Comepay Withdrawal Casinos Method

Comepay is one of the most famous Russian payment systems. This is a system that offers users to create an online wallet and pay online from any point of the world. However, this payment system is available not for everyone and not all online casinos support it. To check out whether an online casino supports certain payment systems or not, a player has to read terms and regulations on the website of the casino and check out whether he/she can pay using such a wallet or not. Why online wallets are more comfortable to use than just a credit card? From the very beginning, it is important to notice that players will not have to wait for a long time if they want to complete registration on the page of Comepay Payment system. It is enough just to enter a website of the company and to fill in the form. Gamblers still will have to wait for several days until their registration form will be agreed by the administration of the payment system. Moreover, players also will have to add at least one Comepay card to the wallet. This is a regular condition of all online wallet websites. However, it is useful and quite comfortable for users. After all, players will like the online wallet for sure because they can add RUB, USD, EUR credit cards and other banking system credit cards to the wallet and pay using them. This is something more than just a card or a payment system, this is something just like a real wallet with an options of different cards support.

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It can make payments not only fast and easy, but also super comfortable. Despite the fact that players will have to wait for a business day or several hours until the agreement will be sent to the mailbox that was stated during the registration, money transfers can be sent momently!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Comepay Payment System

Almost everyone can create a wallet like this. And this is one of the most important advantages of such a payment system. Comparing Comepay with, for example, WebMoney wallet, it is much more comfortable, as gamblers can take off money from it and pay not only for a phone connection and something like that, but also send money to other cards they have and pay for goods and online shopping. Moreover, they will be able to pay for gambling at smart Software companies and trusted online casinos.
However, not all online casinos can support it. Despite the fact that the group of Las Vegas online casino tries to support all known at the present moment methods of online and offline payment, it is not guaranteed that the casino you have chosen will be able to take such a money transfer. Therefore, it is better to check this fact before the registration in the system. Paying with the wallet, the player will have to fill some personal information on the website of the online casino to present enough data about the payment method and start using it.


This is quite a good choice for those who like paying online quickly without odd moves. Moreover, those who have many credit cards also will be happy to pay with such a wallet. Just check whether is it possible on the website of the casino you have chosen and start betting!