Cash Transfer Withdrawal Casinos Method

Cash transfer is the oldest and the best known payment method all over the world. Players use it from day to day and all online casinos support this way of sending real money on the banking account of an online casino. Many players like it and that means, this way of sending money is quite safe not only for casinos, but also for the gamblers themselves. Cash transfer became the most popular payment method with the very beginning of the gambling itself. It requires player just to have cash and nothing more. There is no need to order a card or send your personal data to the bank. Moreover, players will not have to create online wallets and waste a lot of time, linking them to the websites of casinos they have chosen to play. Cash Transfer can be made only after a gambler has created the web account of the page of an online casino. He/she has to put money on the account if he/she wants to bet for free and play. It is a kind of pre-payed games. To pay before the game, the player can read a full description of the game and calculate how much he/she plans to waste. However, he/she also can pay after the game. Everything depends on the fact which way of payment player feels comfortable. To send money to the website of an online casino, it is needed to check an information about the possibility of such a transaction one more time. Check out the description of the online casino and you will find out either it can get a cash transfer from the player or not.

Making such a transfer, the player will have to pay a certain percent to the agency he/she is sending money through. In certain occasions, this percent is more than 10% of the total sum. To make a transfer, the player has to go to the office of the company he/she has chosen to pay with. After that, he/she will get a document about the payment. The player has to wait from two to three business days until the transfer will be completed and only after that he/she can start playing to his/her satisfaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cash Transfer

From the very beginning, we have to mention that such a payment method has many advantages. First of all, players can send real money without additional services. Secondly, money will be delivered for sure. Thirdly, all online casinos support this way of payment. Moreover, it can be completed from the any point of the world.
This is the oldest method for the gambler to pay for a game, being no always comfortable. The player has to go to the office of the company that will send his/her money to the online casino. In addition, there is a certain fee that the gambler should pay for such a transaction. This fee will be higher if there is a long distance between the place of the player`s residence and the main office of the online casino he/she is sending money to. By the way, he/she will have to pre-pay games and wait for some time until the transaction will be completed.


This is a comfortable payment method for those who do not trust modern technologies. However, it is a personal choice of any gambler which payment method to prefer.