4B Withdrawal Casinos Method

This is a payment system of the third generation, which is supported by MasterCard and Visa, so it will be easy for gamblers from all over the world to use it. As this is a new project of two largest credit card companies, it has a high level of private information protection, offers people from all over the world to join the system in online regime and pay through the card online or offline, getting money in any ATM machine. So what do you have to do if you want to use this payment method? Just enter a website of the 4B system and complete registration to get an account. It will take you only several minutes to enter all needed information about yourself. In total, registration on the 4B website cannot take you more than several minutes. After you have filled in the fields and entered all the needed information, you will have to confirm a creation of a new bank account via your mail or mobile application. It is quick, but it will make your personal information safe for sure. The other thing is that you will be also able to check out all  operations with your credit or debit card in online regime. The application will have a special chat where all messages about the actions with your bank account will appear online. There is no limit for people and gamblers from all around the world.

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Anybody may easily join this payment system, as there is euro as an official currency in Spain, all transactions made through the 4B system will also be in euro. As a withdrawal method, 4B is widely used all over the world. To make a withdrawal, you just have to take a card and use any ATM machine. If you live not in the countries of the European Union, you will get your money automatically recounted into the local currency.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of the system is that it can be linked to the system of any online casino as a simple credit card. You do not have to look for the casino that will accept this withdrawal method. Just enter a number of your card on the website of an online casino and get your cash there quickly. The other thing is that this is the payment system that was established in Spain and can accept only one-currency payments with euro. By the way, most online casinos offer people to pay and get money both in dollars and in euro, so anyway it will be comfortable for you to operate. The third advantage of the system is that it is easy to take off money from the account using this card. The gambler has to find ATM and it will take several minutes to withdraw cash. However, there are also several disadvantages of this payment system. The first one is that you will have use ATM and you cannot withdraw cash online or get it delivered. It is not that comfortable. The second thing is that you will have to pay a fee on one transaction.


We can easily recommend you using this payment method, as there is nothing complicated required to do to start being a part of the 4B system! Stay smart, gamble for real money in the best online casinos and get real pleasure of the game!