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ECOBANQ Withdrawal Casinos Method

In case the player thought that he/she has seen all methods that can provide a service of withdrawal money from the game, he/she is wrong. Because there is ECOBANQ – one of few new payment methods that allow gamers from around the globe to make operations even easier than ever before. Now people can save all their money online and safely get them out of the project that they have been playing in the last couple of months.

ECOBANQ was established like an online internet service, which allows users to send money from one account to another shortly. The gamer can use it with his/her friends, family or anybody else without paying anything. It is totally free to enjoy the power of this method. Besides, it is possible to make international transactions, as well as local.

The only thing that the gamer should know is that he/she will need to pay a fee for every financial operation, except receiving cash. In case the player has never played anything like that, he/she can figure out how everything works shortly by following instructions from the official website.

In order to sign up in a service, the player just needs to register an account in any local bank in order to get a VISA/MasterCard credit or debit card. After doing so, he/she will get a chance to sign in on any platform he/she would like to.

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ECOBANQ – find something new every day

In ECOBANQ, the creators are always working on adding new functions. They are searching for new talents, so it is pretty easy to become a part of the creative community of the developers. The player can use ECOBANQ to not only send cash from one user to another, but also to exchange real money. You will feel the true power of it while traveling.

ECOBANQ is flexible and can work not only with personal computers, but also with portable devices, like smartphones or tablets. It is somewhat cool, as the gamer does not have to sit at home while making financial operations.

The gamer should not be afraid about security of the service. It is safe to leave some personal info because its creators encrypt all data, so no one, except the gamer himself/herself, could see it. If the player wants to make everything even safer, he/she can enable a two-step authorization. It will ensure that only the player will send his/her money to anyone he/she would like to.


This service is nothing but a pure perfection of how the withdrawal method should work. Even if something goes wrong, the player can send a message to the support team. It is not hard to do that, as the website of the program offers a special section called “Contact Us”. Follow it and fulfil the form in order to make them know who you are and what you want to do.

All operations are instant, but some of them can take up to two business days. Just know this info and do not panic if something happens. If the player reads the terms of use, he/she will find out that this method can be used not only for games, but also for payments. So, be sure to try it out by your own self.

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