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Electronic wallets become more and more popular among casino players all around the world. Most of their advantages are obvious: they make a process of both sending and receiving online money transactions much faster than conventional banking operations. You also have all of your necessary financial data in a digital account that is so easy to use. Thus, it becomes possible managing your budget in a more effective way.

eKonto is represented by Raiffeisen bank subsidiaries particularly in Czech republic. This fact basically makes this online e-wallet a domestic company, so you might want to check if this service is able to work with your foreign casino account. Otherwise, the company gives a lot of benefits to customers that choose it for paying and receiving funds to their official banking accounts through this online representative.

This service also has a few types of accounts that you can launch. First of all, standard and premium accounts are available. If you want to think more about the future of your finances, you can launch an eKonto Plus account that creates two types of bank accounts: checking one and savings one. You set a desired limit and this sum is automatically transferred to your savings account. In case if you are lacking a necessary limit, the money automatically rebalance between your accounts, which is extremely comfortable.

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eKonto Pros and Cons

Just like with any electronic wallet, there are some upsides and downsides of this method to consider before choosing eKonto as your main source for depositing and withdrawing your gambling website. Some of the main advantages are obvious: your money are transferred much faster than when using other banks or even digital wallet companies. Also you might like the interface and the bonus functions that this service offers, making it easier to manage your finances online in a breeze.

One of the downsides, however, is having to pay commission fees regarding all of your transactions. You also will have some amount of annual fees depending on the type of the account that you use. Just check their terms and conditions page as well as their regular payments chart to know what and when you will have to pay. Although, there should not be any substantial payments that would burn a hole in your pocket and most likely you will not notice that kind of service payments much.


Using an electronic wallet that is tied directly to your official bank account looks like a win-win combination. You have both a convenient and instant service that lets you use money on the account in any way that you want. No matter whether it is cash withdrawals, online or terminal payments. Some limits and restrictions, however, also apply. You will have to pay commission fees and annual fees. By the way, there are chances that this domestic Czech service might be unavailable for use with some casinos across the globe.

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