Arena Wallet Withdrawal Casinos Method

Whenever you need to make a withdrawal or deposit to your casino account, you need the transaction to proceed as quickly as possible. The choice of available payment methods becomes essential the more real money you win. Regular bank transfers take a considerable amount of time and their fees are no joke. You can try out the Arena Wallet online payment solution and decide for yourself which payment option you prefer above all.

Arena Wallet is the Maltese electronic wallet system that offers a range of online payment options for both user and merchant accounts. You can pay in online shops securely as well as perform other transaction on any website and there will be practically no chance for someone to get to know the information about the real money bank account that you have assigned to your electronic wallet.

Traditionally, you can assign any credit or debit card to your Arena Wallet account, and also you can use your regular bank account. You can register and activate your account at Arena Wallet for free with no hidden charges. Any amount of money can be transferred instantly to any other account of this service knowing only the email address of the recipient.

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A set of contemporary protection methods ensures that you are fully safe when transferring money back and forth online for your casino account. The privacy of your information is guaranteed. Moreover, the automated solutions let you choose the amount of money to spend on the casino.

Pros and Cons of Arena Wallet

Arena Wallet looks like quite a secure website among all the other payment methods that you can find on the internet. One of the cons that you may find is the easiness of online payments available with this e-wallet. The website is also mobile-friendly. Considering other payment methods, they can offer the user account interface that is not so straightforward and you have to surf for hours all over the website in order to find the answer that you are looking for.

Another obvious benefit is the buyer protection policy that Arena Wallet has. Whenever you pay online, the cost of the purchase including postage fees can be fully refunded in case if you did not receive the package. As for casino withdrawals, they are being processed instantly, which makes all players around the world quite happy.

The security level is also on top here. Whatever is the casino website that you use, you will never have to reveal any personal information, like your credit card number, your billing address, and other similar information on their servers .

However, Arena Wallet requires some fees to consider. The wallet provides monthly account fee, instant top-up and voucher top-up fees, annual fee, card purchase fee, and a bunch of other fees that you can find on its website. With your casino winnings, this feature can appear definitely, because if you win a large amount of real money, you will have to pay in order to get it.
Although, you can order the Arena Wallet prepaid card, and you will not have to transfer your money to other credit or debit cards.


Among all online casino payment methods, Arena Wallet can be called one of the most convenient ones. You can deposit and withdraw your real money instantly, you can set the spending limits, and you can see the whole transaction history on one webpage. Arena Wallet can be used on your mobile, which adds to its user-friendliness. However, there are still some downsides to be aware of, so examine carefully all the necessary information before creating an account.