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Viaden Gaming is kind of a special casino company. This team of developers is not specialized in delivering gambling products only. They are pretty well-known on the market of interactive entertainment, because they established their first office back in 2006, when everything was much simpler than now. Since then, they have worked in many different spheres of online casino business. However, they still have a big variety of different projects and social features for all sorts of gamers. It gives them a chance of delivering products that all gamers know and love right now.

The Viaden Gaming homeland is Belarus. They are famous in that country, that’s why they have become a part of the Belarusian HTP group of software engineers and developers that is supported by the government of the country. It means that Viaden Gaming has enough funds to invest in the development process of future projects. The developers want to make their software look like nothing else on the market. Their main target is to deliver true HQ experience of online casino projects.

However, they did not stop there and in 2009 they have launched a separate department with focusing on Mobile Application Development. It allowed them to adapt their online casino games to work on smartphones, as well as tablets and laptops. In order to make it happen, Viaden Gaming used the famous HTML 5 online technology. With the power of it, all games are going to adapt automatically to the resolution of the screen, no matter on which platform it will be launched. It comes in handy on numerous occasions.

Over the past couple of years, Viaden Gaming created a lot of casino projects for online users that are both social and fully-functional. They use real money features and the gamer will have no problems with playing them for free, because of demo versions that are included in almost any online product of the company.

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Are there enough games?

Viaden Gaming offers a big variety of soft for games, but are there really great online projects that would be interesting to play even for people who have never experienced any sort of casino games? As of right now, a full list of projects from the studio contains more than fifty online games. All of them were created with the HQ quality of visual representation and all of them are available in instant-play mode. It means that the player will not have to download the soft to the hard drive in order to play Viaden Gaming projects.

In the library of the firm’s portfolio, there are solutions for all types of gamers. The player can find not only classic Viaden Gaming slots, but also live poker and table games. It’s not hard to find them, because there are a couple of websites, like OceanBets Casino, Betcirca Casino and MonacoAces Casino that include a good selection of projects for all users.

OceanBets Casino is the first resource for Viaden Gaming products that you can find on the net. It contains both instant-play and download versions of all online projects. This site is adapted to work properly in mobile mode and it has live casino available. Live chat works twenty-fours per day and the only drawback is a five-day pending period.

Betcirca Casino is another site with Viaden Gaming games. It has a massive collection of online projects with a mobile interface included. All soft represented on the resource is proven to be fair and is secured with the power of SSL encryption. However, there is no live chat and no third-party audit reports on the online casino website.

MonacoAces Casino is an instant-play resource for Viaden Gaming projects. It has options for live projects, chat and security with the use of SSL encryption. It is proven to be fair by auditing agencies and it is highly transparent about game payout percentages. But it is restricted in a couple of countries, such as Canada, France, Italy and Russia.

What else should be said?

There are hundreds of online content makers, so what makes Viaden Gaming so special then? It’s all about how the developers work on each of their games. They care about every next second that the player is about to play. If it is presented not that good as they expect, then they will rewrite the online code for the project, just to make sure that their casino will have a good reputation among the gaming community.

Developers behind Viaden Gaming also care about fairness of their online products. They work with many associations that test all casino games that the creators have released in order to make sure that results are going to be random. It makes possible the authentic online casino experience for both users and platform holders. Everyone will know that everything is fair and there are no reasons to fear.

The studio is also working on providing the way to pay for bets online with the use of Bitcoin Wallet. The market of cryptocurrencies has extremely grown in the past couple of months, so it is an obvious decision for the company to have some ideas about how to take advantage out of it.

Besides, all of Viaden Gaming online games are easy to integrate with almost any casino website. It is possible, because of the flexible tech that was used in all products of the firm. The developers care not only about clients, but also about platform holders that are going to represent all the projects on their third-party sites.


Viaden Gaming is happy to see new fans, as well as those who have been with them for so many years. They never forget to update their games and they are thrilled to announce every single new game that is only about to come out. The creators of online casino content know that it wouldn’t be possible without the passion that comes from every gamer that enjoyed their online casino products.

It’s only a matter of time when the studio is going to create something revolutionizing, like three-sixty degree online games with HQ graphics. But the developers have already proved that they will need a special place in the hall of casino fame.

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