Australian Bank Transfer Withdrawal Casinos Method

Gaming at online casino requires some real money transfers. That is why, before playing like a real gambler and getting real winnings, you need to make up your mind how to transfer money back and forth. If you live in Australia, the easiest way to decide is to choose Australian bank transfer services. Why to consider this traditional way of payment methods when there are so many other ones, like electronic wallets, available online? Let us examine the main features of Australian banks and what they can offer you in terms of casino deposits and withdrawals.

Australian banks work just like any other financial institutions across the world. You can launch your paycheck or savings bank account and then transfer money directly with the help of these accounts. A Paycheck account requires you to sign checks for depositing money. In case of the savings account, you can either choose the direct bank wire transfer or issue a credit or a debit card to operate within your casino account.

If you do not want to state your card or bank account details on the casino servers because of the lack of credibility of those sites, this is not a problem. You can create an account on any electronic wallet website. International services typically accept Australian bank accounts and cards. You can even make transfers in Australian dollars, which then might be converted to the currency preferred by the casino website.

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Australian Bank Transfer: Pros and Cons

It is not a secret that different online casinos are represented by different countries, implying their country of license. What if you live in Australia and like to play at the British casino? Will it accept your Australian bank account? Well, today, having the local Australian bank account is not an issue whatever is the company that represents your playground. Direct bank wire transfers process internationally without any limitations.

However, the downside to this payment method is that the wire transfer takes some time to proceed. It can go up to 10 business days and for the modern players’ demands that might be a considerable amount of time, especially if we are talking about the real money winnings withdrawal. Moreover, it requires some transfer fees that are calculated in percentage that reduces your winnings to some point.

Having said that, using Australian bank accounts and credit or debit cards might be quite a safe method for transferring money for your gambling purposes, as any online transactions like this one are processed via encrypted secure socket layer protocols. Using an electronic wallet with your Australian card reduces the risk even more.


Australian bank transfer is one of the most obvious and traditional ways to send payments online and to receive money from your casino winnings. If you want to use a convenient payment service, pick this one because practically any casino accepts direct bank wire transfers, credit and debit card payments.