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Singapore is a great place to try new technologies and to live the life of a modern citizen. If you like the rush of gambling, do not hesitate to visit online casino websites. This way you can win big on the go while taking care of your business, work load, or chilling with your loved ones. As soon as you register on the website offering games for real money, you might want to decide for yourself which type of online payments to choose. This is a very essential choice because that is how you are going to receive your winnings and make deposits to be able to play like a real gambler.

Online payment services gain more and more popularity across the world and Singapore is no exception. Forget traditional banks where you need to wait for a few business days to get your money and to pay monstrous commission fees. Dash is an online wallet that can help you deal with lots of areas of your life including managing funds for your gambling purposes.

With Dash, you can send money online to customers from Singapore and from other countries. Overseas remittance includes such countries as Philippines, Indonesia, India, China, and Bangladesh. So processing winnings and payments has never been easier. All you have to do is go to your Dash app and create transactions that you want to proceed. The easy to navigate user interface is a breeze to use.

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Yes and No’s to Dash Method

You can download the Dash app to any NFC-enabled Android smartphone. However, it looks like this app is still unavailable for iPhone users. Since many people prefer using cutting-edge technologies and brand style, so reputation often becomes a key factor for purchasing, not having the iPhone version of this financial service is rather a downside.

Also, you may order a Visa Dash plastic card. Therefore, in cases when you cannot use the mobile app, you can pay with your card either in person or by assigning this card to another electronic wallet if you are one of those who likes to pay online. If your phone accepts the Dash app, you can pay by only holding your phone against a terminal for a few seconds. This is a relatively new and much secured way for payments preventing any kind of fraud against your personal funds.

Dash also has special contacts with lots of companies. That is why you can top up your Singtel account without any additional fees in just a few moments. Moreover, you can pay in over 50 000 stores, restaurants, fitness clubs and other location all over Singapore without a single penny of commission.

Dash also has their tempting promotional deals to crave for. Get up to 50% discounts on your favorite brands: clothing, accessories, beauty – anything you might wish for! They even offer cruise vacation random wins, so if you take part you may have a luxurious retreat for free. With this service, you can instantaneously pay at buses, trains, and taxis without having to count your cash and to seek for a cash machine each time you need to pay for your route.


If you live in Singapore, Dash online payment wallet is one of the best methods for using with your casino account. It offers instant payments and money withdrawals, operating all your funds in a blink of an eye from your mobile, interesting offers, discounts, and digital payments with no hassle.

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