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e-Check Withdrawal Casinos Method

For most US players who have traditional checking accounts in their banks, sending e-checks for crediting their casino accounts is a great option to increase the speed of a conventional banking transaction while keeping the maximum level of security and reliability. Sending an online e-check is easy and somehow can remind you of using traditional paper checks. The differences, however, will also make sure that using e-checks is so much more convenient than dealing with outdated regular checks in case if you still have that checking account.

In an e-check form, you will have to state less information than in a traditional paper equivalent of it. All that you need to instantly send an e-check online is to have a valid bank account registered in one of the US banks. However, the casino that you are playing at has support this kind of transactions among other digital payment options on the internet that they might have. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this function.

If so happens that you have changed your mind and you want to cancel an e-check that you have already sent out for confirmation and processing, there is a way to do that. After you issued your latest e-check, just call your bank and arrange the cancellation of this payment. However, there are times when your e-check is already sent to the recipient bank. But do not worry, it is also possible to cancel this one if you want it. Just contact the casino management team directly and request the refund of this check.

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Advantages and disadvantages of e-Check

Obviously, e-checks are so much different from regular checks that you might have dealt with before. First, it takes only a few minutes to credit your casino account with the help of this function, unlike traditional checks sending that would take up to ten business days to be delivered and credited. Second, this type of checks is encrypted with the highest level of security, since its processing online is ruled directly by the financial institution that issues the e-check meaning your bank. Thus, you can be absolutely sure that your financial information will not be seen by any third party, including the casino support team.

Issuing an e-check can usually be only a payment option. It means that you can only deposit with the help of this method and mostly it is not applicable for withdrawing winnings that you are craving to receive on your bank account as soon as possible. By the way, this option is available only for the US residents, which significantly limits its use.


Conventional bank operations are always the priority among players who are wishing for secure and direct transactions of real money straight to their official accounts to spend it as much as they want. Making traditional checks electronic was a very smart and timely decision and many players in the US still prefer it to all other options of online payments, including electronic wallets option.

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