CFT(Card Funds Transfer) Withdrawal Casinos Method

Probably, one of the most popular opportunities for performing online transactions is the transfer of the card funds. When you choose a particular casino, you have to choose your money transferring method before to start playing for real money. Otherwise, you will be eligible only for some free gaming that only increases your craving for more rewarding gambling.

There are two types of bankcards connected with the type of the account you have. Each card is issued by a certain bank using its own rules typically based on the current legislation of your country of residence. You may have a debit card, which collects all money that you deposit on your account. Special savings promotion may bring some additional percentage to your account for making this particular bank more appealing. Then, the credit card has some amount of a loan that you always have on your account. Many customers use this debt for shopping and other urgent purposes, but after that, they have to pay it off. You can also collect some positive balance on your credit card.

Pros and Cons of Card Funds Transfer

As usual, banks are prone to creating some enticing promotional offers for their new and existing clients. These bonuses depend on each company that you are dealing with. For example, your bank can offer to open new card accounts with some special interest rates that will be lower than normal for some period or by fulfilling their stated conditions. Some of these may be a lower percentage of funds transfer. This opportunity is especially useful for casino gamers in cases when they want to withdraw winnings from their account, to make a deposit, or to transfer some money between different cards for their specific purposes.

It is totally your personal preference to use a credit or a debit card. Their main pros and cons depend on each bank. Note that in some countries legislation requires to perform a priority of transfers – from lower ones to higher ones and vice-versa. So keep that in mind when using this method, especially in European countries. However, the major con is that you have a long registration and verification process. It is much faster to use an electronic wallet account than to assign your bankcard.


Choosing direct transfers from and to your bankcard can be considered quite a classical way to deal with your online transfers. However, it requires some time for registration. Some legislation rules vary depending on the country of the issuer, too. In addition, you will have to enter your personal data, which for some may be considered unsafe. So do not forget to check the credibility of the website that you are going to gamble at.

Otherwise, using cards is quite a convenient secret of how to regularly top up your card account and enjoy free shopping. You get funds directly to the card and you do not have to wait additionally to obtain it. You can go out there right away and spend just as much as you have transferred.