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Random Logic is a super interesting and really bright developer of games on the gambling market, as the developers do not offer smart video slot games, and they even don’t try to offer people gambling with serious content or even concentrate on the idea of success and profit. The only goal of the company is just to bring fun to people and make them happy without any limits. This is the one and the only reason why players from many various countries like gambling with this company from the Alabama state.

There are two departments of the company. The first one is the department that creates real video slot games for online casinos and was presented on the market yet in the 1997 year. However, not that long time ago, one more department for bright mobile games appeared. It was opened only in the 2013 year, but still faced a great growth and popularity on the gambling market very soon after the moment of the opening. It is easy to find out that a certain video slot machine was made by Random Logic Software. First of all, it will be extra bright – all of the games are made in bright colors and attract the attention of players quickly. Secondly – this game will be simple without any complicated elements noticeable to the user.

Of course, for sure, each game of Random Logic software is extra full of special features and some unordinary characteristics, but still. One more thing – the main company can offer players full web versions video slot games while the new department has absolutely another specialization. They offer games only in mobile versions. Players won’t be able to find their video slot machines in the web version, as well as all the products are made especially for smartphones and can be found in a personal application of the company in App Store or on other resources.

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Most Popular Software Casino and Casino Games

Monopoly, Spider-Man and other adventurous video slot games can be found in the gallery of the Random Logic main company. All of the slot games have a bright design and an attractive story that can catch the attention of the player and also bring some money. In the gallery of the new Random Logic department, we also can find many attractive games.

There are numerous games that players on the gambling market love and usually go on playing. In the list of those great mobile video slot machines, we have to mention the following ones: Hexa Buzzle, Guess the Emoji, Crossword Quiz, Infinite Word Search Puzzles, Bot Jump, Moonrun, 81 Blocks, Battletext, Guess the Gif, Connect a World, Symbology, Infinite Hidden Objects, Constellate, Emoji the Guess, Around the World, Guest the Emoji – Movies, Infinite Pics, Infinite Jusaw Puzzles, Tap 5 Differences, Guess the Idiom, Guess the Song, Guess the Word. Of course, this is only a part of those games that players can find in the gallery of the gaming producer.

There are many simple video slot machines with fruit, jewelry and other themes on websites of various online casinos. In the list of those online casinos that support games made by Random Logic, we have to mention the following ones: 777 online casino, 888 online casino, Circus Bingo online casino, Wild Spins online casino, Pixie Bingo online casino, island Jackpots online casino, Sky High online casino and many others.

Mobile Casino

There is an interesting situation if we are talking about special mobile applications and versions of the most loved video slot games by the Random Logic company. This great software developer created a daughter company on the market of online casinos in 2013 to offer players separately only high-quality video slot machines and mobile versions of famous video slot games. This is why we can surely mention that the quality of bright and interesting slot machines for mobile devices will be really high and will bring players a lot of satisfaction and money at the same time.

By the way, there are many companies on the gambling market that adhere to the same policy and also not only offer players self-made mobile applications or simple mobile video slot games for online casinos, but also open departments or other companies for this work, as it is not only expensive to create a mobile version of a video slot game, but it is also complicated to be done. This is the reason why Microgaming, for example, founded the Quickfire company.


Random Logic is a special gaming software company for online casino. In every video slot game, they are trying to take the already existing idea on the market – just like Monopoly – and give a second life to it. This is one of the software’s features, as not many companies for sure can offer rebranding stories, giving the second chance to already existing ideas that many people love and that many players are interested in. The second special feature of this gambling developer is that it can offer players safe video slot machines for online casinos with a high-level security service.

It is really interesting and comfortable to play Random Logic video slot games, as you will never have to worry about the security of your private information.

Casino Bonuses

There are many various online casinos that appear being partners of the company and they may easily offer players a no-deposit bonus on a private website. This is a good chance for players to earn some more money at an online casino and get even more pleasure from the gambling session. Of course, it is better to check such an information on the private website of a chosen online casino, as this decision depends only on the inner policy.


Playing colorful video slot machines with Random Logic software is both pleasant and profitable. Run another gambling session at an online casino and get a lot of pleasure spinning reels of the most loved video slot games.

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