transactions and maintaining of the account itself. If it was not enough to make each gambler happy, on the flip they also provide you with another treat, and that is the service of issuing their own plastic cards.

This card is just like any banking card, but it is accepted worldwide and you can use it in a number of different ways just like any other MasterCard or Visa card. For example, you can pay with it in point of sale terminals, easily withdraw real cash in ATM machines, and also pay online in a variety of different internet stores all around the world.

Operating the eMoney Safe account is easier than ever when using their mobile app. It is available for downloading both for Android and Apple devices. The application interface fits seamlessly to any kind of a tablet or a mobile phone. With the help of this app, you can instantly credit your account, send deposits to a gambling website, receive payments from other such sources as casino winnings and, of course, spend them online and offline.


eMoney Safe is a perfectly secured electronic wallet, being practically unhackable, which makes it safe for handling basically all of the financial issues that you might have. It is also absolutely free to use and has its own mobile app, plastic cards, and a bunch of other convenient services as well.

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